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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Paw Prints: The True Story of a Three-Pawed Dog

    by Steven Freeman
    Nicky the three-pawed Maltese wants a forever home but can't seem to find one. Follow his adventures as he encounters rescue workers, foster families, and a collection of other dogs. Some of the humans he meets are nice, but will he ever find a loving home of his own?
  • LORAL COUNTY TIMES: Return to Echo Woods

    by Linda Ferris (a.k.a. Lucky Maxwill)
    LORAL COUNTY TIMES: Return to Echo Woods is the introductory tale of people, animals, and adventures in fictional Loral County in Missouri. This rural area is a place where normal activities are not exactly as they appear because of a clever elf named Sam, who has hidden agendas and is only visible to a select population. He is especially perplexing to newcomer Audry Merryweather, a young woman who moves to Echo Woods to take ownership of her family’s historical homestead. Here she unwittingly b... more
  • Alphabet Zoo

    by John McHarg
    An Alphabet of animal letter characters teaching children letters and words and information about many different kinds of animals.
  • The Adventures of Ryguy, Reggie & Eli

    by A. Fife
    Children's book series following a trio of best friends on the hunt for missing words that have escaped Reggie's word caboodle.
  • Lost in My Prom Fairytale

    by Cathy Garcia

    Gia has been dreaming about her prom since she was a little girl, watching characters in her favorite TV shows prepare for their big day. When her older cousins and her sister had their own proms, Gia eagerly observed as they set off with their dates. Each looked so beautiful in her own unique prom dress!

    As Gia’s own prom approaches, she imagines it will be like a dance straight out of a fairy tale. She envisions herself as the belle of the ball, sharing extra-special moments wit... more

  • Off the Tracks: A Beatnik Family Journey

    by Constance Hood
    This coming of age novel is set in the whorl of the early 1960s, when the first cracks in an idealized American life were revealing themselves. Kate’s mother Ellie falls in love with a Beatnik and adopts his rebellious lifestyle. Hilarious, poignant and sad, the novel begins in a conservative small town and continues on a year long odyssey as the foursome travels the rails in Europe for ten months, no tickets. The author's 1961 diary is the source document, along with love letters, memoirs, an... more
  • The Revolting Brains: 7 Read-aloud Bedtime Tales (And Off You Went To The Woods Book 3)

    by Neil McFarlane
    A follow-up to the highly praised A Month of Bedtime Stories, this collection contains a further seven tales in the series. Each story takes about ten minutes to read and places your child at the center of each adventure with heavy doses of wacky humor which can be enjoyed by parent and child alike. Contents: 1. Pathetic Sick Sniffy Pants 3. The Mango Mouse 2. How to Sledgehammer a Lollipop 4. Turvy Topsy Land 5. The ... Way of the Pizza! 6. The Case of the Missing Woods 7. The Revolti... more
  • Chanukah Tales from Oykvetchnik

    by Scott Hilton Davis
    Celebrate the holiday of Chanukah, the Festival of Lights, with eight original short stories by Jewish storyteller Scott Hilton Davis. Enjoy a fun-filled journey to Oykvetchnik, the tiny shtetl town in Eastern Europe where people complain a lot (except during Chanukah when they seem to be a little more charitable). Meet Chaim the Chanukiyah, the nine-branched menorah, who feels out of place in his new home, Myzeleh the Mouse who helps a poor orphan boy find his true calling, Pinchas ben Mo... more
  • My Life as a Myth

    by Huston Piner
    Can a cool reputation really deliver on promises of happiness? Nick's got problems. He's a social outcast who dreams of being popular, he's an easy target for bullies, and he doesn't understand why he's just not attracted to girls. So, after a series of misunderstandings label him a troublemaker on his first day of high school, he's really stoked to have Jesse Gaston and his gang take him in. Jesse starts a PR campaign around campus to give Nick a new image, and the shy loser soon finds hi... more
  • A Really-Truly Princess

    by Amanda Kastner

    When Rosellen receives a book of fairy tales as a birthday gift, she decides to use its stories as a guide for her own life. From enchanted frogs to lost slippers to hundred-year naps, Rosellen wants to be a really-truly Princess just like the ones she reads about in her book.

    Follow Rosellen through five fairy-tale inspired escapades as she discovers that real life problems can't always be solved in story-book style--even if you are a Princess!

    A Really-Truly Pri... more

  • Stranded on Thin Ice

    by Sharon CassanoLochman
    Twelve-year-old Tanner Phillips fishes the Oneida Lake Ice Fishing Derby every year with his dad. Last year, he ruined everything — losing the competition and losing some of his grandfather’s gear. This year, Tanner is determined to not only prove his skills on the ice, but also show his dad, once and for all, that he’s no longer a little kid. But as soon as they get out on the ice, the competition turns disastrous. When one of the competitors goes missing and another gets injured, Tanner’s f... more
  • Pea Soup Disaster

    by Elaine Kaye
    Gregory Green loves his mom’s pea soup, but when he eats it at school, all of his friends make fun of how it looks. He doesn’t think it looks like bugs, and it tastes good! Then at recess, his friends run from him, screaming, “He’s a monster!” Gregory doesn’t know why his friends are being mean until he sees his skin is green. The teasing gets worse until an unlikely friend comes to the rescue—his teddy bear, Sammy. Sammy usually only comes to life for Gregory and his family, but Sammy has an im... more
  • 7 Easy Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

    by Mike Langer
    Extra website traffic is always a good thing. And a lot online marketing strategies do include driving Traffic To Your Website. Yet it can sometimes challenging to create new ideas to boost your site's traffic. That's why I've develop this set of 50 easy strategies to try, to improve your website traffic so you'll never go out of ideas.

    1.Display ads.

    Display advertisings are a straightforward form of advertising that rely ... more
  • Reparos (Portuguese Edition)

    by Brão Barbosa
    A friendship between a little girl and an old man. How they find questions and answers in the middle of a messy workshop.
  • The Adventures of Jumperoo Joey-Forever Friends

    by Sherry Jags
    Jumperoo Joey and Friends adventure continues. Joey is faced with a dilemma and demonstrates the meaning of caring and friendship.
  • Illustrated Poems

    by scott c. mehner
    a collection of lyrical poetry illustrated by 20 artists from all around the world