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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Zephrum Gates & The Strange Magical Treasure

    by Tricia Riel
    Zephrum Gates & The Strange Magical Treasure What do a greedy goblin, a lovesick Dragon, and a not so helpless girl have in common? From the moment the floating treasure chest appears above the water, this rollicking fairy tale brings us back to the wonderful world of Zephrum Gates. Goblins are at work and are doing their best to restore their nefarious leader to ultimate power. Although Strasidous Rowpe has been reduced to a mere wisp of ether, his malevolent influence continues to insp... more
  • Zephrum Gates & The Mysterious Purple Haze

    by Tricia Riel
    Synopsis of Zephrum Gates and The Purple Haze \tZephrum Gates and The Mysterious Purple Haze is a coming of age story of a tom-boyish girl, named Zephrum. Zephrum has some powerful abilities that were bestowed upon her at a very young age. Learning to work with her innate and unusual aptitudes is part of her challenge and part of what also makes her so special. Zephrum has had an unusual upbringing with her Great Aunt Gussie, who is a bit of a loon. In fact, there are a number of unusua... more
  • The Polar Bears' Journey

    by Tuula Pere

    The mother polar bear and her small cub Nanu are forced to take a long swimming trip. They have to leave their home because ice is melting at an alarming rate, and there are fewer and fewer ice floes in the water around them. When the swimmers are on the verge of losing their strength, a friendly tern comes to their aid and guides them forward.

  • Circus Dogs Roscoe and Rolly

    by Tuula Pere

    A warm story about circus, dogs and dementia.

    A seasoned circus dog, is growing old and tricks are getting difficult. Luckily the new puppy, Rolly, is a quick learner.

    When a crisis interrupts the Christmas performance, it’s up to old Roscoe to save the day! His golden heart and incredibly sensitive nose come in handy.

  • The Scary Snakes

    by Tuula Pere

    "The Scary Snakes" is a book about overcoming the fear of snakes.

    Shelly is on a picnic in the woods with her family. She imagines there are horrible snakes everywhere. Luckily, Grandma has ways to help. And when Shelly manages to defeat her fear, it calls for a celebration at the amusement park, where a surprising grand prize awaits.

  • Terrific Teeth

    by Tuula Pere

    "Terrific Teeth" is a book about losing baby teeth.

    Is Emma about to start losing her baby teeth? What if they won’t come out—will horrible crocodile teeth grow inside her mouth, as her brother says? Luckily, Dad has some ideas in mind to help her.

  • The Wild Waves

    by Tuula Pere
    "The Wild Waves" is a story about the fear of high speeds and waves.

    Otto dreads his family’s boat trips. He’s afraid of speeding over the water in the motorboat. But Grandpa is a patient teacher, and in the end, Otto dares to go aboard Grandpa's old boat as assistant captain.
  • Between the Walls

    by Tuula Pere
    Two harbor towns are feuding so furiously that they decide to build high stone walls around between the towns. A pier that they used to share is now empty, sitting on a no-mans-land between the walls. In spite of everything, could the townspeople remove stones from the walls to build a new pier for everyone?
  • The Quest to Unite Us -- Book I of the Marcus Santana Time Travel Chronicles

    by William de Rham

    An ancient force hurls 17-year-old Marcus out of his modern-day Philadelphia home and into Benjamin Franklin’s 18th century cellar on the first day of the Constitutional Convention of 1787.  With no way back, the impetuous grandson of Spanish and Cuban immigrants joins Franklin’s household, aiding the elderly "sage" at the convention and falling in love with beautiful Elise, the Franklin family’s cook who escaped slavery in Haiti and is in continuing danger of... more

  • Could a Dog Be President?

    by Lane Roberts
    Wendy's a young girl trying to get her dog, Katy, elected president. And, why not? Dogs protect us. Guide us. And in time of tragedy, they comfort us. What more could you want from a world leader? But it's crunch time. And with the election already in full swing, the girls need to get creative if they want to win. Build on a platform of soothing rhymes and strong meter structure, the story itself is just downright fun! And in the end, we learn that division is just that...and what unite... more
  • The Burping Pumpkin

    by Steph Alexis
    If you have never heard of a place called Berryville, it is probably due to this incredible name-change story. Zack and Zoe are the two adventurous siblings who made this place so famous. Can you guess what a pumpkin has to do with all of this? If you don’t know or are just curious, then this book would be a wonderful surprise treat for both parents and kids. Join two energetic young siblings on a strawberry picking adventure with a twist, a roll, and a bump. Plus, enjoy some delightful rhymes a... more
  • The Notable Characters

    by Leonard Rountree

    Lenny's storybook, "The Notable Characters" introduces basic music terms and theory while telling his funny story of two groups of kids who have formed bands. The bands are; the Notables who represent five basic note symbols in a metaphorical way, and then there are the Rest siblings, who represent the rest symbols. Notes are symbols in music notation that indicate a sound is to be made for a certain amount of time. Rest symbols indicate silence. Both groups, the Notables and th... more

  • Eco Worrier

    by Ian Slatter
    Marty is desperate for friends, having left his behind when he moved into 10 Downing Street with his mum. Bored and lonely, his life suddenly becomes a lot more exciting when he sneaks out of a secret passage and meets Jumi, a young eco protester. He agrees to help her in her fight to stop a new airport from destroying an ancient woodland. But being an eco warrior isn’t as easy as he thinks.
  • I Miss You Most

    by Cassie Hoyt

    Love knows no distance. I Miss You Most helps children through the heartache of distance by showing them how to hold their loved ones near. Whether exploring the seas as pirates or twirling like ballerinas, imagination can bridge even the greatest distance. Because time with those you love is the most magical thing of all!


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  • Little Sphinx: No Time for the Sillies

    by Rachelle Jones Smith