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  • Dance Adventures: True Stories About Dancing Abroad

    by Megan Taylor Morrison
    This anthology includes 19 true stories written by a diverse group of renowned performers, dedicated dance teachers, dance scholars, and other avid dance travelers who: ● Explore their craft in locations tied to their family history and discover how dance helps them connect with their heritage; ● Build bonds and community with locals through a shared love of movement; ● Challenge their assumptions, embrace the unknown and find surprising new truths by saying “yes” to spontaneous opportuniti... more
  • The Definitive Guide to Online Gaming and Betting in the U.S.

    by Jeff Ifrah
    Online gaming is quickly becoming a key part of the gaming industry. As this industry develops, stakeholders – from legislators to operators to financial institutions – need a single resource that will get them up to speed on internet-based gaming. This White Paper covers online gaming and betting from A to Z – the history, individual state legislation, and prospects for the future of the industry. No other single resource provides this extensive industry overview in a condensed, reader-friendly... more
  • Lucille The Life of Lucille Ball

    by Kathleen Brady
    “Brady is meticulous in her reconstruction of the life of a contract player in the studio system of the thirties and forties...and superb at capturing the loose-goose chaos of early television production." – The Toronto Globe and Mail “If only Lucille Ball’s life could have been as carefree as Lucy Ricardo’s. But in this engaging biography, that madcap character often seems to exist solely to mock her creator’s own thwarted dreams…In the end, ... more
  • It Takes a Village

    by Kevin Pereau
    Healthcare never stops innovating. Catch up with how you can get, and stay, connected with It Takes a Village. This isn't a book about the healthcare industry for the healthcare industry, this is a book for the rest of us. Hear from healthcare's top thought leaders on how you can benefit from the digital health revolution! All you need is your smartphone.
  • Thirty Dollars and a Cut Eye

    by J Russell Peltz
    Boxing promoter J Russell Peltz fell in love with boxing when he was 12, saw his first live fight at 14, and was hooked for life. He was named Outstanding Male Journalism Graduate, Temple University, 1968, but after a short career on the sports copy desk of the Evening and Sunday Bulletin in Philadelphia, he became a boxing promoter when he couldn’t land the boxing beat at the newspaper. In his more-than-half century in boxing, Peltz has promoted fights at every major venue in Philadelphia as we... more
  • Call only those who want. I am hungry for sex, contact me now.

    by neha kapoor
    Honey, I'm in delhi! I am 24 years old. I am a fun and flirty fitness fanatic. I look forward to meet you for a satisfying and enjoyable love-making. I am your best choice for any kind of fantasy or occasion. I am sexy, sophisticated, polite and lovely. If you like to appreciate the best things of life, I’m your perfect choice. I’ll give to you the best service that you’ve ever had. Call me anytime Neha +918130638424
  • Our Condo on Wheels: Story of a Couple RVing

    by Diane Lenamon
    RVing is quite a lifestyle in so many ways. You have to truly love the person you are traveling with. There are a lot of ends and outs to learning, but so much fun.
  • Mistakes were made

    by Andy C Wareing
    2020 would be a year most of the world would spend in pajamas. And that’s what we should have done! Instead, we gave up great jobs, sold our cars, house and everything else we owned, and moved from the United States to the Mediterranean idyll of Spain, all amidst the deadliest global pandemic since 1918. This short story tells the rollercoaster tale of our exciting, tragic, and mostly humorous journey across Europe. Join us as we constantly react to the changing whims of international governm... more
  • Independent Escorts In Goa

    by Soniya Thakur
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  • Get an answer from Varanasi Escorts

    by Shweta Chopra

    Do you have too many sensual questions? Have you taken erotic service previously? Are you satisfied with your escorts? Are you still wondering about the answers? Nothing is more passionate than the time you spend with our gorgeous Varanasi Escorts.

  • Escort Service In Kota - Hire High Class Call Girls

    by sweety sharma

    Warm Greetings from Top Call Girls Service in Kota open to satisfy your sexual longings. We offer the best Call Girls in Kota to finish your own necessities. With us, you will get the unusual young ladies to be your ally for the night. Our Kota Escorts Service is known for bad-to-the-bone exotic sex. A large number of you need to realize why book us for Kota Escort Girls? Our organization is well known for giving Star Rating Hotels Escorts Service in Kota which is profoundly requested by cust... more

  • Expedition to Mystery Mountain: Adventures of a Bushwhacking, Knicerbocker-wearing Woman

    by Susanna Oreskovic
    What’s it like to be an intrepid explorer . . . and a woman? Expedition to Mystery Mountain is a come-along adventure of a city-dwelling woman who, with five fellow climbers, re-enacts the 1926 exploits of fearless trailblazers and pioneering Canadian mountaineers Don and Phyllis Munday. The team’s ambitious mission: to recreate the Mundays’ route to Mount Waddington, the highest peak of British Columbia’s Coast Mountains, outfitted with vintage hobnail boots, fifty-pound wood-frame pack... more
  • No Footprints in the Night

    by Victoria Stevens
    ‘What about Botswana?’ My boyfriend couldn’t think of any objections so a few days before we overstayed our visas we hit the road in our trusty Defender and sped north from Cape Town. The Kalahari welcomed us with vast empty spaces and gorgeous wildlife. We spent weeks camping in a true wilderness barely touched by man. The character of the landscape changed in the waterlogged north but our encounters with wild animals didn’t stop. We eventually returned to civilization after many weeks... more
  • K-Culture Glossary : 100 Terms to Get You Started with Korean Popular Culture

    by Ji-hyeon Kim
    K-Culture is a neologism referring to the sweeping wave of South Korean popular culture. The term was coined in the late 1990s, when various elements of Korean pop culture – from drama, to films, music, fashion, food, comics and novels all began to spread, first into other Asian countries, and then further afield. What is the secret ingredient of K-Culture? What is historical and cultural backdrop against which K-Culture began to be consumed? This is designed to provide a... more
  • OrgasHIM

    by Henry Doss
    In this eye-opening book, Relationship & Marriage coach Henry Doss exposes the real Secrets of Men by by sharing deep insight into the minds of males, like: *Why he still hasn’t given you access to his phone *What his REAL thoughts are in bed with you *Sneaky mind games he tends to play, without you knowing *Subtle signs he may be cheating on you *How to confront him and still get answers & much more! Henry provides a roadmap for how men think, how th... more
  • Oh, Lords! Who We Date, Why We Date Them, and What We’ve Learned

    by Jes Alvert
    Oh, Lords! is about two women sharing their dating stories, dating glories, and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. Oh, Lords! Who We Date, Why We Date Them, and What We’ve Learned is the only book of its kind to discuss dating in the context of archetypes, “Lords”, through the eyes and experience of the authors. You will meet the Lords: Lord Journeyman, Lord Contradiction, Lord FOMO, Lord Layaway, Lord Self-Absorbed, Lord At Your Peril, Lord Good Guy, Not MY Guy, and Lord My Guy. Thes... more