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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Nana's Place: There's an Iguana in My Toilet

    by Jenniffer Harr
    THERE'S AN IGUANA IN MY TOILET is a book inspired by true events at Fort Clayton, Republic of Panama. A girlfriend of mine found an iguana in her outside toilet. She had to call around to find someone to extract the iguana. It is one of many books in a series called NANA'S PLACE. I am Nana and I write books about friends and family favorites. Dogs, cats,birds,dragons, ...well, you get the idea! I love to write and was encouraged by my mother to do so. She passed 4 years ago August and I h... more
  • Sleepy in the Savanna

    by Nicole Serra-Gonzalez
    This is a great bedtime story for your little ones. Mama Giraffe goes to tuck in her calves and learns just how much they all need her, even the older ones. After she finally gets them all settled, Papa Giraffe comes home and wakes everyone up. What will Mama Giraffe do?
  • Scary, Scary Sasha

    by Starr T. Balmer
    Creepy, crawly bugs give Sasha goose bumps. First, she found a bug in her favorite food. Second, she saw a bug crawling all over her favorite toy. Then, she dreamt that thousands of bugs invaded the world. And now Sasha has to pick vegetables from her mother’s garden — a dark, eerie place where she believes all of the creepy, crawly bugs live forever and ever. Her mother tries to convince Sasha that everyone is afraid of something, and that many of the bugs in the garden are there to protect the... more
  • Evolution Revolution: Simple Machines

    by Charlotte Bennardo

    In a quiet wood, a common gray squirrel will declare war on the construction machines that have come to cut down his tree. Named Jack by the boy who befriends him, he learns how to use simple machines, like the wheel. He must convince the other woodland animals to join the fight. But as they take on the humans and machines, people notice Jack and his friends are smarter than ordinary animals. Now they are in more danger because the scientists want to capture them.

  • Sid the Sasquatch

    by Wendy Elliott

    Sid the Sasquatch introduces you to a fun-loving sasquatch as we follow him through his daily adventures. Sid does his best to follow the rules, but things get tricky when he stumbles into a friendship with a kind, human boy. What will become of Sid and his new friend? Will Sid's sasquatch family accept him? Take a journey into the forest with Sid to find out!

  • Legend of the Forest Beast

    by Don M. Winn
    The beloved tutor Alchir has vanished! And a dangerous criminal with a grudge against Alchir has just escaped from prison. Kaye is determined to find the tutor and earn a fine reputation as a knight. The search leads Kaye, Reggie, and Beau to a sinister manor house at the edge of a dark forest where nearby villagers live in terror of a deadly monster. As they investigate the mystery of the forest beast, they uncover a terrible plot that could destroy Knox. When there’s no one to turn to for help... more
  • Missing Emily: Croatian Life Letters

    by Jodie Toohey
    y February of 1991 when Amicus Sinkey is assigned to correspond with Nada, who lives in Rijeka in the Republic of Croatia, Yugoslavia, her life has already begun to unravel. The only bright spot in her life is her favorite cousin, Emily. Ami’s life further unravels when Emily is hit by a car and dies. Ami doesn’t respond to Nada’s letters at first, but when she does, she learns having a friend so far away comforts her. Through her own letters, Nada shares insights into life in a country at war, ... more
  • Melody Madson - May It Please the Court?

    by Jodie Toohey
    Weeks pass before Melody finally gets her big break when senior partner at Lazlo, Marshdon and Brown assigns her first real case. Melody’s relationship with her best friend, Jewel, becomes strained as her friendship with another associate, Maggie, advances and she develops romantic feelings for her boss’ son, Eric. Her feelings for Eric deepen, her relationship with Jewel sours, the key medical record in her case is lost, and Melody feels her life is crumbling. After working the e... more
  • Lehua, Ka'ao a ka Wahine, [Lehua, The Romance of a Hawaiian Girl]

    by Gene J. Parola
    Lehua. Ka’ao a ka Wahine, [Lehua, The Romance of a Hawaiian Girl] A coming-of-age tale at the ‘Changing-of-the-Gods’. \tHawai'i is the most culturally diverse and newest of the fifty United States. Hawaiian history includes centuries of royal rule terminating in the first wobbly American experiment in Pacific colonialism. The nature of that colonialism included forced political and religious upheavals in the Kingdom of Hawai'i with the death of King Kamehameha I in 1819. \tAt the command... more
  • Peter and the Coal Christmas

    by Tyler Brooke
    A Christmas Story Like No Other!!!! Peter, the token troublemaker of a quaint Russian town, prepares for the arrival of Christmas Day like every other child in his town. But unlike every other child in his town, young Peter's behavior only seems to worsen as Christmas Day draws ever closer. Find out why in this memorable Christmas story that you will cherish and share for years to come.
  • indigo

    by Krista Wagner
    When emotionally driven Indigo falls for flirtatious Brian, her senior year quickly spirals out of control. Faced with the afflictions of her cruel peers, Indigo is quickly becoming numb to the world, and if she doesn’t start to care about herself soon, she will be dead.
  • The Starry Triangle, Book # 3

    by Donna Brooks
    The Starry Triangle is the third children's book and the newest chapter in the ongoing saga of Princess Raya the Honeybee and her friends from the Blue Meadow. Did the moon, sun, and stars help Raya's friends locate Queen Melona's mysteriously disappearing castle? And who is responsible for this grand mystery?
  • The Golden Spindle, Book # 2

    by Donna Brooks
    Another fun filled adventure is in store for the honeybee princess Raya and her spirited insect ( and spider ) friends in Donna Brooks' sequel to The Magic Amphora.The mischievous Mr. Ralfe knows a special spider secret to the Blue Meadow that Princess Raya and her friends discovered while on a quest for the magic amphora. An ancient code must be solved in order to save a group of bees and, once again, it is up to Raya, Mr. Ralfe, Mr. Bzyk the wasp and their Blue Meadow friends to break the evil... more
  • The Magic Amphora Book #1

    by Donna Brooks
    The Magic Amphora is the first book of the ongoing saga of Princess Raya the Honeybee and her friends from the Blue Meadow. Raya is a sweet young princess bee who is very kind and gentle with a heart of gold. She looks different from all the other bees because she is pure gold. Raya is put in a unique position, she can control the fate of her colony of bees by unlocking the secret of the magic amphora and giving them a chance for everlasting life. Danger lurks at every turn when the evil wasp,... more
  • Louisiana Cajun Girl

    by Donna Hankins
    The wet lands of Louisiana hold many secrets. In this spiritual, paranormal, romance, a young Cajun girl, Marcie, a tomboy raised by her parents on the edge of the swamps, is about to learn some lessons of life from the other side. Several months after the unexpected death of her dad, Marcie starts having ghostly visitations directing her to the middle of the Spring Bayou area among the snakes and alligators to find direction in her life from none other than a recluse that the people of the town... more
  • Happy Fourteen book # 5

    by Donna Brooks
    Happy Fourteen is a delightful collection of five books with ten adventures. With comforting simplicity and gentle rhythms, Donna Brooks, celebrates the unconditional love between children and little puppies. As the pages turn and the landscapes evolve from forest to the moon, this is an enchanting gift that will warm children's hearts. This five book collection of puppy tales is designed to make learning beautifully landscaped material entertaining for children.