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Science & Nature

  • Evil Robots, Killer Computers, and Other Myths: The Truth About AI and the Future of Humanity

    by Steven Shwartz
    Today’s artificial intelligence systems are miracles of modern engineering. They can drive cars, recognize faces, translate languages, and enable us to talk to our smartphones. This amazing progress leads many of us to wonder where it will all end. Will intelligent robots usurp all our jobs or take over the world? This book separates the facts from the tropes of apocalyptic science fiction and explains •\thow AI really works in simple terms and why it cannot evolve into the AI of science... more
  • A Climate for Denial

    by Arek Sinanian
    Climate Change has become one of the most polarizing issues of our time. Despite overwhelming evidence and fundamental science, some people still don’t accept that climate change is real and that human activity is contributing to it. Is it because the science is not being understood? Is it because it is difficult to accept that humans can change the climate? Is there a link between climate change skepticism and ideology? Is there a link between belief in the science and belief in God? If y... more
  • Canadian Pest Control

    by mason henry57
    canadian pest solutions brings 16 years of experience to serving Windsor, Belle River, Amherstburg, Essex, Harrow, Kingsville, Lasalle, Leamington, St. Clair Beach, Tecumseh, Wallaceburg, Blenheim, Ridgetown, Dresden, London, and Sarnia. Based in Tilbury, we are locally owned and operated, also as family run. We work with all kinds of pests, including bed bugs, mice, rats, spiders, cockroaches, and more.

    by William Patrick Slattery
    Nieuw Amsterdam Advisors is an international life sciences consultant practice focused on discovering an elite group of best in class therapeutic, diagnostic and med tech firms that are truly game changing. Our global team is passionate about being on the forefront of providing the expert multilevel support needed to bring this next generation of breakthrough discovery class to the world stage and be a positive force in world health.
  • Why Science Is Wrong About Life and Evolution: 'The Invisible Gene' And Other Essays On Scientism

    by Ted Christopher
    The book discusses both particular and general problems facing the scientific vision of life. The book also discusses some of the unfortunate fallout associated with that vision largely by critiquing some works of Steven Pinker and Sam Harris. In doing so the book's terrain includes some extraordinary behaviors; the unfolding mystery of heritability; Pinker's undue optimism; Harris' unenlightened take on meditation and transformation; and finally the possibility of objective support for religi... more
  • Water Is...

    by Nina Munteanu
    Internationally published author, teacher and limnologist Nina Munteanu explores one of the most important--and mysterious--elements on Earth. Part history, part science and part philosophy and spirituality, "Water Is..." combines personal journey with scientific discovery that explores water's many "identities" and ultimately our own.
  • Sea Level Rise: : Are We Ready ?

    by Sudipta Chakraborty

    This book is daunting in its depth of research regarding SLR Se Level Rise. At times I found myself j

  • Terror by Error? The Covid Chronicles

    by William Sargent
    This page-turner delves into the murky, often intertwined worlds of medical research and biological warfare to determine the cause of the COVID-19 outbreak. Sargent explores mistakes made in dual-use medical research and biological weapons facilities that have occurred from 1617 to the present, and have led to tick-borne diseases in the United States, as well as smallpox, anthrax and other outbreaks in England, Russia and several other countries. Sargent makes the most compelling and comprehe... more
  • Redesigning Life with Automation

    by Mukesh Borar
    Automation is a positive phenomenon that is destined to change our lives. Powered by technologies like artificial intelligence, IoT, digitization and robotics – automation is set to lead us to an era of massive auto-generated wealth. However, on the way, there will also be several economic and environmental crises, which would demand new solutions, policies and ways of life. ‘Redesigning Life with Automation’ aims to define these solutions by taking a systemic view of the automation phenomeno... more
  • 1001 Energy Tips

    by WH Clark
    Over one thousand no-cost, low-cost projects to lower your utility bills at home or at work.
  • The Climate Change Illusion

    by Edward Rouse Pryor

    A fascinating account of why so many people have come to believe that humans and greenhouse gases are the cause of global warming when actually there are several regulators of earth’s temperature over different time periods – and all are related to some aspect of the sun – while none are related to greenhouse gases or human activities.


  • Spanish Flu vs Covid-19, which is the worst pandemic?

    by Farzana Prior
    A hundred years ago, the world was gripped by a pandemic. Today the world is again in the grips of an uncaring and unrelenting pandemic. When will the next one come, will we be ready? This book seeks to compare Covid-19 with the Spanish Flu, with a view to extracting and documenting the lessons we have learned, and should have learned. Armed with this information, we can be better prepared for when the next pandemic strikes.
  • Paradoxes

    by Hamza E Alsamraee
  • Atlantis, Found? An investigation into ancient accounts, bathymetry and climatology

    by Jonathan Northcote
    What if Plato's Atlantis was a real, identifiable place? How would this affect accepted history (where does history start and pre-history end) and, even, accepted geology? This is NOT about any Atlantean civilisation. It is about comparing Plato's description of the physical environment of Atlantis with a sunken area in the Atlantic ocean and showing (by reference to many peer-reviewed scientific works) that most of Plato's descriptions are found in this sunken area.
  • rtest

    by uper BATT