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Self-Help & Relationships

  • Nobody Cares: About Being Yourself

    by Ari Gunzburg
    Join in the wonderful world of imagination with brilliant, bright pictures, as we remember that nobody cares what we pretend to be! The main point is to be happy with who you are, to focus on the good, and to remember to keep the best people around you - your family, friends, and others who care for whatever is the best thing for you.
  • House on Maxcy Street

    by Carolyn Sanders James
    It’s understood marriage and the family unit a child experiences during childhood, effects on their adult life such as career decisions, personal relationships, and mental health. This book examines this exact role of how my Mom and Dad balanced work and family for the betterment of their children and their future success.
  • The ONE Invisible Code: An Uncommon Formula To Breakthrough Mediocrity And Rise To The Next Level

    by Sharat Sharma
    Every inspiring story has three things in common: A Dreamer, his Struggles & his Victory. This is the story of a dreamer – Joy, a young and successful corporate leader. One day, Joy’s life turns upside down. He goes from having a successful career to nothing in the blink of an eye. This event turns his aspirations into anger, anxiety, frustration, and self-doubt. Torn apart by his emotions, he struggles within. His only thought is to run away from all his struggles. But destiny has a differ... more
  • Mommy, Daddy Please Teach Me!

    by Michael A Brown
    Teachers. Remember your favorite? Taught you what you didn't know. A void. They, with great enthusiasm educators know, taught to fill the void with knowledge. Repeated practice equals subject security and the confidence to tackle more. This is where Mommy, Daddy Please Teach Me! comes in for those likely divested of great life lessons. Teach Me! guides adults, parents, grandparents, and caretakers to take an active approach in teaching children what parents may or should do daily. Teach Me! crea... more
  • Black Girl, White School: Thriving, Surviving and No, You Can't Touch My Hair (An Anthology)

    by Olivia V.G. Clarke

    #1 Amazon New Release and Bestseller in 7 Categories!

    Listen to Black women and Black girls. Navigating predominantly white institutions (PWI) as a young Black girl provides amazing opportunities as well as challenging experiences. The poems, anecdotes, and entries found in this book seek to provide support and guidance for Black girls in PWI's and are written by Black girls and women who are current or past attendees of PWI's. Hair, friendship... more

  • The Lying Liar Called Racism: A Love Letter

    by Giselle Fuerte

    I must reluctantly introduce you to an ugly lie some people tell to try to make you believe a mountain is actually a molehill...or a pile of spaghetti. This is the villain of our tale, The Lying Liar Called Racism, and it’ll try to make you feel small, powerless, and bad about yourself. Never fear, though, because you can spot this villain and stay strong against it by remembering that you are not and never will be a pile of floppy, sloppy spaghetti. You’r... more

  • Be Gentle

    by Donald Gallehr
    Be Gentle teaches simple lessons that will hopefully inspire the reader to bring peace to this world. Developed through years of meditation, Gallehr has found a way for people to live more gently on this earth and to coexist with others peacefully.
  • I Have ADHD, So What?

    by Michelle Bradshaw
    Hi! My name is Brayden, but you can call me B. I have ADHD, and that’s okay with me. Follow along with Brayden as we discover what makes him different also makes him special.
  • Dad's Great Advice for Teens

    by Marc Fienberg
    All the great advice a teen needs to get happy, be successful, and make good decisions. Includes 25 short pieces of Great Advice, filled with humor, wisdom, and inspirational quotes. It's the perfect self-help survival and success guide for teens looking to build positive habits and get an edge up. A great gift from Dad, Mom, or anybody.
  • 7 Words You Should Know: Dad's Advice for the Journey Ahead

    by Ward Anthony Dean

    You may have heard someone say "I wish someone had told me that when I was young!" 7 Words You Should Know was written for that person desiring to receive powerful advice in an easy-to-remember, uncomplicated way. With essential principles and thought-provoking insight, it will deliver lifelong lessons and experiences with those you want to prepare for their life’s journey. The author’s hope is that the book will be a catalyst... more

  • Do Be Do Be You!

    by Cathy Weber
    Encourages children to just 'be' and joyfully experience living through all 5 senses. Reminds readers what it's like to feel the world around from the perspective of a young boy with his pets and family and friends.
  • 4th Grade Graduation

    by Donte' R. Christopher
    Sahara is the most competitive girl in the fourth grade. She has been practicing on riding a bike without training wheels for the summer bike race, and she has been studying for her final exams too. However, she cannot wait for the end of school to challenge Crystal in the summer bike race and outscore her on their final exams. Sahara has been friends with Sharon, a girl who is always a good wingman for the adventures to come. The two girls practice every day for the summer bike race without tra... more
  • The Gentle Giant

    by Samantha Guzman
    From the moment they looked into each other's eyes, it was love at first sight. The Gentle Giant follows the lifelong bond between a daughter and her father as they travel through life and its milestones together. The book expresses the love, emotion and special relationship that girls and their gentle giants share.
  • 978-1-67801-187-1

    by Lolalee Luna
    Lolalee Luna wrote SPACE BUBBLES to pave the way for children (age 8 and under) to begin understanding and talking about consent and body autonomy. This is an important concept for all children so they can feel empowered to speak up when they are uncomfortable.

    by Joseph Thomas
    Você sabia que em grande parte do tempo vivemos e agimos de forma automática, sem pensar ou refletir sobre nossas ações e comportamentos? Acredite, a maior parte das decisões que tomamos no dia a dia é feita de maneira inconsciente, como se estivéssemos no piloto automático. Estamos em pleno voo e sequer nos damos conta do que estamos fazendo. Nós somos os marinheiros de nossas vidas, a partir do momento que assumimos o leme de nossa história, ditamos o curso de nossa vida, quando deixamos sem d... more
  • Space Bubbles

    by Lolalee Luna
    Lolalee Luna wrote SPACE BUBBLES to pave the way for children (age 8 and under) to begin understanding and talking about consent and body autonomy. This is an important concept for all children so they can feel empowered to speak up when they are uncomfortable.