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  • Tgit Thank Goodness It's T-Ball Day

    by Kevin Christofora
    Most parents today know very little about baseball. Unlike previous generations, they don't have a lot to pass on to their children, and most kids today know more about Angry Birds than they do about America's National Pastime. It’s a different world, and today’s kids have lost touch with the game. Kids don’t play outside much, and the sandlot’s turned into a parking lot. Baseball’s getting lost. The Hometown All Stars Book series, written for children ages 3-6, is on a mission to spread the... more
  • Give It a Go, Eat a Rainbow

    by Kathryn Kemp Guylay
    Are you a parent or teacher hoping to encourage children to eat more veggies and fruits? Want to support healthy eating messages in a fun, educational and positive way? Looking for great educational messaging with peer-to-peer messaging? Give It a Go, Eat a Rainbow uses charming illustrations by 12-year old Alexander Guylay combined with real-life photography and simple rhymes by award winning nutrition educator Kathryn Kemp Guylay to create an augmented reality that immediately draws kids into ... more

    by Tomer Mash
    The book describes in an entertaining manner the world of kids as you may know it, evolving around their tablet. As time goes by they come to realize that there is another world outside the virtual one that is not less interesting and challenging as the one that is revealed to them through the screen. This book is suitable for children at the age of 4-10 and has a VERY IMPORTANT MORAL LESSON. Key words: children, health, tech, tablet, mobile, screen, educational
  • Kidding Around NYC

    by Suzanne Roche
    A visual, entertaining travel guide to New York City for children. It's called Kidding Around for a reason. Yes, it's written for kids (duh). But it's also entertaining and full of unusual details and fun information. If you are going to New York City or live in New York City or just want to learn more about New York City, you are going to love this book! We're not kidding.
  • The Good Night Fairy Helps Via Change Her Dream

    by Renee Frances, B.S., B.Ed., M.A.
    REMy, the Good Night Fairy, helps a young girl use the empowering experience of Lucid Dreaming to change her nightmare to a happier, more playful dream in this beautifully illustrated bedtime book, written in verse. Complete with a child-friendly guide, readers will learn how to actively participate - and have control - in their own dreams!
  • Being Focused! ADHD & Mindfulness

    by tracy bryan
    Do you know someone who has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? Maybe you have a friend or family member that has been diagnosed with ADHD? Or maybe you have it yourself? ADHD is a common medical condition that affects brain functioning. It’s so common that currently 6.4 million American children ages 4-17 have been diagnosed with it. That's a lot of kids! That's why it's really important for all kids and adults to understand a little bit about what ADHD is, so we can all support each othe... more
  • Know Tiny Secrets: How to Keep Your Body Private and Safe

    by Latasha Fleming
    "Know Tiny Secrets" is a guide for little and big people. A guide to understanding how wonderful and special you are and how your body belongs to YOU. There are NO tiny secrets when it comes to keeping your body private and safe. The concept behind kNOw Tiny Secrets is to "know" the secrets of abuse, so there will be NO secrets. This book embraces children from all walks of life,including special needs children; with the hopes of broadening the awareness of child sexual abuse and those affected.... more
  • Freddy, Fork it Over!

    by Farah Salim Eck
    Freddy, Fork it Over! is a fun and engaging way to get kids into the kitchen AND outside to play! By following Freddy the fork and his family, the Silvertons, readers will be able to make 40+ yummy recipes, learn awesome facts about food, and find new ways to stay active and healthy. Designed as a spiral- bound notebook, this is one book that we encourage readers to write in and mark up! But it's not just about recipes...this notebook follows various Silverton family members, including the ... more
  • My Mosaic Alphabet Book

    by Jim Bowen

    Artist Jim Bowen has created a marvelous alphabet of mosaic art. Each of the mosaic panels created and the photographed for this hardcover book contain hundreds of pieces of stained glass which have been carefully hand cut using glass cutters and nippers. Each alphabet panel took Jim over forty hours to create. Along with the rhymes of his wife Debbie, they have created My Mosaic Alphabet Book to encourage young people to learn new words and explore new places.

  • Saying Thank You

    by Monisha Vasa
    I say thank you every day for our lungs that breathe life into us. What do you say thank you for? Saying Thank You is written by Dr. Monisha Vasa, a psychiatrist and writer who firmly believes in developing mental and emotional well being from a young age. Parents and children alike will enjoy reading this book together about the power of gratitude. Saying Thank Youwill spark countless discussions about all that we have to be thankful for, long after the last page has been read.
  • Can't Wait to Show You: A Celebration for Mothers-to-Be

    by Jacqueline Boyle and Susan Lupone Stonis

    Read to your baby before and after birth! The award-winning, critically acclaimed first member of the Belly Books Collection is inspired by studies showing that a rhythmic story read regularly during the last trimester soothes and stimulates your baby before and after birth. At the same time, the sweet verses and illustrations allow you to celebrate this time of joyful anticipation. Plus, this sturdy board book, made in the USA, is uniquely ... more

  • Victorious Youth

    The book motivates young people to deal with life issues. The aim is to build strong character in young people that can face challenges and come out victorious.

    by Genna Green
    After a fun day at school, six year old Grayson Rice returns home and hears his parents arguing. In this carefully written storybook, Grayson talks about the different range of emotions he feels when he hears or sees shouting and hitting at home. He has bad dreams of angry monsters that shout; and have potty accidents at school and at home. Grayson is also unable to focus in class and finds himself in trouble for shouting and hitting on the playground. When Grayson is spanked for having a pott... more
  • Rain Favorite Pediatric Dentistry

    by Dionne L Fields

    Rain Favorite Pediatric Dentistry is Western Heights Dental Office.

    This amazing new children's book, is dedicated to the entire staff of Western Heights Dental .

    I thank you Western Heights Dental for my amazing smile, over the years.

    And special thanks to everyone, at Western Heights Dental for my beautiful teeth.

  • What's Eating You Kid? It's a scary story!

    by Cynthia Ortiz DeJesus
    Why this is a scary story! This is a scary story because it tells the truth about what is in the foods you are eating or have been eating for a long time, probably since the day you were born and while you were in your mom’s belly too! Whatever your mom ate, you ate. So if there were chemicals and preservatives in the foods she ate, there is a good chance you were eating them too. You were also exposed to other chemicals like pollution. In our modern world mostly every type of food is proce... more
  • Stinky Thoughts: You are what you think!

    by Mary Ross
    A fun, rhyming, character building, thoughts filled journey, aiding in the development of positive thinking patterns. It is a time-tested, scientifically proven principle of life that we become what we think. Positive thinking helps kids succeed above the curve in all areas of life. If your thoughts stink your life will too! Happy kids make happy parents!