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  • What It Means: Myth, Symbol, and Archetype in the Third Millennium, Vol. 1

    by Eva Rome
    What It Means (WHIM) is a collection of essays that examines how myth, symbol, and archetype manifest in everyday American life in the early third millennium. WHIM was written for readers interested in history, communication, language, human behavior, philosophy, anthropology, and cultural studies, and is also intended to be a time capsule text for future readers curious about life back in the CE 2,000s. From the not-too-distant future to the end of the twenty-first century and beyond, What It M... more
  • Mary Magdalene: The Lord's Wife

    by Ignazio Giuseppe
    Alice Peterson suffers from postpartum depression. Her gynecologist refers her to Donald Silverstein, a psychiatrist who specializes in hypnotic regression therapy (HRT). During hypnosis, Alice reveals that in a past life, she was Mary Magdalene. Throughout 9 hypnotic sessions, she describes in precise chronographic, geographic, and historical details, her life in Jesus’ times. Faced with questions such as: Was Jesus a poor carpenter born in Bethlehem? Did he have other siblings? Did he believe ... more
  • The Story of B. Artin Haig, FDR' s Photographer

    by Michael Boyajian
    B. Artin Haig survived the Armenian Genocide and went on to become President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's photographer
  • Apple Pressings

    by Charles Ebeling
    15 essays presenting one a year to the Chicago Literary Club on a range of topics, ranging from French Fries to big game conservation in Kenya, to cars, to the Electoral College, to use of colors in politics, to the Lindbergh Beacon, to Sam Johnson and his Literary Club in 18th-century London, to James Boswell, to the man who game McDonald's his name, to the evolution of offices, to public relations in 1970s Chicago.
  • SOP Writing Services

    by Abhi Tamal

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  • Alaskan People: Stories of Yesteryear and Today

    by Edward May
    Alaska officially became the 49th state in 1959, before that it was a territory, a wild place, the Last Frontier, and the men and women who lived there prior to statehood are the main characters of Alaskan People. Their unique stories and adventures are a window into a world of everyday experiences seldom told until now. If you are curious about life in the Last Frontier, this is the book for you. ... more
  • The Master of the Ladder: the Life and Teachings of Rabbi Yehudah Leib Ashlag

    by Yedidah Cohen
    In "The Master of the Ladder: the Life and Teachings of Rabbi Yehudah Leib Ashlag," we find the story of a great Kabbalist; his passion for serving God; his teachings of the path he received from his Masters; his courage and perseverance in opening up the inner wisdom of the Torah—Kabbalah; and the implications of this great wisdom for us as individuals and for society. Told through his personal documents, interviews with those who knew him, through his letters and his teachings, we get a ... more
  • Arab Humanist: The Necessity of Basic Income

    by Nohad A Nassif

    ARAB humanist is a story of an Arab woman, LouLou, who rebelled against her family while living in America. LouLou wanted to claim her own independence and womanhood but was crippled by her naivety, poverty, lack of a good social safety net, and other misfortunes. ARAB humanist is an autobiography that contains story art. In ARAB humanist, a fresh light is shed on one of the most important humanist topics of our time: “Universal, Unconditional Basic Income.”

  • Empty the Pews: Stories of Leaving the Church

    by Chrissy Stroop
    Twenty-one timely, affecting essays by those who survived hardline, authoritarian religious ideology and uprooted themselves from the reality-averse churches that ultimately failed to contain their spirits. Winner of the 2019 Eos Award. In this timely and revealing anthology, Chrissy Stroop and Lauren O’Neal collect original and previously published pieces about leaving Christianity. Examining the intersections of queerness, spiritual abuse, loss of faith, and the courage needed to leave o... more
  • Mid-life Crisis on Wheels - a bicycle journey around the world

    by M. L. Buchman

    Cutting-edge computer systems designer. Crisis project manager. Consultant to the Fortune 100. Utter workaholic.

    Before he became a writer, M.L. “Matt” Buchman had dreamed of traveling the world by sailboat or small plane. Not once did he think about doing it by bicycle — not until he lost everything: career, house he’d been remodeling for the family he never had time to find, sense of self, all of it.

    Broke and burned out at thirty-five, he sold everything... more

  • 'Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind': Shakespeare's Sonnets, Alchemy and Individuation

    by William Bishop
    It is my intention, in reading together literary critics, artists and theorists, to show how the development of Shakespeare’s conception of his own subjectivity develops over the course of his sonnet sequence. I will discuss and utilise the Jungian concept of individuation, and the Lacanian concept of desire, as well as language from the lexicon of the fifteenth and sixteenth century alchemists to develop an understanding of how the intimately psychological nature of the production of art is bei... more
  • Philosophy in Hamlet

    by Jasminka Marić

    “Philosophy in ‘Hamlet’” is a revised, updated and enlarged version of the magister’s thesis which was successfully defended at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts of Belgrade University in 2012, as the first thesis on “Hamlet”. On the basis of the study of “Hamlet” by Lev S. Vygotsky, the book “Philosophy in ‘Hamlet’” points out the philosophical problems set in Shakespeare’s enigmatic tragedy: the problem of b... more

  • A Cross of Silicon: Collected Essays 2016-2019

    by Jonathan Salem Baskin
    This book will change the way you talk about technology. Baskin has spent the past three years documenting the latest innovations in artificial intelligence, autonomous cars, smart cities, and new uses for big data, though always asking the same questions: Who asked for it? Who does it impact? What does it really cost? In a series of witty, biting essays posted on his blog, A Cross of Silicon, he's found answers to those questions incomplete or, just as often, utterly unavailable or unfat... more
  • The Accidental Tsundere: Dating for Late Bloomers, Loners and Misfits

    by L.M. Bennett
    L.M. Bennett is a late-bloomer who began dating at the age of thirty-five after bariatric surgery. She found herself twenty years behind the dating curve, navigating body issues, and matched with people who had been playing the game longer and harder than her. The Accidental Tsundere is a humorous, painfully honest summary of her missteps and often sardonic observations of “on the job” training. Advice includes LGBT-friendly tips on how to identify the dreaded F-Boy Classic, weed out bored house... more
  • The Ageless Wisdom (As Embodied in Thirukkural)

    by DR. R. Prabhakaran
    Thirukkural is an ancient Tamil literature. It covers all aspects of human life. It has been translated into 38 languages of the world. In English alone, there are more than 50 translations of Thirukkural. It emphasizes that virtue and righteousness should be the basis of all human endeavors. It is considered as a practical guide to the “Art of Living”. The book is secular in nature. The ideas of Thiruvalluvar are eternally valid and universally applicable. Dr. Prabhakaran is an avid enthusias... more
  • Fate Came Calling: A Young Man's Journey Became a Lifetime of Adventure. Based on the Life of Warren Vest

    by Kurt Bryan
    Fate Came Calling: As a young farmer and freshman student at the University of Missouri, Warren Vest was unexpectedly chosen to transport a new species of animal to a continent on the other side of the world. His remarkable journey led to a series of events that altered the course of his life from farming to becoming an incredible pilot and airline executive. His strong leadership and outstanding contributions changed the lives of countless others along the way. Whenever fate came calling, Warr... more