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Self-Help & Relationships

  • Parent and Child - The two person family

    by Kathleen Waddington
    It is a self help book written with the intention of supporting and inspiring single parent families.
  • Walking the Land

    by Eileen Nauman
    Wouldn’t you like to connect with the Earth where you live? The invisible realm of energy affects us every day in many different ways: physically, emotionally, mentally as well as spiritually.Walking the Land can help you locate, get in touch with and understand better what we may not see around you and how these local energies affect your everyday life:Learn how to use a pendulum to locate and interpret the energies in and around your home or work.As a major component of the human body, underst... more
  • The Meaning of Life: A Guide to Finding Your Life's Purpose

    by Nathanael Garrett Novosel
    “What is the meaning of life?” Throughout history, people have spent much of their lives trying to explain how the world works and why. Initially, they seek to live better lives and thrive. Ultimately, they seek to find purpose and significance in their existence. Experience the scientific and philosophical journey billions of years in the making to answer the question that all living beings capable of rational thought will ask themselves: why are we here? Over the course of that journey, you... more
  • The Endangered Earthlings' Handbook

    by Paul Hollis
    Our planet is in the midst of climate change, mass species extinction, resource depletion, drought, pollution, and ocean oxygen depletion. We humans have caused some and accelerated all of these cataclysms. We must change the way we live and this change must be swift and exacting. The Endangered Earthlings' Handbook lays out the environmental issues facing our planet today and offers viable methods for the average person to reduce our carbon footprint, exhibiting a new social paradig... more
  • Depressed to Daring

    by Adonica Shaw

    Depressed to Daring is a personal development book for women who struggle with depression and anxiety in silence, and desperately desire to better manage their emotions. In this book, personal & business development trainer Adonica Shaw gives you the tools to help you identify and defeat debilitating thought patterns, evade your emotional villains and reclaim your personal power.

    You'll learn how to:

    *Observe your emotions without being sucked into feelings of sadness.

    *... more

  • Grow Up!

    by Matthew Harms
    HAVE YOU EVER FELT LIKE THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF DECISIONS TO MAKE AND NO ONE TO TURN TO? \tGrowing up means making daily decisions on your own and living with the consequences. Whether you are deciding between renting an apartment or buying a house, leasing or buying a car, or figuring out which credit score is the right one, there doesn’t seem to be a simple way to figure out the answer. You can go the hard road and learn from your mistakes, or make your life easier and read this book! “G... more
  • Recovering from Workplace PTSD Daily Self-Reflections (First Edition)

    by Kevin William Grant

    In Production
    Available Summer 2020

    The workplace PTSD recovery process begins by acknowledging the realities contributing to your PTSD symptoms. This self-reflection workbook walks you through mindfulness exercises you can apply in daily life to help you accept and recover from workplace PTSD.

    Your career impacts your mental health in many important ways. A career that allows you to apply your unique talents and skills in a satisfying and personally ful... more

  • Surviving Innovation Workbook (First Edition)

    by Kevin William Grant


    In Production
    Available Summer 2020

    Mental health issues for innovators and entrepreneurs has becoming a growing problem. The growing pressure is because of the level of the high levels of competition, the accelerating speed and pace of change in the modern world, and expectations that new ideas my exceed and surpass such innovation giants as Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook, Samsung, Intel, Coca-Cola, and Walmart.

    Tolhurst and O'Conner (... more

  • Surviving Innovation (First Edition)

    by Kevin William Grant

    In Production
    Available Summer 2020

    The expectation to innovate is being placed on the shoulders of small business owners, a pressure they probably weren’t anticipating when they launched their business. They went out into the market, found a good idea, raised the capital, and thought, “Fantastic, I’ve got my money,” but what they didn’t realize is that this is only the start of their problems. With the investment, the managing of... more

  • The Decisions We Make: How Our Decisions Produce Success in Our Lives

    by Travis Towns

    In the Decisions We Make, readers will learn a new mind-set that will help make their dreams and goals a reality.

    Most of us don’t know how important it is to make the proper decisions. Good decisions can make our lives run smoothly. Unfortunately, we often repeat our mistakes. Even though we know the likely outcome, we hope for different results.

    The decisions we make in our lives affect our jobs, relationships, and financial situations. They also affect our mental he... more

  • Cannabis for Seniors

    by Beverly A. Potter Ph.D.

    CANNABIS FOR SENIORS is for seniors who are curious about cannabis and how they might use it to better their lives.

    CANNABIS FOR SENIORS reviews research regarding the health effects of cannabis and the effectiveness of various strains for managing specific health conditions and improving quality of life.

    CANNABIS FOR SENIORS debunks myths and discusses concerns that seniors may have about cannabis use. Docpotter describes methods of using cannabis, explaining how smoking, eating,... more

  • Deal With It!: How to Stop Running from People, Problems, and Pressure

    by Brian Lahoue
    The new authoritative guidebook on why and how to tackle tough conversations, people, and situations. Deal With It! presents a simple approach to handling confrontation that is based on science and easy to apply. Learning to deal with the people, problems and pressure in your life will make you happier, healthier, and more successful. You don't need to be a type A personality to take charge of your life and improve it. Start now and discover how you can become your own best advocate. - Conf... more
  • Going Deeper: How the Inner Child Impacts Your Sexual Addiction

    by Eddie Capparucci, LPC, C-CSAS, CPCS
    I believe the solution to helping individuals escape the stranglehold of sexual addiction is the answer to a simple question – why? “Why have sex and pornography overtaken my life?” The answer to that question can be found in the Inner Child. The road to recovery from a sex/porn addiction goes through your childhood. It is the Inner Child who is running the show when it comes to an individual’s sexual addiction. This book outlines the Inner Child Recovery Process for Sexual/Pornography Addic... more
  • Be The Hero Of Your Life: Ditch the Excuses, Take Your Hero's Journey, and Find Your Life's Purpose

    by J. Scott MacMillan
    Are you one of the millions of people who feel STUCK? Whether due to fear, low self-esteem, or feelings of inadequacy, millions of people feel like their life isn’t going anywhere. In Be the Hero of Your Life: Ditch the Excuses, Take Your Hero's Journey and Find Your Life's Purpose, life coach J. Scott MacMillan outlines a 5-step plan to overcome your fears and lead a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life.
  • How a Nursing Home Works

    by Peter D. Busacca
    The author of How a Nursing Home Works takes the reader through each department of a nursing home to show them the complexities of what goes on there to deliver quality care to the patient/resident. Healthcare is the fastest-growing sector of the economy, so a young person thinking of a career in healthcare could see what they are going to get themselves into. A family member who has a loved one in a nursing home can learn more about the process. Someone who works in a nursing home can see what ... more