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Self-Help & Relationships

  • The Revelations and Warnings of Jesus to His Church

    by Albert A Heaney
    Given that Jesus has issued a warning that in the end-times the church will be infiltrated with false prophets that will “mislead many,” and given that the book of Revelation was given to reveal future events in the end-times, and given that various interpretations of prophesies in the book are given by present-day biblical scholars, this book attempts to clarify an understanding of the revelations provided in the book by closely adhering to the messages given and avoiding giving interpretations... more
  • Love Alone Will Never Be Enough

    by S. Wahrheit
    Check every bookstore and library and the internet, and you will not find a single book telling the day-by-day story of raising drug-affected children. In the ?70s, when Mariah and her husband adopted these three, they weren?t told that the biological parents were on drugs. It took super parenting to raise children whose conscience and rational thinking were seriously damaged. It took prayer and a commitment as deep as their marriage vows plus a degree in psychology and child therapy and many mi... more
  • OMG … Is That My Brand?

    by Paul Frise, Ph.D.
    Your personal brand is commonly thought to be composed of your skills and values in general. The important part often overlooked is how we personally communicate whatever that brand is at work, at home, at play, and socially. Improving a brand also involves improving the communication skills that present our brand. Improving communication effectiveness can foster the quickest noticeable enrichment of a brand. When communication skills improve, as part of a brand, so will other abilities and valu... more
  • Searching…

    by Donna Linn and Suzan J. Wells
    Perhaps the way you have been living is no longer working for you?or maybe you feel there must be more to life. Do you feel you would like to try a different path? Are you looking for something new? You already have the answers to your questions; you just need to reach out and take them. Discover how to access them through the world of energy and healing. You can create positive, lasting change and experience new possibilities, insight, and understanding. Searching ? A Peek into the Invisible Wo... more
  • Writing through the Fog: Techniques for Outwitting Brain Fog and Reclaiming Our Writing Lives

    by Shana Ronayne

    Does your slow and sludgy brain make you dread sitting down to write?  Does staring at a blank page induce cold sweats, your focus wandering, your attention drifting with every ephemeral impulse?  Writing through the Fog, a first-of-its-kind guide, can help.  Cognitive issues don't have to be the end of your writing life.  With patience, persistence and a healthy dose of humor, you can reclaim the love of writing you once took for granted.&nbs... more

  • Shallow Thought, Deep Mind: What You Need to Succeed, Thrive and Make the World Better

    by Dr Wayne Somerville
    Shallow Thought, Deep Mind is for everyone who takes on life’s challenges and dreams of a brighter tomorrow. Drawing on his experiences as a clinical psychologist, horseman, bush regenerator and environmental activist, Dr Somerville guides you on a journey to discover who you really are, what you could be, and how you can make the world better. Part 1 looks at shallow thought - what it is and how it can create trouble - and what it takes to find solutions to big problems. In Part 2, Sha... more
  • The Healing Power of Girlfriends: How to Create Your Best Life Through Female Connection

    by Deborah A. Olson
    The Healing Power of Girlfriends will help you avoid toxic friendships, understand the role expectations play in women's friendships, and learn how power dynamics can hurt or heal these special relationships. Each chapter also includes a list of thought-provoking discussion questions that will help you further examine the heart and soul of your own friendships with women.
  • The Offline Dating Method

    by Camille Virginia

    Why settle for being swiped-over...
    ...when you can enjoy his full attention in the real world?

    Stop competing against thousands online and start tapping into the endless opportunities to attract quality men in the real world. In The Offline Dating Method, author Camille Virginia draws upon her transformation from shy and socially anxious into a confident woman who's been asked out by hundreds of men in everyday places. She shares her step-by-step... more

  • Burnout in Healthcare

    by Rajeev Kurapati

    Burnout, a form of work-related distress, among medical professionals reached epidemic proportions.

    As patient care becomes increasingly complicated with the addition of numerous duties on the healthcare professionals such as increasing work load, complex quality measures, arduous licensing requirements, obligatory insurance prerequisites, ever-expanding policy stipulations, coupled with meagre organizational support, medical staff across the nation is plagued with increasing work-relat... more

  • Nature Guides: Release & Reconnect Through Writing

    by Jennifer Bauer
    Wayfinder Master Coach, Jennifer Bauer, combines gorgeous nature photography with interesting facts and insight-provoking journal prompts that enable you to write your way to self-discovery. Each photo-spread invites you to dive deep into your inner wisdom to find the answers you seek. Perfect for any nature lover, who enjoys journaling or contemplating both big and small questions about their life.
  • Whitening the Stones of the Mind

    by Mahala Crow

    Heal the Body ~ Balance the Mind ~ Restore the Spirit

    One of you is functioning Yet, there is another “you” within… waiting to emerge.

    Are you tired of carrying the weight of unhealthy thoughts or being someone you are not? Do you want to feel better, think better or just be better? If so, allow your mind to be whitened, to reveal the greatest gifts that dwell within you… the principles of who you really are.

    “Whitening the Stones of the Mind&... more

  • How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You, Forever; How to Make Someone Obsessed With You.: The art of controlling people by pro

    by Scarlett Kennedy
    You've witnessed the power that obsession has over people. People will do anything for someone they are obsessed with. Fans will travel across the world to see a celebrity they are obsessed with. A person will become a slave to someone they are obsessed with. Many people are immune to subtle signs of manipulation. The only thing people are not immune to, is falling in love, and obsession. A person obsessed with you, is a person under your control. Scarlett Kennedy uncovers the real causes of obs... more
  • The Tortoise Workbook

    by Sharon Good

    Tips & tools for those with goals and ambitions, but limited energy or time.

  • The Wonderful World of Audiobooks: Earn Money From Home As An Audiobook Narrator

    by Laura Johnson
    Learn how to earn money from home as an audiobook narrator and producer. Step by step guide on becoming an audiobook narrator and producer.
  • More Than a Mum: Rediscover the Woman Within for a Happier, Balanced Life

    by Nikki Cox
    Somewhere along the journey of motherhood, have you lost a sense of who you are, what you want and what is important to you? Do you rarely do something just for you? Are you constantly feeling depleted of energy, drive and passion for life? It doesn’t have to be that way. Being a woman with children can be fun, enjoyable and fulfilling. As mothers, we often neglect our own wellness as we invest all our time and energy into nurturing our children. But you can’t pour from an empty cup! In... more