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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Charlie Sparrow and the Book of Flight

    by D. F. Anderson
    Charlie Sparrow is the only bird in Tree City who can fly, but Mayor Peck insists he's faking it. When Charlie learns of a book proving the truth about flight, he leaves Tree City to find it, facing a sharp-beaked thug and a den of mythical bird-eating creatures with claws and whiskers. With the help of his friends, Charlie discovers deeply held secrets about the mayor that must be exposed for the citizens of Tree City to wake up to their birthright—flight. Charlie Sparrow's adventure continu... more
  • Charlie Sparrow and the Secret of Flight (New Illustrations.)

    by D. F. Anderson
    Charlie Sparrow has no idea he can fly. It's no wonder—in Tree City, none of the birds do. When Charlie seeks out the secret behind his feathers, Doctor Nightingale claims he has a dangerous childhood disease, the cure for which is feather plucking. Charlie will do anything to find out the truth, even disobey the adults who think they know what's best for him. This new edition of the entertaining and inspiring chapter book for kids ages 6-9 has over thirty wonderful illustrations by illustrat... more
  • Cascading Petals

    by Jane C Brady
    Despite the years of bullying in school, Jewel Hart has remained sweet and kind. She has it all—a great life, a great family, and beauty—but she has never been able to obtain the one thing she wants—to belong. When Jewel meets Kaiden Carter, a good-looking, charming new student at York Mills High, things start to look up. On the surface, he is perfect, but Jewel can’t shake the feeling that everything is not as it seems. When the devastation of the rising suicides in her school hits too c... more
  • Sparrow Squadron

    by DL Jung
    World War II. June 1941. Hitler's war machine turns to the Soviet Union. Escaping her hometown ahead of the Nazis, 16-year-old Aelya Makarova seizes a chance to live her dream. Obsessed with flying, she joins a women's fighter squadron to defend her homeland against the invaders. She'll go faster and higher than she's ever gone before. But the harsh reality of Air Force life shatters her expectations and forces her to grow up fast. The squadron is split by petty rivalries, male pilots trea... more
  • Idiot

    by Holly Smith
    Idiot is a powerful coming of age story about a girl who beats the odds and moves between two worlds from a drug addicted mother to a nurturing adoptive family. Idiot forces you think about the choices we're all destined to make and strikes a perfect balance between love and loss. Although Idiot was inspired by a true story, it is entirely a work of fiction. So many women could write stories of their own abuse and struggle trying to blend into young adulthood. This book transitions the reader f... more
  • Little Ant and the Butterfly

    by S.M.R. Saia

    Little Ant thinks that he is the best insect in the world. When he meets the slow caterpillar he is not impressed, and tells her so. But has Little Ant judged her too soon? This story is a reimagining of Aesop's classic fable, "The Ant and the Chrysalis," and teaches that appearances can be deceiving. The Little Ant books are reimaginings of Aesop’s classic fables, teaching timeless lessons like “appearances can be deceiving” and “one good turn deser... more

  • Sammy the Station Wagon

    by Tal Nuriel

    Sammy the Station Wagon is the inspiring and entertaining story of an awkward young station wagon who has never quite fit in at driving school. However, Sammy's got a golden secret under his hood that even he isn't aware of yet. This story speaks to the fact that kids often aren't aware of the special gifts they have, but once those gifts are revealed, their potential is unleashed! Sammy the Station Wagon will especially resonate with children who have ADHD, anxiety or other condi... more

  • The Underwater Bubble (The Magic Bubble Wand Series) (Volume 2)

    by Lori Forrest
    Something is happening to the ocean! It’s up to Erin to find out what it is. This time the Bubble takes Erin underwater to a whole new adventure full of mysteries and mermaids. Will she be able to help them? Will she be able to befriend Kai, the merman she has to work with? Will the new bonds of friendship be enough to save the ocean? Find out in Book 2 of The Magic Bubble Wand Series, The Underwater Bubble.

    by Nati Carrillo
    Synopsis: Julieta faced many challenges as a child, from kindergarten registration through her senior year in high school. Growing up in a large family, Julieta felt invisible and experienced firsthand the “middle child syndrome.” And she dealt with bullies on a daily basis at different phases in her life, which nearly convinced her that it was a normal part of life. If bullying was such a normal behavior, why were so many pre-teens and teenagers committing suicide? she wondered. For a while Jul... more
  • Whisperings

    by Julie Halliwell
    The archangels have watched over humans for millennia with the hope that peace on earth might someday become reality. This vision of peace has remained a dream until a Mexican farm boy, an Afghan school girl, and a goat herder from the Democratic Republic of Congo finally stand up and demand an end to the violence and injustice in their countries. When these three young peace makers are brought together with unexpected help from forces both on earth and in heaven, the response is earth shatterin... more
  • Josie's Bedazzled Shoes

    by Teresa Baker
    Josie finds her voice through the magic of shoes, while maintaining her own uniqueness.
  • Legend of the Christmas Candle

    by DeeAnn Schumacher

    A family of hedgehogs receives unexpected rewards on Christmas. This heartwarming story touches on generosity, sharing and family in the true spirit of Christmas.

  • Meet Quincy Quahog of Chappaquiddick

    by Barbara Hayes
    Story about an adventurous clam that lives in Massachusetts on the island of Chappaquiddick. You'll meet all of Quincy's friends along the way, as he explores life on and off the island. Book is suitable for readers 3-7 years of age.
  • Cranky Bear Wakes Up: An Animal Kingdom Story Sketchbook

    by shawn stjean
    Inspired by works as ancient as Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, and as new as The Wachowski’s The Matrix, this story-sketchbook by the Brothers StJean tracks the misadventures of a bleary eyed and hungry Bear, following his winter hibernation. Initially selfish and indifferent to the troubles of the forest creatures around him, such as Fish, Robin, and Bee, he gradually learns that we are all part of one great, interconnected ecosystem. But, in the process, he has to shed his crankiness, and WAKE ... more
  • Turkey Tales

    by Kevin Lovegreen
    Join Luke and his dad as they experience all the wonders of a big turkey hunt. At last, old enough to join Dad on a wild turkey hunt; Luke is bursting with excitement from the start. When he finally sees his first turkey roaming wild in the woods, he has to overcome his excitement and make sure he can take a good shot. What and adventure, what a day!
  • Lucky Luke's Hunting Adventures: The Swamp

    by Kevin Lovegreen
    Join Luke and his family in Lucky Luke’s Hunting Adventure: The Swamp as he experiences all the wonders of hunting in the great outdoors. In this tale, Luke is finally old enough to join his family on his first whitetail deer hunt, and he has all kinds of advice from his fellow hunters. When Luke’s dad brings him deep into a Northern Minnesota swamp for a magical morning hunt, Luke finds adventure and nature at every turn in the trail. One thing’s for sure—you won’t believe who gets the big buck... more