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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Petro and the Flea King

    by Kenneth Lamug
    From an award-winning children's book author and illustrator comes a graphic novel full of whimsy, tradition, and fun for all ages. Petro the lazy boy, goes on an out-of-this-world adventure as he tries to save a small town from the torments of the Flea King and his minions. The characters which are based on traditional Filipino folk stories are imaginatively recreated and given a unique spin by the author. This wordless picture book is perfect for that reluctant reader as each beautifully rend... more
  • Bumbino, The Italian Bumble Bee

    by Art Manno
    Bumbino goes on an exciting trip through the beautiful forest of Abruzzi, Italy to make friends to play with.
  • Quackling: A Very Loud Fairy Tale

    by Aaron Shepard
    Quackling was proud when the King came to him to borrow money. But years passed, and the King never paid him back! So, he takes his sack and starts for the castle. But a very small duck will need very good friends when he gets there! Will Quackling get what he wants, or something even better? Find out in this lively, rhythmic retelling of a favorite European folk tale.
  • 978-1-926432-71-7

    by Shelley Admont
  • Not for me, please!: I choose to act green

    by Maria Godsey
    Luke is a wise, confident, and caring young boy. After seeing first-hand the damage caused to the environment and animals due to trash and waste, he’s changed his ways and now thinks and acts green. He believes he can have a big impact on the world around him and protecting the planet has become his new passion. Using his helpful phrase, “Not for me, please!”, he shares examples of how he chooses differently than others to act green. Luke hopes he can teach you why plastic, not recycling, an... more
  • A Daffodil for Angie

    by Connie Lacy
    Set against a backdrop of the tumultuous 1960s, "A Daffodil for Angie" is a vivid coming-of-age novel about a teenager grappling with the kind of person she wants to be. Should she trust the adults who sent her father to Vietnam? Should she try to do something about attacks on the first black student in her class? Should she let her sexy boyfriend score a touchdown?
  • Captain Plop and the tour de recycle

    by Hayley Morton
    Dust off your pushbikes and don your purple lycra for a water recycling adventure like no other. Join Captain Plop as he races through three stages of water use and treatment- from the home to the treatment plant and back to the house and garden for reuse. This book uses a bicycle race theme to introduce primary students to the concept of treating wastewater for the purpose of reuse.
  • Captain Plop: the desalination adventure

    by Hayley Morton
    Ahoy me hearties! Come aboard for more swashbuckling Captain Plop adventures as he journeys through a desalination plant. From the intake pipe in the ocean to your tap at home, learn how Captain Plop transforms from Salt water to drinking water. This book assists young children to grasp the complex process of desalination by providing simplified explanations in the context of a fun, pirate-themed story.
  • Captain Plop's water-saving mission

    by Hayley Morton

    Join Captain Plop, water-saver extraordinaire, on a flushingly wet adventure through the underworld of Emily and Luke's home! This book teaches young children simple concepts for saving water at home, while entertaining them with a fun and engaging tale set within a household plumbing system.

    Available in print within South Australia. It has been converted to an apple and android 'app' format for global distribution.

  • ThinkBeings: what kind of ThinkBeing would you like to be?

    by Hayley Morton
    ThinkBeings is a fun, colourful, rhyming book which uses unique characters inspired by the thought bubble concept to promote self-esteem in children and highlights the connections between thoughts and feelings (an element of EQ)
  • Bayless

    by Anne Sweazy-Kulju
    Money was scarce in post-Civil War Missouri. HIs girlfriend's father promised to wed his only daughter, Maggie, to the man who could buy her a certain showcase farm. So James Bayless and his best friend Lem, struck out for the goldfields of Colorado. Disaster reigned when a rattlesnake bit Lem a mile out from the small town of Aria, in the Colorado foothills. Bayless shot the head off the snake but the gunshot spooked the horses. James raced by foot to the nearest town for a doctor. Two old men ... more
  • Quando a Terra Treme E Ronca (Portuguese Edition): Um Livro de Segurança de Terremoto

    by Heather Beal

    2018 Bronze Medal Readers' Favorites Children's Social Issues

    Mom's Choice Award

    A classe de pré-escola de Lily e Niko Rabbit está praticando o Great ShakeOut™. Eles sabem que o Great ShakeOut™ ajuda a prepará-los para um terremoto. Também aprendem o básico sobre o que causa um terremoto e como isso faz cair e quebrar as coisas, assim como pode fazer um barulho como uma “barriga ronc... more

  • Cuando La Tierra Retumba y Se Mueve (Spanish Edition): Un Libro de Seguridad de Terremotos

    by Heather Beal

    2018 Bronze Medal Readers' Favorite Children's Social Issues

    Mom's Choice Award

    La clase de cuidado de niños Lily y Niko Conejo está practicando para El Gran ShakeOut.™ Aprenden que El Gran ShakeOut™ ayuda a prepararse para un terremoto. También aprenden los fundamentos de lo que provoca un terremoto y cómo causa las cosas caer y romper. El terremoto puede sonar como un estruendo de barriguita mu... more

  • Viento Elefante (Spanish Edition): Un Libro de Seguridad de Tornados

    by Heather Beal

    2018 Silver Medal Readers' Favorite Children's Social Issues

    Mom’s Choice Award 

    La clase de cuidado de niños Lily y Niko Conejo están en la escuela primariapor una feria de ciencias cuando un aviso de tornado ocurre. Ellos aprenden que un tornado se parece a la trompa de elefante y sueno como un tren. Ellos también aprenden donde deberían irsepara quedarse seguros. Cuando descubren que el tornado da&... more

  • Elefante Ventania (Portuguese Edition): Um Livro de Segurança de Tornado

    by Heather Beal

    2018 Silver Medal Readers' Favorite Children's Social Issues

    Mom's Choice Award

    A classe de pré-escola de Lily e Niko Coelho está na feira de ciências da escola de ensino fundamental quando ocorre um aviso de tornado. Eles aprendem como um tornado se parece com uma tromba de elefante e soa como um trem. Eles também aprendem onde podem estar seguros. Quando descobrem que o tornado danificou a casa de um vizinh... more

  • Home

    by Adam Leitman Bailey

    Home takes children on a journey using their own eyes to visit many different places to live while providing a touching story about the importance of family over all else. It is the story about a young boy from a small apartment in a big city who dreams about other types of homes. The boy goes out on a colorful adventure to visit many different homes – from a large house in the suburbs to an igloo to a farmhouse – and meets families wherever he goes. The boy enjoys visiting each r... more