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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Don the Fly wants a Friend

    by Venita Yvonne Vance
    This beautifully illustrated children’s book about a lonely fly will help teach your children about the importance of friendship and trust. Don the fly wants nothing more than to find a friend. He meets many different animals that are too busy to play with him. They send Don on his way. While running away from animals who want to trick him, Don finally finds a buddy to laugh, talk, and play with. This is a great bedtime story or learning tool for readers ages five to seven. Like a Dr. Seuss bo... more
  • Blowback '07

    by Brian Meehl

    Clashing teenage twins Arky and Iris have one thing in common: an ancient musical instrument left to them by their mother. When Iris plays the strangely curved woodwind, the trouble begins; Arky’s friend, Matt, the school’s star quarterback, disappears.

    Transported to 1907 and the Carlisle Indian School, Matt is forced to play football for Coach Pop Warner as the Carlisle “Redmen” revolutionize Ivy League football. Matt’s struggle to “play his way home” is complicated when he falls in l... more

  • Minecraft with Grandma (an Unofficial Minecraft Book)

    by Cinda Lee
    Seth is seriously excited that he gets to play Minecraft with his grandma. They live far away from each other but now they can play together whenever they want. Join them as they fight mobs, search for hidden treasure and create epic surprises for each other. If you like Minecraft you will love this book.
  • Elliot the Magical Puppy Series, Elliot Finds a Home: Elliot Finds a Home

    by Patti Petrone Miller
    “Elliot Finds a Home,” introduces the pair, with Elliot starting out in a pet store, only to find that no one wishes to buy the puppy who is different and not normal. Eventually, he is given away to an animal shelter, and the implication that he may be put down is unspoken, yet evident. Meanwhile, Joseph is a boy with Autism. A little boy alone in his head. Elliot is a puppy with special abilities of his own. Together they create an inseparable bond of love, trust, and understanding. Joseph and ... more
  • The Journal of Jack Black, a Fugitive Slave (North Carolina, Bahamas, Jamaica, Tortuga, St. Croix 1718)

    Jack Black and her older brother, Samson, grew up on a North Carolina plantation. Since their parents, Minnie and Sam, were sold, the children were raised by Crazy Ole Gert who was Minnie's mother. When Crazy Ole Gert died and the young teens and their FAT BLACK CAT, named MISSUS FLUFFERS, were left alone, they decided to run away from their plantation. After precarious days escaping slave catchers, the two children and MISSUS FLUFFERS were rescued and taken aboard BLACKBEARD THE PIRATE'S sh... more
  • The Owlets at Play

    by Laura Krishnan
    This children's rhyming book introduces the three owl siblings--Owleanna, Owlbert, and Owlbob-- as they venture into the woods for their nightly playtime. Over the course of the story, the three owlets play hide-and-go-seek and return home for dinner and bedtime.
  • Edward The Magnificent

    by Jimmy Wilson
    Edward the Magnificent is a red-headed, freckle-faced inventor of sorts. He likes to cry a lot, build and create magnificent stuff, but he is still a weird, backwards kid. Shy and does not like his photograph taken. When the time comes he rises to the Expectations of his powerful imagination. 143RROW 15SEAT 6 EVENT Washington Nationals at Atlanta Braves Tickets Sunday August 21, 2016 at 1:35p.m. Turner Field Atlanta Braves Regular Season TRANSACTION DETAILS Name:Holly Wilson Payme... more
  • Fred and Fiona: Fuzzy Blue Monsters with Finicky Fur

    by Renu, Natasha, and Serena Mansukhani
    Does cleaning your room sound like fun? Probably not, unless... Fred and Fiona are doing the cleaning! In this introductory book, authors Renu Mansukhani and her daughters, Natasha and Serena, introduce readers to twin, friendly, fuzzy monsters with well...finicky fur! What does that mean? They have more fur than they can handle. Find out what happens when they turn their fur trouble into trouble for Mommy. Written with innocent, throwback humor, and hilariously illustrated by David Kcenic... more
  • Tucker the Tricky Green Tractor

    by Lynn Darby

    A rusted old tractor left out in the field gets a new life. Read along as he meets the new owners of the farm and does tricks with them.  Book comes with a 2 sided magnet of Tucker, before and after, along with a tractor charm* on a satin ribbon attached as a book mark. See Book Review of Tucker the Tricky Green Tractor by Stacie Thies here:

  • A Birthday Story

    by Lana Jean Mitchell
    It's 3 days before the big event and 7 year old African-American, Kyeshia (Ki-e-sha), is planning a special birthday party. With the help of her family, she is holding her 8th birthday party at school, and is inviting all of her classmates in her 3rd grade class, and all readers. Her excitement is contagious.
  • Imagine a Sunset

    by Joel Shulkin
    Sunsets are no fun when it's to foggy to see, but with a little imagination, and a lot of love, anything can happen. Vivid illustrations and gentle rhymes combine to create a soothing read-along that parents and children will want to read again and again.
  • Assignment help

    by Emily Alice
    Get Assignment Help for students.
  • The Pumpkin Painter (Cozy Cottage Stories Book 1)

    by Jennifer Matthai Garner
    While collecting nuts in the magical forest, young animals come across an odd little man they have never seen before. Each thinking the other was strange and different, the little man and the animals begin to argue. Hearing the unkind words, Mama Louisa and Papa Louis come out of their cozy cottage to help them all calm down. Mama Louisa stirs up ingredients of happiness to bake a special treat, while Papa Louis tells a tale of an unusual pumpkin that was very different — but had something ve... more