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  • My Teacher Of The Year

    by Rain Fields
    Ms. Diane Grove, a special education teacher for Knox County School. She has been, Rain's special education teacher since Rain was in the 1st grade in 2012. Rain is now going into the 5th grade, at Knox County School in August 2017. Today Rain, wants to say thanks for showing him kindness, patience every day. My special education teacher, Ms. Grove has gone above and beyond teaching and helping me to learn and grow each day. My Teacher of the Year is my award to a very hard workin... more
  • 11 things to do in early 20s that will make you a millionaire by 25’

    by Bhavpreet Singh Soni
    Anybody can become a millionaire, you too! Many entrepreneurs and adults spend months researching about ‘how to become a millionaire’, yet only a few realize their dream and earn financial freedom, most people fail; not because they lack talent but because they lack the right knowledge. That’s why this book teaches you ways that will help you create auto-pilot businesses and make more money than an average paying job; it also teaches you how to use that money to develop the ‘MILLIONAIRE MINDSET’... more
  • Tweens & Teens Praising the Lord from Alpha to Omega - And Everything in Between

    by Shirley Francis-Salley
    Today’s youths are surrounded and influenced by so many models of negativity and self-absorption. This timely, alphabetically ordered faith based book offers youths another way of thinking. It lends itself to the importance of relationship building with God, and explains the who, what, where, when, why and how of praise. Twenty-Six brilliant illustrations, praise affirmations and Bible verses spotlight some of the specific attributes of God. There is a ‘how to’ exercise on forming a circle of p... more
  • K Is for Krishna

    by Pratibha Sarkar
    This spiritual children’s book is for you, the parent, to read together with your child. Your child will learn the alphabet while they also learn about Lord Krishna. You will enjoy quotes from ancient sacred philosophical texts, namely The Bhagavad Gita. This book can be shared with your child through the years together. May you always keep Krishna in the center of your life.
  • Little People Praise God "Too"

    by Lynn Calvin
    Little People Praise God Too is an exciting, energetic, interactive story of a multicultural, abled and disabled class learning about praising God. The class affectionately known as the Prāz Gang has questions about who, where, why, and how do they praise God. Praise the Lord! shouts Shabach. After Shabach and the remaining Prāz gang members learn about praising God, they show their teacher, Ms. Prazer what they learned by acting out what she taught them about praising God. Come, learn, a... more

    by Gary Stephen Moore
    Transported to a stunning, mountainous landscape, a young man is welcomed into an enormous gathering of the local denizens who name him “Boy.” They tell him how fortuitous his arrival actually is: it is the annual Great Gathering of the Thunderbunny clan who trace their heritage to a time prior to the Great Flood. \tAs explained to the Boy by the matriarch of the Thunderbunny's herself, Magnolia Thunderbunny, the Great Gathering is a time to share, remember, and celebrate their extraordinary ... more
  • Hamza

    by Moustafa F. Moukarim
    Author Moustafa F. Moukarim goes into great detail about how Hamza recognizes the mind as the knowledge bank, which makes humans the center of creation. In reference to our mighty and just creator, Hamza concludes that God blessed us with our minds as a sparkle of His intelligence and also designated us to be the bearers of His message and custodians of all creation. In his words, Hamza proclaims that "religion should not be an implication or a suggestion. It is a reality and an understanding t... more
  • I Am Omnipowerful

    by Dr. Otto Umana
    Moses was the only man bold enough to ask God, “Who are you?” The answer he received was as mesmerizing as the burning bush. The scripture from Exodus 3:13–15 reveals that God said to Moses, “I am who I am.” Ever since that encounter, mankind has come up with many words to describe God, but perhaps the best one yet is “omnipowerful.” In this inspiring study, medical missionary Dr. Otto Umana explores the wonderful miracles performed by God. He considers God’s true presence, love, and power; m... more
  • Youth Power

    by Catherine Dorsette
    Do you sometimes wonder why God allows certain things to happen to you, especially when you know that He can stop them? Have you ever felt like God’s demands on your life as a young Christian person are particularly unfair? Do you feel like you fail most of the tests which God allows to come your way? Do you just want to give it all up? Do you feel all churched-out? If you do, you are not alone. Many young people like you are going through this; not only that, many young people bef... more
  • Trinity

    by Joe Gonzalez
    Trinity is the story about Jason Skarr, lead singer for the band Trinity. As a high school kid, he was a musical genius. He learned how to play and mastered all the musical instruments in his high school band. He also sang with his mother in the church choir. He soon started writing gospel and inspirational songs for the church. His dad is a deacon in their church in St. Louis. Jason Skarr is the stage name for Franklin Jay Scarborough. His best friend, Marty, convinces Franklin to change his na... more
  • ioyuyiyiy

    by Adam Turner
  • Thank You, Me

    by Elena Reznikova
    Have you ever thanked your body for everything that it allows you to do? Follow along as Thank You, Me expresses thanks to our bodies, and say thank you to your eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hands, and feet. Say thanks to your brain and your lungs. And last but not least, say thanks to your heart, because that is the place where the best thank you's start. Written in verse, with full-spread quirky illustrations and memorable characters, this book is a great read-aloud presentation to celebrate the ... more
  • Fire Fighter Rain Fund

    by Dionne L Fields
    Rain was only 9 years old. When He had founded, Fire Fighter Rain Fund. Rain has over a 100 published books online. 10% of all Rain Fields children's book sale, will benefit Fire Fighter Rain Fund. To purchase new clothes,shoe,furniture and toys. For kids under the age of 18 years old, in United States. Who has lost their home in a fire or a flood.
  • Ava's Grateful Bears

    by Douglas Bratt
    Looking for a way to connect with his granddaughter, Ava's grandfather secretly places a large box under the Christmas tree. Within that box is a collection of over 100 Grateful Dead dancing bears. Over the next seven years, a connection grows between granddaughter, grandfather and that magical collection of bears...a connection that takes all of them on a special journey together. A Grateful journey. A Christmas story for any time of the year...and a bedtime story...for grandparents.
  • Maid India

    by Laveena
    About - Maid In India! Hi, I'm Maya and my story is releasing this week. The story revolves around the life of two people: Maya, a housewife, who is in search of a story that can make difference in millions of lives Pooja, 15 years young intelligent maid, lonely and emotional-insecure, yet hopeful to unite and support her young siblings one day. Both have their own set of responsibilities, but what happens when these two meet together? Maid In India! Is a story that will reaffirm ... more
  • My Daddy Loves Me: Just the Way I Was Made to Be

    by Jason Greenaway
    My Daddy Loves Me: Just the Way I Was Made to BE by Jason J. Greenaway is an inspirational and exciting story that shares the precious relationship between a father and daughter. Jason insightfully shares the value and power words can have in the development of children. Follow a daughter’s extraordinary journey of discovery and growth as she blossoms into a child brimming with hope. Your heart will be touched and your mind will be refreshed by this practical, relevant and uplifting story filled... more