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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • My Favorite Place

    by Nilanka Maldeniya
    Who doesn't love a day at the beach?! With its soothing rhythm and detailed illustrations set in a familiar and much-loved natural environment, this book will make readers of all ages feel like they're splashing in the waves! A summer must-read for the whole family before or after a beach vacation!
  • The First Escape

    by Helaine Fiedler
    Grandpa is home alone, with the chickens when a thunderstorm strikes. Oh, NO! It looks like Grandpa is going to need help to get the chickens to the safety of their coop. Will HELP arrive in time?
  • The Day That A Ran Away

    by BCR Fegan
    Master Jet has forgotten to complete his homework... or has he? Jet's teacher is surprised to find that instead of the alphabet, his page is completely blank. Jet tries to explain that it really isn't his fault. After all, how can he help it, if none of his letters want to stay on the page!
  • Sofie at Bat

    by Suzan Johnson
    Learn how an eight year old girl finds her inner strength. Sofie at Bat will capture the attention of young readers. Prepare to be motivated to try hard, no matter what the outcome may be. Sofie is not able to hit the softball without a T. With the love and encouragement of her friends and family will Sofie make a hit?
  • Moony Moon Shines at Noon!

    by Kevin Driscoll
    Moony Moon was a moon who dreamed of shining at noon because he only shined at night when everyone was gone. So, one day, he does! He shines at noon but by doing so he learns an important lesson and what it means to be truly happy.
  • Snow Day!: A Story Told in 24 Poem Forms

    by CA Nobens
    Full of winter fun, Snow Day! is a picture book to delight young children and the adults reading it, as well as being a story carried along from poem to poem like a chapter book that will engage and entertain primary and middle school readers. Plus, it’s a wonderful poetry forms learning tool! An index and guide to each poem form’s meter, rhyme, and theme follows the story. Some forms are simple enough that kids will be able to try writing them, right away. More complex forms introduce th... more
  • Poems from Lost Socks: The Good, The Sad and The Stinky

    by Candy Kirby
    Ever wonder what happened to your socks that have mysteriously gone missing? Well, wonder no more! In this first official book of poetry from lost socks, the missing footwear finally get to share their stories – some good, some sad and, yes, some stinky. Boy’s Missing Baseball Knee-High is languishing behind the washing machine with an undesirable roommate. Dog’s Winter Sock is happy to report he’s found a new job. And Mom’s Fuzzy Sock? She’ll never forgive the family for forgetting her undernea... more
  • Books Need Love, Too!

    by Monica Tierney
    When two brand new books, Sandy and Polpi, are accidentally dropped on their way to delivery, they set off in search of a home. The shoe store is not cozy enough for them, and the dance hall is much too loud. But when they find a school with a carpet covered with children and a shelf full of books, they know they’ve found a chance to share their stories. That is, until the children love Polpi’s story so much that they fight over him and his pages fall out! Books Need Love, Too! shows readers... more
  • Ellie Anders: The Playground Fundraiser

    by Craig Kunce
    Ellie, Lex, and Will are back for a summer adventure and challenge. Their favorite park is run down and rusty. An accident on the last day of school proves to be the last straw. They need a new park. When City Hall says there isn’t enough money to replace the park, the three set out to raise the money themselves. Their fundraising begins with a wet dog wash, a lemonade stand, and yard work for their neighbors. Will their hard work inspire their community to come together and build a new park?
  • Sally the Travelin' Saddle

    by P. G. Shriver
    Meet Sally the Travelin' Saddle! She's decided to leave that old barn in Dime Box, Texas and take a trip. Now what kind of trip does a dry, dusty old saddle take? Find out in this first Texas Festivals series book about a humorous travel adventure through cities in Texas.
  • Sally Travels Parade Style

    by P. G. Shriver
    Sally and Red bust through book two on a new adventure to a festival with a special event designed for Red! They're on their way, but something's wrong! Red's short on decorations. Did your mascot tag along?
  • Anna and the Food Forest

    by Stephanie Hrehirchuk
    The third book in the series, Anna and the Food Forest finds Anna determined to grow a garden. But when a field trip to a sister school reveals that some kids in Anna's city don't have access to fresh fruits and vegetables, Anna turns her determination into action. As with the first books in the series, Anna and the Earth Angel and Anna and the Tree Fort, every print copy sold plants a tree. Thank you for helping Anna to grow a forest!
  • 978-1718709942

    by Gary Foster
    Roger was a rabbit, a really remarkable rabbit, for Roger was a rabbit racer. Roger was rather good at racing, as he could rapidly run round and round the race track. Have a really refreshingly relaxing read, reading about Roger’s big race. "A fantastic story for parents to read as a bedtime story to young kids or a great 'read by themselves' book for older kids"
  • Lions, Leopards, and Storms, Oh My!: A Thunderstorm Safety Book

    by Heather L. Beal
    Lily and Niko Rabbit are at childcare when the weather changes and a thunderstorm strikes. One of the children’s parents is a meteorologist and he talks with the children about thunderstorms. They learn about severe weather events like thunderstorms and what conditions these events can bring, like lightning, hail, and winds. They also learn what to do to stay safe.
  • The Heath Cousins and the Moonstone Cave

    by Eileen Hobbs
    Addie B. and her cousins Jack, Beanie, and Bodie are mourning the loss of their grandmother Winnie. While visiting their grandfather's beach house in Maine, Addie receives a mysterious treasure box once owned by her grandmother. In it is a moonstone ring and a mysterious poem from her grandmother. The poem leads Addie and her cousins to nearby Moonstone Cave where, together, they enter a secret and magical garden and embark on an adventure of a lifetime. Along the way, they meet wonderful friend... more
  • Gabby For President

    by V A Trafton
    Gabby's brilliant idea Campaign For Education helps raise money for much needed school materials. She organizes bake sales, car washes, babysitting services and pet walking. Challenge after challenge Gabby rises to the task making her community proud and restoring hope to the younger generation for a better, brighter future. Her leadership skills will take her all the way to the White House as the first woman President of the United States.