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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Apple the racing Cow

    by Erik Shein
    This Galloping Guernsey takes on the special challenge of competing against several sanctuary animals—a field of zebras and stallions. She ignores the strangeness of being a "racing cow," as this Valentine's Day story emphasizes using the talents that we possess, and accepting the valentines from appreciating admirers. The valentines of the Sanctuary are the gratitude and love they show Apple for her bravery and tenacity—not for winning.
  • The Forgotten Ornament

    by Erik Shein
    This Christmas tale tells the the story of Willie Bear, a broken ornament who can't participate in a magical event where all of the intact ornaments acquire the ability to speak at midnight on Christmas Eve.
  • Perfectly you

    by Samantha Mosharaf
    Perfectly you story starts off with “why do I look like this?” and allows you to become part of your child’s story book, with beautiful illustrations and rhyming words, this book allows you to reinforce your child's self confidence by telling a magical story about how perfect they are in a creative and exciting way. You will tell your child how you went on an adventure to make them who they are! Along the way you will meet pirates, dragons and many more wonderful characters, all of whom will giv... more
  • Goodnight Grandma Angel

    by Kathleen Alker
    This book was written with great love to celebrate all the grandmas who watch their grandbabies from above. After my mother died, I realized that the most wonderful grandmother in the world would never be known by her grandchildren. I wrote this book so that grandchildren may hear the stories of the magnificent angels that watch over them. My mother was an amazing artist. This book is illustrated with her paintings. The book is suitable for all ages, but may have special meaning for children... more
  • The Adventures of Lovable Lobo - Selfies in the Wild

    by C.L. Murphy
    Lobo and his sidekick raven find a trail camera in their neck of the woods, and it attracts the attention of forest friends. Images captured have never been sillier or more candid. Just as their wild dispositions are exposed, the photo shoot comes to an unexpected end and they're all left wondering why. The reason may be obvious.
  • Stealing Christmas

    by Matthew Sullivan
  • Bravo and Elphie (Elphie's books Book 2)

    by Hagit R Oron

    It's a tale of a child vs. a slide. Elphie's new pet, Bravo, is stuck on top of the red slide. Elphie never climbs the red slide. It's so high, it goes up all the way into the sky. But now he must brace himself and help Bravo.

  • (Not) Home for Christmas

    by Mariana Llanos
    When Andy and Tito learn that they’ll be spending Christmas away from home (…in Peru!) they brace for the worst. “How is Santa Claus going to find me?!” asks Andy. He desperately uses every trick under his sleeve to stay home. However, Mom can see through all of his schemes. Now Andy is determined to let Santa Claus know which way he’s headed…Imagine his disappointment when he finds out it isn’t even winter time in Peru! But when the brothers meet their family in Peru, they find a special surpri... more

    by Jenniffer Harr
    JENNY THE MULE is a hilarious book about a boy his father and a mule. As you might guess this was a fun book to write. It was named after my fathers childhood mule. The situation this man puts on himself is too funny. My girlfriend told me a story about her mule and encouraged me to write this book. So lets trot along on their journey!

    by Jenniffer Harr
    BIRD OUT MY WINDOW is a book written and dedicated to my father who loves to watch birds out his window. It is a book all ages can enjoy. The antics of birds are funny and this book shows a few birds from around the world. Come and see what's just a step away!

    by Jenniffer Harr
    BABY GIRL GOES TO MEXICO is a book my aunt, Mary, asked me to write. She loves her little chihuahua. In this book Baby Girl visits her cousin in Chihuahua, Mexico. While there they throw a party with all the traditional fanfare. Come to South America and many other places in my series called BABY GIRL GOES. Different countries and different dogs in every book Come and explore with all your canine friends!

    by Jenniffer Harr
    MARY THE CANARY is a story written for my aunt Mary I wrote it to show people her love of service. She worked hard all her life taking care of others, and so does this canary. Join us as we fly through another story!

    by Jenniffer Harr
    This is a book I wrote and dedicated to my aunt Sally. She was full of love. So is the mother in this story. Sally takes you on a trip to the eye doctor, after tripping over everything else. Come and read with me!

    by Jenniffer Harr
    MASON'S LOVE SONG is about a baby who's life growing up is pictured in poetry. It is one in a series of ten books written for my grandchildren. Come imagine the future with us!

    by Jenniffer Harr
    MACKENZIE'S BUTTERFLY is about a little girl sitting on her pome and circle the globe with Mackenzie and her butterfly friend!

    by Jenniffer Harr
    BRAYDEN'S MICHIEVIOUS BILLY GOAT is just that. A billy goat that can't keep his nose out of everyone's stuff. It is one in a series of books written for my grandchildren. Come and ride the excitement in this book!