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  • I Can Soar

    by Darlene H. Williamson
    I Can Soar is an inspiring children's book that encourages young people to always aim high even though there may be difficulties in their lives. I Can Soar is based on the biblical principle in Isaiah 40:31. "But those who trust the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles..." I Can Soar will teach children not to be afraid to ask for help. The book shares the adventures of Jessie, a female bird, who runs into trouble but escapes. I Can Soar teaches life les... more
  • Here Comes a Storm (Jemima Love Bible Stories) (Volume 1)

    by Nicole Mangum
    This book tells of the wonders of God. It is also a beautiful prayer.
  • Can These Bones Live?

    by Nicole Mangum / Jemima Love
    Ezekiel is asked a mysterious question. Can these bones live? Can they? Can something that is dead be giving life again. Read the story of the dry bones and find out.
  • Job's Jemima

    by Nicole Mangum
    Job was a great man. He also had great daughters. Learn the story of Job and realize that there is so much more to a name.
  • My God Is!

    by Nicole Mangum / Jemima Love
    What does God mean to you. Let's read about this little angel's feeling towards her God and Creator.
  • Aisha's Lesson

    by Nicole Mangum / Jemima Love
    Aisha's is an angel, and she is about to come to earth. What will she do once she's there? The Father of all teaches her.
  • Cubs Rising: Pursue It and Do It!

    by S. Denice Newton
    Emerging Leaders. Hear Their Voices. What would the world look like if it were run by kids? A school built like a fun house? How about one modeled after a shopping mall with classrooms instead of stores? Imagine, if you can, a Commander-in-Chief that flies an entire classroom on Air Force One to China for educational purposes. Try wrapping your mind around bullies being sent into outer space to be rehabilitated by martians and extraterrestrials. Think about planting gardens the size of footba... more
  • A Special College.

    by Dionne Fields
    Honoring A Special College This Book is dedicated to eight special black colleges and universities. In 1995 I had honor over 25 black colleges and university with one of My poems. Only eight colleges and university responded with a thank you. I promise my self when I got older. I wanted to thank them for allowing me To honor their college with my poems. And to have encourage me as a young black female poet to keep written and improving my skills. Still man... more
  • Lady Bird: Shawn's Sixth Sense: A Special Needs Boy Takes Full Advantage of His Senses -- And His Dog -- To Live His Life Fully

    by Gracie Bradford
    Shawn and his friends FEEL, TASTE, HEAR, and LADY BIRD learn a new way of life and valuable lessons through friendship, motivation, inspiration and blind instinct after losing their sight. After being labeled as special needs kids, they take full advantage of their senses and of the dog to live life fully.
  • JEROME. A Bumpy Journey to Joy/ISBN 978-0-9864250-1-1

    by Laura Seeley

    Be witness to what happens inside a closed cardboard box during Jerome’s very bumpy journey...

    Bound for a foster home one snowy evening, 14 stuffed animal toys are bounced around inside a cardboard box in the back of a truck. Jerome, a brown puppy, is convinced that the children won’t like him once they set eyes on the other animals and all their wonderful attributes. And each face has a BIG SMILE... each face, that is, except Jerome’s.  HIS smile has accidentall... more

  • McHORN And His Hidden Spots/ISBN 978-0-9864250-0-4

    by Laura Seeley
    Written with humor and in verse, the pitfalls of pride and jealousy are revealed to one very attractive Dalmatian puppy. Proud of his own spots and determined to be unique, McHorn hides every other spotted thing he comes across in an old hollow tree. This campaign works for a while until he discovers, IN HIS OWN HOME, a most frightening competitor - a stuffed Dalmatian toy dog... just as handsome as himself! His war against the spotted interloper sparks a dramatic awakening for the self-cent... more
  • Philanthropist Rain

    by Dionne Fields
    The storybook about, philanthropist Rain Fields. A book about a little boy name Rain, he has been volunteering with his mom, every since he could crawl. Rain’s mom has taught Rain, that you are never to young to volunteer. This children’s book is about kids, helping other kids from all across the globe. One child can make a huge difference in his or her community by volunteering. Rain wants to open his very own non-profit organization one day soon to help all the little kid... more
  • The Director

    by Dionne Fields
    The Director Dionne Fields Author,Director,Publisher. I enjoy being the director of, my very own movies on paper. I have created a new line of books for children's and young adults. I wanted to encourage kids of all ages to read more movies.
  • Super Model Rain

    by Dionne Fields
    Super Model Rain A Picture Book just for Kids. I’m just like most, little boys my age. Who wants to become a famous Super Model some day. I want to walk the cat walk on a real run way at fashion week. I want the next generation of male super models to see some cool photos of me growing up. Rain Enjoys the Runway.
  • Sir Knight Rain

    by Dionne Fields
    This children’s book is to encourage each child, to research their family tree & genealogy. Rain has discovered through, that his genealogy family tree has six sir knights. 1.\tSir Knight born 1411 England 2.\tSir Knight born 1383 Knit of Agincourt 3.\tSir Knight born 1357 Knight of Tamar 4.\tSir Knight born 1331 Devon shire England 5.\tSir Knight born 1305 Men At Arms 6.\tSir Knight born 1235 Devon shire England
  • Mascara

    by Dionne Fields
    There is more to me, besides my make up and my appearance. I enjoyed wearing my mascara. My mom purchase for me on my sweet 16th birthday. She made a lot of sacrifice for me, going up.