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Science, Nature, Technology, Psychology, PhilosophyScience & Nature


    by Barry Boyce
    ASTRONOMY & NATURAL HISTORY CONNECTIONS: FROM DARWIN TO EINSTEIN A New book by Barry Boyce 2 dynamic, in-depth courses in 1 - Essential reading for the ever-curious in both sciences that are effectively, and thoroughly presented by a proven outreach teaching method – lectures in the field, under the sky, and on the ocean – not in a classroom. The coverage is thorough - check out the table of contents. This is a single-source reference book with entertaining yet thorough discussions on relativ... more
  • The Mad Cats in the City Police

    by Tyler G. Warne
    The creative, nonfiction tale contains the symbolic importance of an animal who represents protection, duty, and justice. The ideas taken from cats are interpreted into actions for people to adapt into their lives. Cultivation towards understanding the symbols in nature is the central focus of the list of ideas. Applications of technologies, methods, and logic present ways to develop cooperative communities furthering progress towards, peace, justice, and enlightenment.
  • Climate Zero Hour

    by Mathijs Beckers
    In an age of political expediency and ideological schisms it is best to consider the facts and let reason and science be the judge of what is right and wrong. Climate Zero Hour examines the world-wide energy dilemma from a position of reason and offers insight on how to move ahead on climate change and argues that a larger role for nuclear energy is required.
  • How To Grow Citrus Practically Anywhere

    by Darren Sheriff

    A book for people outside the traditional "Citrus Belts" that want to grow their own Grapefruits, Oranges, Limes, Etc. A how to book on the ins and outs of growing citrus trees in containers, including fertilizing, soil mixes and of course, cold protection.

  • A Beginner's Guide to Lowcountry Gardening & Landscaping

    by Darren Sheriff
    I have worked in the nursery and garden center business now since 2003. I have seen many things change here in the Lowcountry, of South Carolina, (Zone 8) everything from rapid growth and building to roads seeming being widened on a continuous basis, and many transplants from other parts of the country moving into the area. It is the last part of that statement that is the reason for this book! Never a day goes by that I meet somebody that is definitely NOT from around here. They come into the ... more
  • Life in Stone: Fossils of the Colorado Plateau

    by Christa Sadler
    This beautifully illustrated book written for the general audience tells the story of the ancient life that inhabited the region of the southwestern United States known as the Colorado Plateau. Beginning over a billion years ago, we follow the story of life from the earliest single-celled bacteria to the abundance and diversity of life that we see today (including a large section on the region’s extraordinary dinosaurs!). This region is recognized as one of the finest earth science laboratories ... more
  • Where Dinosaurs Roamed: Lost World's of Utah's Grand Staircase

    by Christa Sadler
    Southern Utah’s Grand Staircase region is one of the best places in the world to study the Late Cretaceous. In a relatively short period (geologically speaking!) of only 25 million years, southern Utah was at times covered with an ocean teeming with life, swampy shorelines, and massive rivers draining an huge mountain range in the west. The diversity of plant and animal life was astonishing, and the incredible fossil discoveries in these rocks have become a critical piece in a puzzle that stretc... more
  • Dawn of the Dinosaurs: The Late Triassic in the American Southwest

    by Christa Sadler
    The Age of Dinosaurs. This time in Earth’s history is famous for the great reptiles that have captured the hearts and imaginations of people worldwide. But dinosaurs didn’t appear until late in the period known as the Triassic, and at that point in history, many other animals were bigger, fiercer and odder. The day of the dinosaurs had a dawn and the Late Triassic was it. Dawn of the Dinosaurs explores this extraordinary period in the history of our planet—a time when the first dinosaurs walk... more
  • The Colorado

    by Christa Sadler
    The Colorado examines nine episodes in the history of our interaction with the Colorado River, from early prehistoric cultures to the Spanish explorations of the lower reaches of the river, the dam building frenzy of the early and middle 20th century, industrial agriculture and the current use of water throughout the region. This beautiful book combines current information, maps, and policy discussion in a stunning format that highlights the beauty and the grandeur of the river and its story. Th... more
  • Religion in Medicine Volume II

    by John Dawson
    The purpose of this treatise is: 1) to draw attention to the presence of situations arising within medical practice in which religious beliefs play an important role. 2) to emphasize the fact that most students and many doctors are given insufficient training in such matters, which are of considerable import to a fair percentage of the public. 3) to provide a few examples of what is meant by a religio-medical situation, and a bibliography for further exploration by the initiate in such matters.
  • Physics and Reality

    by Ophir Mottes
    The theories of General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics are two main pillars of modern physics, yet they stay a mystery for many. These theories present groundbreaking perspectives of our universe but ones that do not connect well to our intuitive logic. This essay explains what both theories imply about reality, and in doing so, it shines the light on their revolutionary, elusive features.
  • Struth the Bloody Truth

    by Iarn Pernell
    This book describes how we?ve all been living according to a reality that exists only in our own mind?s creation of what we believe to be reality. It explains how the church has manipulated the purely natural human emotion of fear to instill a belief in their god. Just as each different religion has their god as the only true god, so too does every individual. ?Astrology? is a word used to describe the energies that permeate life on Earth and, as once believed by now-ancient civilizations that w... more
  • What is the Difference Between Similar Looking Alaska Animals

    by denise saigh
    This book has similar looking AK Animal displayed side by side on the same page with distinctive difference so anyone can delineate each animal. Physical features, song, diet, predators, lifespan, breeding, habitat and range, and winter migration for each animal is discussed
  • The Limitations of God

    by Ted Johnson
    This book bridges science and scripture. One supports the other for a complete picture of who we are, how we started and why we exist.
  • Psychological Science (Fifth Edition) 5th Edition

    by Gazzaniga
    Reflecting the latest APA Guidelines and accompanied by an exciting, new, formative, adaptive online learning tool, Psychological Science, Fifth Edition, will train your students to be savvy, scientific thinkers. Psychological Science, Fifth Edition, is a dynamic introduction to psychology that reflects the latest APA Guidelines. With psychological reasoning at the core of this edition, students will learn to critically evaluate information and become better scientific thinkers. W. W. Norton’s ... more
  • THE DEFINITIVE SOLAR BOOK: A Very Comprehensive Anthology 721 Pages - 109 Articles - 454 Exciting Solar Photos

    by Tom Zatar Kay
    "Solar Energy is likely the best option to meet humanity’s energy needs in the future" - MIT Energy Initiative There is energy in sunlight. Solar power is the holy grail of energy. Solar Energy's time has come! When it comes to Solar Energy, the sky’s the limit. Right now we stand on the threshold of the A Solar Age. Solar Energy is changing our civilization. Almost all of the energy we use on earth is a form of Solar Energy. The remarkable Sun is our descendants' future. The Sun is our most abu... more