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  • Fly Agaric: A Compendium of History, Pharmacology, Mythology, & Exploration

    by Kevin M. Feeney

    With more than two-dozen contributors and over 450-pages of content Fly Agaric is the most comprehensive book on the iconic red and white-spotted mushroom ever assembled. In the 29 chapters contained herein the reader is taken on a journey through history, folklore, and the magical landscapes experienced under the influence of the Fly Agaric, and its many close relatives. The reader of this book will learn:

    • How to recognize and identify over a dozen types of psychoactive Amanita sp... more
  • Follow me: Any Conversation

    by Robert Pleasant
    Psychologists enter a town where no law enforcement is available, a community is presented, and ethics are stacked high or morale is questioned.
  • The Moon Was Not Happy: Compartiendo El Cielo

    by Sean Buvala
    "Why does the sun chase the moon?" This original pourquoi tale explains that the Moon is jealous of his brother the Sun for no reason other than he thinks people love Sun more than he. The beautiful illustrations are sure to captivate your child. This story of why the sun chases the moon is written in both English and Spanish and is the perfect bedtime story.
  • First Responder Trauma Recovery Guide and Workbook

    by Kevin William Grant

    Stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), bullying, and burnout have all become “accepted realities” for first responders in the modern workplace. This workbook unpacks contemporary workplace realities, educates you about trauma, and helps you build your personalized recovery plan for transformation, recovery, and healing.

    This recovery program has eight core purposes:

    Validate your current situation. This recover... more

  • Solar Electric Boats

    by Sandith Thandasherry
    In 2021, the solar ferry ADITYA won the Gustave Trouve Award for the "World's Best Electric Ferry." It was chosen as a great demonstration of a renewable energy project that is also economically viable. The success of the boat and the impact it has created have generated a lot of interest in India and other countries with abundant sunlight. To ensure this interest leads to a suitable product configuration, one must understand the philosophy of solar boats. This book introduces solar boats and... more
  • It's Really About Time: The Science of Time Travel

    by John Ryan
    It's Really About Time provides a clear and complete explanation of why it will someday be possible to travel years, decades or even centuries into the future, a direct consequence of Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity. The book is aimed at intellectually curious people and requires no previous science or mathematics training.
  • Learn to Code in 30 Days

    by Joe Strout
    If you have ever wanted to learn how to program computers, this is the book for you. Starting at Day 1 you will be writing code using a clean, simple programming language that was designed to be especially easy to learn! With step-by-step examples and clear explanations, this book will guide you from absolute beginner to sophisticated programmer. The skills you learn in this book will provide a firm foundation for programming in any language.
  • The Infinite Tree & The Rivers of Time: Time, Experience, & The Foundations of Reality

    by Marc Garner

    An exploration of the human implications of relativity, and the philosophical questions raised by the discovery that time's passage is an illusion.

    As we peel back the layers in an attempt to sneak a glimpse into eternity, we find a light shining not only upon the nature of reality, but on the nature of ourselves...

  • Fizz: Nothing is as it seems

    by Zvi Schreiber
    A NOVEL WHICH UNRAVELS THE MARVELS OF OUR PHYSICAL UNIVERSE Ever wondered what Newton and Einstein said about the wonderful world we live in, but thought it would be hard to understand? Not any more! Fizz is a young women who time travels to explore our universe and interview Galileo, Newton, Einsten and many other geniuses who discovered the secrets of how our universe works. The scene: In response to degradation of the environment, a future ecological sect in iceland abandons science and t... more
  • A Simple Guide To Popular Physics

    by tony harris
    This simple guide does exactly what it promises: It offers even the most reluctant scientist a fascinating and user friendly introduction to the wonderful world of physics

    by Aubre Andrus
    The Look Up Series is a nonfiction biography series inviting 8 to 12-year-old girls into the world of S.T.E.A.M. while celebrating diverse female role models in S.T.E.A.M. careers today. In the first book in the series, AMANDA, TOY ENGINEER, you'll meet Amanda, a mechanical engineer and marathon runner who makes the impossible possible every day. As a kid, Amanda liked both science and art— but, most of all, she loved solving problems. In this book, you'll... * learn how engineers like Ama... more
  • Ryan

    by Eoin
    Seaside Countdown is a delightful counting book packed with charming illustrations of real sea creatures. What does Ann find Early in the day? Ten Purple Sea Urchins At the bottom of the bay Ten purple sea urchins, nine black eels, eight green crabs.. Can you count them all? Each page draws you further into a fun colourful world of wriggly eels, cheeky scallops and pretty sea horses. Your child will search, count and observe different types of sea creatures, learn about common colour... more
  • Depression in Later Life

    by Deborah Serani
    The geriatric population, defined as men and women 65 years and older, is the fastest growing population in the world. While gerontology, the study of the aging process in human beings, has brought insights about the physical, emotional, and social needs of this population, little attention has been given to the mental health of the aging, and often treatable disorders are overlooked entirely. Depression is one of the leading mental disorders in any age group, but among the elderly it is oft... more
  • SysBud Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter Tool

    by Mohit Keshari
    ransfer Lotus Notes database into Outlook PST format by taking the help of a genuine solution SysBud Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter. This professional solution has the ability to convert the Lotus Notes file into Outlook PST, EML, HTML, EMLX, MSG, MBOX, Office 365, and others. The software allows users to read the overall IBM Notes database in the preview port. Here users can convert single or multiple selected emails into PST format. It has the ability to combine multiple IBM Notes files into... more
  • SysBud NSF to PST Converter Tool

    by Mohit Keshari
    SysBud NSF to PST Converter is a paramount solution to easily export NSF files into PST, EML, MSG, MBOX, HTML, EMLX, MHTML, and some other format. It has the capability to shift the NSF file database into Office 365, Live Exchange Server cloud platform. Using this NSF file converter tool, users can convert multiple NSF files into PST format. The software provides a preview area where users can view the preview of the overall NSF file database. The best thing about this software is that there no ... more