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Other Nonfiction

  • A Muslim Family's Chair for the Pope: A True Story from Bosnia and Herzegovina

    by Stefan Antony Salinas
    I present to you a Muslim-Christian children’s picture book. In the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Muslims, Orthodox Christians and Catholics have been living side by side for many years, but they have not always gotten along. Twenty years have passed since they were at war with each other. How can neighbors of different faiths live together in peace? Pope Francis, head of the Roman Catholic Church, paid a visit to Bosnia on June 6, 2015. This is the true story of a Muslim family of carpen... more
  • "Gold Fever"

    by GD Bruny

    "GOLD FEVER":- Of wealth-seeking and consequences. 

    John Smith and family typify ordinary mid 19th century people who ventured forth into the unknown, in an endeavour to make their fortune in The Great South Land [Australia].

    The Smith family voyaged on the clipper-ship, Royal Charter - from Liverpool in England to Melbourne, in gold-rush Victoria, Australia. The chance of finding gold compelled the Smith family to risk all for wealth.

    [Gold Feve... more

  • Lessons of the Game

    by Kevin Mcleod
    This book is a learning manual for aspiring football players on all levels. The book provides detailed information on the necessary preparations a young player must make to be successful in the sport of football. Mcleod discusses the very important mistakes young players should avoid while in this arena of professional sports.
  • The Spectacle - Celebrating the History of the Indianapolis 500

    by Chris Workman

    "The Spectacle - Celebrating the History of the Indianapolis 500" is a great way to introduce kids to the history and excitement of American open-wheel racing. From Ray Harroun's victory in the first Indy 500 in 1911 all the way through Alexander Rossi's victory at the 100th Running in 2016, this book is a comprehensive historical review of the amazing drivers, teams, cars and track have created a legacy over the past century.

    Apex Legends' other books are fic... more

  • God Always Loves You

    by Mara Laird
    In God Always Loves You, young children and parents alike will learn about the value and joy of knowing about God's unconditional love for all His children. With fully illustrated pages of charming pictures and simple rhymes, it offers parents and children a chance to see how in our everyday situations- from running and playing to kneeling and praying-God is there to show us His amazing, endless, unconditional love.
  • What Makes You So Special?

    by Jennifer Morehouse
    A children's picture book about differences and diversity. Characters include sea creatures who showcase what is special about them.
  • Real Talk for Teens Jump-Start Guide to Gender Transitioning and Beyond

    by seth rainess
    Transitioning is a marathon—not a 100-yard dash. What are you going to do once you reach the finish line? Real Talk is the first book devoted exclusively to gender transitioning for youth. Seth takes early transitioning seriously and offers an in-depth roadmap of the numerous issues that youth can expect to encounter in their journey. But Seth doesn’t stop there. He provides a guidebook of sound advice to help them navigate various stages of gender reassignment, including treatment options fo... more
  • Approved! A Story About Quaker Meeting For Business

    by Nancy L. Haines
    How can children work cooperatively to make decisions? Approved! A Story About Quaker Meeting for Business tells of a group of children who want to donate the money they earned selling hot dogs at their Quaker meeting. The story uses simple, clear language and charming artwork to introduce Quaker process, highlighting •\tThe role of the clerk and recording clerk •\tReporting to meeting for business •\tParticipating in spiritual discernment •\tIdentifying the sense of the meeting •\tWriti... more
  • Financial and management accounting Part-II

    by Mustafa Ahmed
    Course Description : With the help of financial data ,managers make decisions regarding day to day activities in the organization.Management Accounting helps in taking the right is concerned with providing information to managers,that is ,people in an organization who direct and control its operation. Management accounting is much broader than financial accounting because it includes aspects of managerial economices,industrial engineering ,and management science.However,Manageme... more
  • Genealogical Sources for Marriage Officiants of Baldwin County, Alabama, 1866-: Jefferson Ellis, and Other Ministers of the Gosp

    by Carolyn E. Hood-Kourdache
    This book is a reference for those interested in the many men that officiated at the post- Civil War marriages, in Mobile and Baldwin Counties, Alabama. It includes brief biographical information, alongside reconstructed genealogies. A handy tool for the amateur as well as expert family historian.
  • A Spiritual Dog: "Bear"

    by J. Wesley Porter
    The story is about an awesome dog who was in a animal shelter our family adopted when he was eight weeks old. Our dog Bear was a little puppy with jet-black curly hair, very adorable and cute. He soon grew into a twenty-eight pound adult size dog who was a ball full of energy during his thirteen years of life. Bear gave love to us and everyone he ever interfaced with. This book is for people of all ages and all walks of life who want to enjoy a great wholesome story about beautiful, kind animal.... more
  • A Tail of Two Kitties

    by Terry Cosmas
    Hi to all my readers. And hi to your cats who, unfortunately, don?t read. Or maybe he/she can. Clever cat. If not, you may choose to read this story to them. You may have to paws (pause) once in a while whilst reading it to them though, just in case he/she keeps pussyfooting around. Anyhow, my story is about two conjoined kittens, hence, Siamese Twins, that are joined at the tail. These Russian Blue kitties who?s names are Jessie and Joey consequently find life hard to deal with due to the fact ... more
  • Bonjour! Let's Learn French

    by Judy Martialay
    A fun and early start in learning French for kids 6-10 and their parents, whether or not they know French. Easy to use. Free downloadable audio. Kids take a pretend trip to France where they meet the world's favorite snail, Louis l'escargot. Louis runs into some bad luck. Find out how his friends help him out while learning French and being drawn into the culture. Fun activities follow to practice French with friends and family: treasure hunt, daily expression, skit, Culture Corner, song, and d... more
  • Game-Day Youth: Learning Football's Lingo

    by Suzy Beamer Bohnert
    Millions watch football games at fields, stadiums, or on TV. Others listen to games on the radio. Youths play the game in backyards and schoolyards, getting great exercise, working on their skills, and attending practices to learn more about a fantastic and fun team sport. Whether you recently signed up for the football team, watch a brother or sister play, or want to learn more about this game, this book is for you. Simple text, clear illustrations of the field and its markings, drawing... more
  • The Drain Dragon

    by Jason Fosler
    Following along as three brothers travel through the bathtub drain to uncharted land to conquer the Drain Dragon!
  • African American Heritage: An Educational Journey

    by Daniel Ginsberg
    African American Heritage is written at an 8th/9th grade reading level (Fry and Raygor Readability Formulas). The text and accompanying full-color illustrations are intended as an introduction to African-American Heritage for middle/high school students and interested adults.