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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Fortune Kookie

    by Jean Gill
    "Jean Gill brings her magical storytelling skills to teens, to weave compelling and thought-provoking stories that will linger on in their minds well after the last page is read." Kristin Gleeson, author and children's librarian Can dreams take over your life? Jamie's mother is hooked on fortune-tellers, and running the family into debt. To cure her, Jamie decides to investigate the psychic world, and to show that it is a rip-off, with the help of her best friend, Ryan. Their research causes... more
  • Left Out

    by Jean Gill
    Shortlisted for the Cinnamon Press Novella Award. "A compelling story about friendship, its strength, and the unusual ways it develops." Rebecca P. McCray, The Journey of the Marked Being different isn't easy but it can be exciting! How well do you know your friends? Are they left-handed or right-handed? Are they left-brained or right-brained? And what difference does it make? Shocked at discovering how left-handers are persecuted, Jamie ties her hand behind her back for a public protes... more
  • The Candy Conundrum

    by Joseph Vivens
    Candace loves to eat candy, so much so, that her nickname is Candy. She keeps her love of sweets a secret because she doesn’t want her Mom to take them away. Then one day she wakes up with a toothache and that means she’ll have to go to the dentist! Can Candy fix her tooth before it gets worse or will she have to tell Mom and risk losing all of her sweets?
  • Lily the Panda: It's a Bearfect World

    by Molly Kuddles
    Lily the Panda has just moved from Bearjing, the home of Pandas, to Bearshire where there are many bears. Brown bears, polar bears, koala bears, they all live together. It's strange for Lily to see so many types of bears, especially that her new panda friends don't have many nice things to say about them. So, when she is partnered up with Chris the polar bear and Oliver the koala she is not too happy. But she soon finds out it is not the exterior of the bear that she should judge, but what is o... more
  • Returning Santa's Boot

    by Valerie Ondrejko
    Three friends have an unforgettable Christmas Eve when they receive a unique gift! When they discover that Santa has lost his boot there is only one thing to do; wait up to give it back in person. Now, they must keep the boot safe from the dog and find a way to stay awake. The night is filled with giggles, fears and disagreements. Nora, Chloe and Alec work together throughout the night using walkie-talkies to stay connected while chaos and doubts occur on both ends. Can they defeat their fears? ... more
  • The Village of the Trees

    by Naomi Lau
    Roo is a busy and hardworking treehouse builder. After a tragic accident that leaves Roo and her village without homes, Roo sets off on an uncertain journey to find a place where they can live. In this simple picture book narrative, readers come alongside Roo as she finds the determination and initiative to make things right again. The Village of the Trees is a story of restoration and rescue in a way that one might least expect.
  • A Hibernating Bear and a Holiday Hare, ISBN13: 978-0692892047

    by Mary Alice Sutherland

    Bear is ready to hibernate but Hare is ready to celebrate!   Do you know what do mice do when it's raining?  Caesar the dog stepped in the paint.  Young scientists go exploring in the blue hills. And shall the three-year-old wish for on his birthday?  These are just some of the situations you'll read about in A Hibernating Bear and a Holiday Hare.  For preschoolers through first grade.  

  • AnnaPolis Summers

    by Linda Heavner Gerald

    AnnaPolis Summers

    Before your eyes, this girl who considers herself a “boat nothing, Fifth Mate” (which doesn’t exist) relates her story. Obviously, the heroine is an insecure middle-schooler. Anna Polis is named after her father’s favorite town, Annapolis. James Herbert Polis thinks it funny that he calls his only daughter after a place that he loves. Abigail Hawthorne Polis, Anna's mom, is strong willed but loves her husband fiercely. She follows his lead on most issues. These excepti... more

  • Journey into Darkness: A Story in Four Parts, 3rd edition - B&W

    by J. Arthur Moore
    As it begins, Journey follows Duane Kinkade, his parents, his dog, and his best friend, Jamie, from his father's departure to the war in the spring of 1861, through a season of uneasy calm sharing time with his friend on the family farm, into a summer of unexpected violence with the death of his mother, toward a winter of loneliness, culminating in the spring of 1862 when Duane sets out in search of his father by running away to the war. The novel goes on through two and a half years of the war,... more
  • Canoe Trip

    by David Beasley
    Tim persuades his big brother Chuck to go on a canoe trip down the Saugeen River in Ontario. They have to paddle through rapids and overcome the dangers of the river. In the forest and in the towns along the way they have many great adventures. Whether they are chased by moose, trapped by bears, harried by steers, mistakenly jailed, frustrated by big yachts and a madman in a motorboat, overturned in dangerous rapids. or entranced by the stories of a hunter and an Indian chief, the boys cannot be... more
  • The Adventures of Sigi-A Day on Safari

    by Candace Carson
    This is the 7th book in "The Adventures of Sigi" series. A Day on Safari is an introduction to he magnificent animals in Africa. Sigi meets them in his quest to retrieve his favorite hat from the monkey thief and has exciting adventures along the way.
  • Keno Deane and the Trouble with Teensie

    by Phoenix Hocking
    Keno Deane's new neighbor, Teensie Henderson, is in big, big trouble. Keno is sworn to secrecy, but soon discovers that a secret can tear apart your whole world, especially when you're just twelve years old. The year is 1959, a time when a promise made was a promise kept. But will keeping Teensie's secret destroy an entire family?
  • Becoming Grace

    by Phoenix Hocking
    The year is 1960. Unmarried, pregnant girls only have one choice - to be sent to a maternity home to have the baby, and give it up for adoption. Such is the case for thirteen-year-old Minerva Henderson. Forced by the nuns to change her name to Grace, life at St. Margaret's Maternity Home is unbearable. But when Grace runs away, hitching a ride with two young boys, has she jumped from the frying pan into the fire?
  • To Crown a Queen (Empire)

    by Isla Wright
    Spanish princess, Isabella I of Castile, has been taught that a woman is best positioned behind a man. As a member of the royal family, her brothers must determine her future and find her a good match. Isabella is prepared to follow tradition, but when the future of her kingdom is threatened by male ambition and her family torn apart by male pride and lust, the future queen prepares to break tradition and take matters into her own hands.
  • Apollo Dreams

    by Syd Gilmore
    Apollo Dreams was written by Syd Gilmore, a former Hollywood special effect makeup artist and screenwriter. Set in April 1970, with Apollo 13 and The Beatles disbanding as backdrop, Apollo Dreams is the story of a precocious boy named Billy celebrating his 9th birthday. Beset by bullies and a temperamental adolescent brother, Billy finds escape into an outer space fantasy world through the magic portal of the family clothes dryer, becoming starship commander Captain Apollo. When fantasy and real... more
  • Katie Mouse and the Christmas Door

    by Anne L Watson
    Christmas is coming for Katie Mouse and the rest of the Mouse family! On Christmas Eve, Santa Mouse and his mouse elves arrive to leave gifts for Katie and Dylan. But Alvar, the newest elf on the sleigh, wanders off to explore, and winds up meeting the Katie and her little brother, Dylan, face to face. Can Alvar help Katie discover her deepest Christmas wish? And can Katie help Alvar, when Santa Mouse accidentally leaves him behind? For ages 4 to 9.