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Self-Help & Relationships

  • Fat Kids: Truth and Consequences

    by Rebecca Jane Weinstein
    Fat Kids: Truth and Consequences is an informational vault of deeply personal tales and essential information, focusing on the lives, questions, and concerns of parents and children living in a childhood obesity crisis. Unlike most books about weight, however, Fat Kids is not a dieting or weight loss how-to; it instead explores the true human experiences and often untold science outside the current political positioning on children and weight. This book powerfully combines interviews, relevant r... more
  • Divorce, Simply Stated

    by Larry Sarezky, Esq.

               Divorce, Simply Stated is a uniquely engaging “how-to” book for individuals going through divorce or child custody/access cases.  It helps readers choose between traditional “court-based” divorce and alternative dispute resolution, and teaches readers how to choose and work efficiently with divorce lawyers and other professionals.  It covers legal and financial aspects of matters such as child support, ... more

  • #yestolife: What Would EL Do?

    by EL March
    Spiritual Master, Dr. EL March, draws on her abundant subject knowledge and experience to guide the reader through a critical reconsideration of the common approaches to everyday life, understanding perception, emotion and communication, and then further into exploration of your body, health, overall daily relationships and the meaning and achieving of happiness. This incredibly profound, yet simple and highly practical teachings of Dr. March will have you learn to trust your inner self again, p... more
  • Controversial Commentary About America

    by Doris Taylor
    The book is an anthology of articles written over a period of years. It deals mostly with race relations and issues.
  • Rethinking Women's Health: A Guide to Wellness

    by Dr. Alison E. Buehler
    Rethinking Women's Health: A Guide To Wellness" provides practical and integrative health solutions while addressing what women can do to shift their culture from one that treats disease to one that cultivates wellness for women at every stage of life. Women are beginning to understand that they must find and share their own solutions to health epidemics in order to achieve wellness, rather than relying on an over-industrialized health care system. This book tells them how.
  • The Other Woman's Affair: Gambling Your Heart and Reclaiming Your Life When Your Partner is Married

    by Paul DePompo
    Falling in love with a married person can be one of life’s most painful experiences. The first of their kind, these authors are clinical pioneers in the “other” side of infidelity. They provide sage advice from their clinical research and expertise to guide you with insights and concrete tools as you learn: 1) How you got yourself into this situation; 2) To make educated decisions about whether you should stay or go; 3) To manage the difficult emotions that come with this relationship; 4) How to... more
  • Healing the Wound from My Daughter’s Suicide

    by Lois Severson
    With thousands of known suicides taking place in the United States each year, it is very possible you have already been touched. In Healing the Wound from My Daughter’s Suicide, author Lois Severson shares the true story of how her family was deeply affected by the tragedy of suicide. She narrates the story of the suicide of her twenty-six-year-old daughter Patty in June of 2005. Severson recalls a personal journey through the grief process from the perspective of the mother, father, and sist... more
  • 49 Tips and Insights for Understanding Addiction

    by Juan Blea
    "49 Tips & Insights for Understanding Addiction is divided into" "forty-nine short chapters that focus on different aspects of addiction, from the first signs of substance abuse to various forms of treatment and the journey to full recovery. Topics include crisis management, stages of addiction, relapse, underlying mental illness, goal-setting, and family treatment. For families, therapists, and friends, addicts and their self- destructive behavior can be exasperating, confusing, and heartbreaki... more
  • The Tail Wags the Dog

    by Dr. Amy Beth Taublieb
    In contrast to the typical self-help books authored by professionals where the clinician attempts to impart his or her wisdom to the reading audience, “The Tail Wags the Dog” is comprised entirely of lessons learned by the author from her patients. Based on the premise that when done properly, therapy is a reciprocal learning experience, this book shares two hundred life lessons imparted to the author by her patients over a period of almost three decades. Derived entirely from the literally thou... more
  • Charismatic Connection

    by Serena Jade

    Chris and Serena spend years crossing paths, completely mesmerized by one another. Is it coincidence or fate?  
    It's not until 1999 -when Chris wins the Kentucky Derby on a horse named Charismatic- that their extraordinary... more

  • LOVING Like a Leader

    by Peter Jeff
    LOVING Like a Leader, 77 More Leadership Mints, is the second book in the Leadership Mints Series designed to help busy leaders and would-be leaders at all levels of the organization refresh and rejuvenate their leadership skills. Consumed like a breath mint –quick and on-the-go—a LEADERSHIP MINT is a short story that energizes leadership behaviors and personalizes leadership principles so they are more easily remembered, more readily acted upon and more fully applied. Like its candy counterpart... more
  • Permission to Go On: The Power of Self-Forgiveness

    by Rachel S. Heslin

    Three of the most destructive words to our ability to thrive are Coulda, Woulda, and Shoulda. How many times have we felt guilt, regret, and shame over our actions? I know that, when I started a deliberate forgiveness practice, it was so much easier to forgive others their transgressions than to forgive myself, for I knew how much I'd screwed up.

    But as long as we carry that guilt, we are not only chaining ourselves to our past, but we are depriving the w... more

  • Deeper Sorrow, Greater Joy: Receiving the Gift of Grief

    by Rachel S. Heslin

    Why do we grieve? How can not setting aside the time to mourn cripple our ability to fully embrace joy? And what can we do to use our grief to deepen our connection with our hearts? The title of this book is inspired by Kahlil Gibran, who said (paraphrased): "The deeper that sorrow carves into my soul, the greater my capacity for joy."

    If you are struggling with loss in your own life, learn how to move through your mourning with authentic grace so you can experie... more

  • Rituals of Release: How to Make Room for Your New Life

    by Rachel S. Heslin

    You know the feeling: overwhelmed and maybe even trapped.

    You want to change your life, but nothing seems to work.

    Maybe it's time to let go of what's been holding you down.

    Like a teacup already full to overflowing, we cannot pursue new dreams or goals when we're drowning in old patterns and projects. In this book, you'll learn the required elements to create a ritual, four different types of release, as well as techniques to lovingly honor... more

  • Tommy Wrought: A Musical Reflection of Children with Special Needs

    by Peter Felton
    Utilizing plot, character, and musical elements of The Who’s landmark Rock Opera Tommy, author-educator-lifelong Rocker Peter Felton addresses sensitive issues pertaining to the upbringing and social outlook of children of the 21st Century. Drawing upon biographical details of the original members of The Who, while reflecting upon notable experiences in his own personal and work lives, Felton makes a firm case as to the roots of hindrances to children’s learning and lifestyles in today’s modern ... more