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  • Pumpus Has a Glowing Idea!

    by Praba Soundararajan
    In Pumpus Has a Glowing Idea!, Pumpus and his friends are excited to go camping for their Halloween adventure. But when they arrive at the campsite, they realize they forgot the matchsticks to start a campfire. With his book of inventions, Pumpus solves the problem using the concept of friction. Soon the campfire is glowing and the three friends carve jack-o-lanterns, roast marshmallows, and share ghost stories—and it’s the best Halloween ever! Through science, mechanics, and safety, Pumpus ... more
  • Big and Small, God Made Them All

    by Ben Wilder

    This adorable children's book takes a look at the diversity of God's creation in a fun, rhyming fashion. Easy to read and features bright, colorful illustrations. Great for newborns, toddlers, and early readers. 

  • Mommy What is Eggcology?

    by Alice Hutchison
    In this beautiful picture book filled with flora and fauna from around the world, Emily mishears the word ecology as eggcology, She describes to her Mommy eggs and animals that she believes help explain the word eggcology.
  • Buddy Comes to Breakfast

    by Dee Marvin Emeigh
    On a trip to Nevada to visit a friend, the author meets an adopted desert tortoise and learns about its habits and habitat. She learns, for example, that these friendly little creatures have been on the endangered species list as threatened for more than a decade. The story is illustrated with watercolors and photographs and an original easy-to-read poem about friendship continues throughout the book. Younger children can enjoy the pictures and the poem, while older children and even adults will... more
  • Travelling Seeds

    by Rebecca Bielawski

    BOOK 3 in the MUMMY NATURE series of children's books

    Discover how seeds travel from place to place. Our narrator excitedly tells us how she saw a pear fall from a tree in the meadow and how a cow came along and ate it. Then the seed began a journey. Where would the seed end up? Would it grow into a big tree with pears of its own?

    Using the pear and cow example we can stimulate more questions about seed dispersal and, like all the books in MUM... more

  • Bees Like Flowers

    by Rebecca Bielawski

    BOOK 2 in the MUMMY NATURE series of children's books.

    Watch our happy, helpful friend the Honey Bee, always so busy and buzzy and find out why bees and flowers are such good friends. Illustrations using vivid colours include many real flower species which children may recognise from their garden or have seen growing in the wild, 3 of them are named at the end of the book too. The narrator shows us what these fascinating bugs have been getting up to... more

  • Meet Bacteria!

    by Rebecca Bielawski

    BOOK 1 in the MUMMY NATURE series of children's books.

    Peek through the microscope and down into a fantastic world of teeny tiny shapes, amazing colours and little friends who want to say – Hello. Who are these bacteria? Where do they live and what do they do all day? Meet Bacteria! is for little kids brimming with curiosity. It gives them their first basic notions of bacteria; a very interesting topic for children, seldom dealt with in childr... more

  • Scientist Rain

    by Dionne Fields
    The storybook about a elementary student choosing careers paths early in his life. I want to inspire kids to learn and study more about what they would love to do when they grow up. This storybook is to encourage kids of all ages to read more and to study, their career choice early on. When they enter high school, they would have learn more about their career choices and what path to work towards and college choices. Rain a little boy in elementary school wants to learn more ... more
  • Helping the Hummingbirds (ISBN 150246673

    by Annette Meredith
    Called "flying jewels" by the early explorers, hummingbirds delight people of all ages with their antics, but many do not realize their important role in plant pollination or their usefulness in controlling insect pests like aphids and mosquitoes. "Helping the Hummingbirds" introduces children of elementary school age to the fascinating world of hummingbirds and teaches them how we can help these tiny aeronautical experts to flourish in our backyards. A helpful and informative section ... more
  • Saving the Bees (ISBN 1502477319)

    by Annette Meredith
    In this book for children of elementary school age, the author brings the message of the bees with stunning photographs and simple text to explain what the bees do, how they are endangered, and how we can help them. Bee populations worldwide have been declining and many people are not aware of the bees' importance in the ecosystem and how their disappearance would affect our food supply. A section for parents and teachers at the end of the book provides useful information on possible c... more
  • There's a Bug in My Blossom

    by J.C. Donaho
    Freddy Squirrel and his friends have discovered a number of creatures in the garden. Follow along with Freddy and the group as they learn about the bugs and other critters they find in, under and around the flowers. There's a Bug in my Blossom is written to appeal to readers young and old. Bright colorful close-up photos of bugs are accompanied with more detailed text for advanced readers. After reading the book, it is time to go outside and experience nature for real!
  • Out There - A Small Guide To A Big Universe

    by Joe Latrell
    Space is a really big place. The Earth, the Sun, and all the other planets live in a relatively quiet corner of an average sized Galaxy in a pretty nice cosmic neighborhood. There is plenty of space, lush nebulae and families of stars that pretty much keep to themselves. It's a great place to be. This book is simple guide to the Universe. It doesn't explain everything, but it does cover some of the more intriguing spectacles and wonders. It's data that we have discovered in our search to unde... more
  • The Uddiyana Kingdom, the forgotten holy land of Swat valley

    by Fazal Khaliq
    Swat valley is a popular tourist resort in South Asia where tourism industry is a backbone in its economy. However the archaeological heritage in the valley can play a vital role to boost the industry which at part deserted. Swat Valley as known for heaven magnificence, God has bestowed it generously with natural blessing. The dazzling beauty of high peak snow-capped mountains, roaring waterfall, breath-taking landscapes, thick fragrant Cedar trees and virgin jungles, lush vegetation and abund... more
  • The Oyster's Secret

    by Traci Dunham
    The Oyster's Secret is a beautifully illustrated children's book that teaches youngsters the importance of inner beauty. Through Mr. Oyster, young readers learn that what is on the outside is not what counts; true beauty lies within. Indeed, it's inner beauty that matters most of all.