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  • Technovedanta

    by Antonin Tuynman
    Will the internet one day awaken as a conscious entity? Or do we need to design a structured architecture in order to impart the quality of consciousness to the web? In the present book Technovedanta an architecture for the internet as AwwwareNet is proposed based on stratifications derived from the Indian philosophy of Vedanta to create a functional mimic of consciousness, quasi-consciousness. The deep exploration in Nature’s fundamental primacy of consciousness led me to the hypothesis of a pa... more
  • The Brain Show - Behind the Scenes: What Is Going on Inside Our Brain While We Are Living Our Life

    by Zeev Nitsan
    Behind the Scenes of the Brain Show offers far-reaching insight into the human brain, packed with fascinating insight from the fields of science, philosophy, history and literature. This important volume showcases your brain's development, from the embryonic phase until old-age, while describing the changes the brain goes through in all of its emotional and social states, such as love, depression, joy, concentration, sleep and dream.
  • Exploring the Landscape of the Mind

    by Stephen Clark







    Dr Stephen S Clark



    This book is based on the premise that humankind is first and foremost the outcome of the process of biological evolution.  Recognition of this is fundamenta... more

  • Primitive Planet: Human Reality in the 21st Century

    by Antoine Averie

    A single world with 7.4 billion humans accelerating through an unknown emptiness, home to the most complex sentient intelligence known to exist engaged in unending war without conscience while destroying the ecosystem that supports their existence...Honest, revealing and exhaustively researched, this report is an in-depth expose of human reality in what may be the most decisive and critical century in the history of humanity with a solution that could change everything.

  • What's the Time

    by Aleksandr Anufriyev
    Is it even possible?! To travel in time? If you don't know how to explain to your kids, your friends or your students about what Time means, then in this book you will find the answers. This book is for every age, anyone who can read and who is interested in what time is,will be the main audience. It explains why people think time is relative, what is time, and gives the audience examples of different devices to "measure" time, also it explains why time travel is not possible.
  • 978-1-5245-1898-1

    by Stephen S Clark
  • Bees: An Identification and Native Plant Forage Guide

    by Heather Holm
    This well-illustrated guide captures the beauty, diversity, and engaging world of bees and the native plants that support them. Superbly designed and organized, this is an indispensable source of information with extensive profiles for twenty-seven bee genera, plus twelve mini profiles for uncommon genera, and approximately one hundred native trees, shrubs, and perennials for the Midwest, Great Lakes, and Northeast regions. With over 1500 stunning photographs, detailed descriptions, and accessib... more
  • TIME TRAVEL Experiences: In a Sense, we all are Time Travelers! We are Surviving each and every Active Time-Point in this Timeli

    by Aldrin Mathew
    The Book is written in Simple Language and is divided into 3 Different Sections. The First Section, INVISIBLE DIMENSIONS OF LIFE reveals a Psychological and Social background, while the Second Section, UNIVERSAL SUMMATICAL NUMBERS is purely Mathematical and is based on derivations. The Third Section, named TIME TRAVEL EXPERIENCES on the other hand reveals the importance Logic and Imagination have in Science and it will help you to picture a new Idea about the Universe, Time and Time Travel......... more
  • Surgeon's Story

    by Mark Oristano
    Surgeon's Story is a look at the training and career of Dr. Kristine Guleserian, one of only nine female pediatric heart surgeons in the US. From her earliest days growing up in Boston, through medical training, to her work in what is medicine's most demanding specialty, Dr. G defies category. Her ego firmly in check, she's all about her patients. You'll meet two-year old Rylynn, who is in need of a new heart. And 13 year old Andrew, who gets a new heart and, three weeks later, accompanies Dr. G... more
  • God's Word or Human Reason? An Inside Perspective on Creationism

    by Jonathan Kane
    In God's Word or Human Reason?, five former young-Earth creationists explore the topics of science and Biblical exegesis with the goal of showing that the scientific method does more to glorify God than to denigrate Him. Instead of providing a broad-level overview of the evidence for evolution and an old Earth, this book takes a new approach that considers the detailed expanse of creationist technical literature. The six main chapters provide an in­ depth examination of these arguments in a few ... more
  • Not-So-Hot Tomatoes: Growing Delicious Tomatoes in Cooler Climates

    by Claire Splan

    You can grow a bountiful, delicious crop of tomatoes even if you don't live in a hot climate! Success depends on selecting the right tomato variety and then providing the right growing conditions--and maybe employing one or two special tips that can make all the difference between wimpy, flavorless tomatoes and juicy, flavor-packed ones. This book will show you which types and varieties will grow best in your cool climate and how to give them the TLC they need to produce the best crop. Wh... more

  • California Fruit & Vegetable Gardening

    by Claire Splan
    California abounds with edible selections to grow in the diverse conditions of the state. California Fruit & Vegetable Gardening addresses the critical elements of climate, soil, sun, and water that affects growing success. More than sixty fruits, vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers are highlighted, and helpful charts and graphs for planning and planting the garden are included.
  • Residential Solar Energy: Your Guide to Whether Solar Will Save You Money

    by Vince Hough
    Solar energy is the fastest-growing source of clean energy for the home. Today, almost 1,000,000 American homeowners reduce their carbon footprint and fight climate change with solar energy. They are rewarded with significant savings on their home energy bills. But does that mean you can also save money by going solar today? The answer is—it depends! In this book, the author shares a range of insights that guide you through the residential solar market and cut through the complicated aspects o... more
  • ANCIENT CITIES ON MARS: lost civilizations of the red planet

    by Dylan Clearfield
    This is a book for researchers and Mars enthusiasts alike. In it you will find both true science and far-reaching imagination. Be advised: many of the photographs in this book are so revealing that you may be convinced by them that intelligent life exists on Mars now or else once did. Some of the images will clearly show: a portion of an ancient highway system once used on Mars, the close up of the metal remains of a destroyed alien vehicle on the surface of the planet, the front entrance and ... more
  • Self consciousness: There and back again

    by Liam Keating
    Philosophy and theory on the working of the brain
  • Where There's Dark...: An Alternative Model of the Universe

    by David John Smith
    This book questions the standard theory that the entire universe was created at a single point in space and time as a "Big Bang" and has been expanding ever since. It looks at the evidence that has been used to support this theory and suggests that there could be an alternative explanation.