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Health, Diet & Parenting

  • Just Diagnosed: Breast Cancer What to Expect What to Know What to Do Next

    by Arlene M. Karole
    Just Diagnosed, written by Arlene Karole is based on personal experience. Her book is dedicated to helping others become self-aware and empowered by taking charge of a breast cancer diagnosis. Just Diagnosed started with scores of sticky notes as Arlene Karole began navigating the early stages of her diagnosis. Voluminous research and numerous consultations with doctors and discussions with friends followed, ultimately leading to this book, designed to teach, inspire, and empower. No matte... more
  • Jared's Path Too

    by Barbara M. Schuck
    My husband and I have journeyed down Jared’s path, too, and saw more miracles happening to us and Jared. This path follows Jared from eighteen years old to twenty-one years old—a milestone made beyond doctors’ expectations and a life lived against all odds. Jared and I taught a lot of people along his path. People are not all the same and situations are not all the same. Everyone is an individual and have their own unique path. Medical treatments need to be made for the best quality of life for ... more
  • Jared's Path

    by Barbara M. Schuck
    You begin the parent role as soon as you find out you are pregnant. The care you have for yourself also is caring for the child within. I believe a womans intuition is very powerful. If you have a strong feeling about something, you should listen no matter what others think. You know yourself better than anyone else. Follow your inner feelings.
  • Buy Cheap #1 Generic Drugs: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Stendra

    by Alasmine
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  • Super Sick (Second Edition)

    by Allison Alexander
    Part memoir, part research, part pop culture analysis, Super Sick demonstrates what it's like to be disabled in a world full of healthy people, addressing challenges with raw sincerity and tongue-in-cheek humour.
  • Autistic or Toxic? How I Unlocked the Mystery of My Son's Autism

    by Scarlett South
    Autistic or Toxic? is a true story about a mom and her quirky, but hilarious, son, as they traveled down that mysterious road towards autism recovery, and the devastating lows and triumphant highs they met along the way.
  • Rising

    by Jackie Ng
    If I could rise from something as scary as brain tumor. I think everybody has the ability to rise from whatever circumstances, however difficult it might seem. Particularly during this Pandemic. Human being possesses survival instinct.
  • Green Tea: The Natural Secret to a Healthier Life

    by Nadine Taylor
    Easy, enjoyable guide to green tea’s wealth of health benefits, plus its history, tea ceremonies, how to make perfect tea, and some yummy tea recipes!
  • 3mmc online

    by 3mmc online
    Buy 3mmc online . 3-Methylmethcathinone (also known as 3-MMC or metaphedrone) is a novel stimulant-entactogen substance of the cathinone class that produces a mixture of classical stimulant and entactogenic effects when administered. It is a member of a group known as the substituted cathinones, all of which are derivatives of cathinone, the principal active component in the khat plant (Cathulla edullis) of eastern Africa.
  • Bipolar Basics

    by Tracey I Marks
    Bipolar disorder is complex and can be easily mistaken for other mental health illnesses. The aim of this book is to help you understand the basics of how bipolar disorder affects you and shed light on the subtle details that distinguish bipolar disorder from other illnesses. It will also equip you with the latest science-based information on medication and non-medication treatment approaches. This book also covers aspects of living with the illness that aren't often discussed openly.If you suff... more
  • How Squats Can Change Your Life

    by Keep Fit Kingdom
    Health, Strength, Energy, Confidence & Happiness Are Your Birthright. This book will help you see things in a new, and exciting way with combined information and insights that you probably haven't considered before. It is written with the aim of helping you, whether male or female, of any age and experience level, to supercharge your energy, health, strength and happiness through squats in just 10 minutes a day! This book will teach you: *Key mindsets to unlock your tremendous storeho... more
  • 978-1-7358021-7-6

    by Carole Weaver
    Pies to Die For is a how-to against the bad stuff of living with metastatic cancer or other lethal diagnoses-the monsters that attack your frame of mind, so you can't enjoy the time you have left. It's also a romp through art appraising; specifically, through the author's husband and his clients who have lost art through death, debt, divorce, and disaster. These stories offer hints about how to cope with something beautiful being gone, or they entertain you with the strangeness of human nature-e... more
  • Popular Delta-8 And White-Trace CBD Products

    by Frank Bloodworth
    Delta-8 CBD is one of the top selling products from Delta Company, who has been making medical products in herbal and natural forms for over 100 years. Delta-8 is used for treating a variety of medical and health conditions, and Delta-8 THC products are no exception. Delta-8 is a pharmaceutical grade, non-toxic formula which contains a proprietary blend of Delta-8 THC and other plant based ingredients which work together to produce a unique medical product. Delta-8 CBD is derived from hemp, a pl... more
  • Heart Disease & Hypertension: Vitamin Therapy for a Healthy Heart

    by Bryant Lusk
    Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a leading cause of death for men, women, and people of most racial and ethnic groups in the United States. Worldwide, by 2030, almost 23.6 million people will die from CVDs, mainly from heart disease and stroke. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), these are projected to remain the single leading causes of death. Heart Disease & Hypertension: Vitamin Therapy for a Healthy Heart provides guidance on achieving better heart health through the right ba... more
  • How can hostels and hotels ensure a safe reopening of premises after lockdown to avoid Legionella outbreaks

    by Marie-Lara Wietch
    hotel water

    Places that have been restricted or totally closed during lockdown – like hostels, hotels, offices or leisure facilities – face an higher risk for Legionella growth in their water systems. Legionella bacteria causes Legionnaires’ disease, a serious pneumonia with a death rate of ten to twenty per cent. While our attention has mainl... more

  • Miracles Master the Art

    by Nancy Lynne Harris, M.A.

    "What is going on in your own mind is projecting what you are experiencing in your body and in the world, whether or not you are aware of it." Through spiritually driven text, the power of our thoughts and their impact on our body is analyzed in this enlightening guide that provides a step-by-step solution to transforming your mental and physical health. The author proficiently details the thought process required to manifest desired outcomes when projecting positivity. By acknowled... more