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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Magi's Christmas: Everyone's Journey Goes Through Christmas

    by Noel Thornley

    The clock is ticking as the World’s two greatest empires, Parthia and Rome, stand at the brink of war. Parthia has just sent the Magi, their kingmakers, to Jerusalem to find the King of Kings. At the nexus of all this is Mary’s son, Jesus. Magi’s Christmas explores every person’s journey, through Christmas, to the Son of God. From meager souls to the mighty and powerful. Everyone must make their journey through Christmas… Everyone.

  • Irene in College

    by Lori Goldson

    Book 1 of the "Life and Times" Series offers a self-reflective point of view as Irene Jimenez navigates her way through young adulthood. While the story comes with plenty of sarcasm, raunchiness and humorous undertone, it is the sincere hope that all readers--from the junior high school student to the grandmother of college graduates--will be able to read Irene's story and reflect on the times in their lives where they were scared, lost, and confused. 
    Hopefully Irene's story will bring ... more

  • The Girl Who Lived with Rabbits

    by C C. Vaughan
    This is one of 6 You-Draw-It Books. Recommended by educators. The reader draws the pictures for the story. Book 1 of 2 You-Draw-It Books about Laura Lapin and her friend Rutherford Rabbit. Laura likes rabbits so much that she wants to live with them. She gets her chance one day while walking in the forest with her parents. Will she like living with rabbits. Is it more fun than living at home?
  • The Horse Knows the Way

    by C. C. Vaughan
    One of 6 You-Draw-It stories for readers to illustrate. Crasher the horse wants to help pull Santa's sleigh, but only reindeer are allowed. He tries to disguise himself as a reindeer, but he is still recognized as Crasher the horse. An opportunity seems to arise to pull Santa's sleigh, but only if the missing reindeer can't be found. Crasher knows where they are and that they are in danger. He must make a difficult decision. Recommended by educators, including for reluctant readers.
  • B Is For Bicycles

    by Scott and Jannine Fitzgerald
    Finally, a children’s book focused on the benefits of the cycling lifestyle: health, freedom, independence, self-reliance, self-confidence, and environmental stewardship. Everyone will fall in love with these two dogs, and their animal friends, as they fall in love with cycling, explore the alphabet, and learn what makes the bicycle so amazing. Illustrated children's hardcover.
  • Fast Forward

    by Kate Reigstad
    What if you skipped 26 years of your life? When the small plane she’s in crashes into the Mediterranean Sea, high school senior Natalie Raider disappears. Her friends and family assume she’s gone. Then she reappears, almost 30 years later...and she’s still somehow 17 years old. But the world has gone on without her, leaving her completely out of place and isolated. Gone is big hair that entraps low-flying bird species; gone are stirrup pants and The Smurfs; gone are Michael Jackson and int... more
  • Slater (Hengist - People of the Horse Book 4)

    by Jacky Gray
    Slater is the son of Mason, but he will never be a chip off the old block. Although his father is responsible for Aveburgh henge, Slater is more interested in learning about the ceremonies held amongst the stones. Torn from a solstice celebration into a real-life nightmare, Slater's talent for reading ley lines upsets dark forces. Ancient magic pulls him back in time to reveal his connection to primeval secrets. There, he is teased by formidable priestesses who teach him the power of earth... more
  • Reagan (Hengist - People of the Horse Book 3)

    by Jacky Gray
    Decode the mysteries of white horses, crop circles and ley-lines to save his people? No pressure, then. Reagan knows he’s nothing special; his mother reminds him often enough. Being shy and scruffy makes him inadequate in her eyes; winning the Garlanding and scoring 100% on his graduation tests are of little consequence. But his mathematical skills and ability to sense ley-lines are essential to the council for determining the cause of dangerous accidents in the village. Aided by his spirit ... more
  • Rory (Hengist - People of the Horse Book 2)

    by Jacky Gray
    Archer’s reward for being the most worthy student in his graduating class is to lose his home and all his friends. Sent from his tranquil, medieval life to aggressive, modern-day England, Archer’s mission is to report back about cars, computers and even chocolate. The other foster boys try to break his spirit by threatening him with his own bow – they have no idea they are dealing with a trained warrior. He teaches them honour, integrity and archery; they teach him how to get in trouble with... more
  • Archer (Hengist - People of the Horse Book 1)

    by Jacky Gray
    Mmm. Shoot an apple off his friend’s head or lose his food, horse and clothes? Some decisions require little thought. Archer is the sort of boy things happen to. Orphaned as a baby, his gifts make him different to other kids. He doesn't understand why he's so much stronger and faster than other boys; why a sword feels so right in his hand; or how every arrow he looses at a target will hit the centre, even if his eyes are closed. At the Beltane ritual, he must fight his friends to see who i... more
  • 978-1482697155

    by Ronald Edwin Lane
    A couple of silly tales to make kids laugh a little.
  • 978-1424162529

    by Ronald Edwin Lane
    A young robin is separated from her mother and and in her struggle to survive she becomes more beautiful inside
  • Rupert the Very Naughty Elephant

    by Laura Brigger
    Rupert is a very naughty elephant. He doesn't want to get out of bed, do his chores, or eat his breakfast. He's even naughty at school! One day a new girl comes to school and she is very naughty. But is she naughtier than Rupert? When Rupert sees her behavior, he doesn't like it. And when he realizes how naughty he has been acting, he decides to choose better behavior.
  • The Wild Hunted

    by Rebecca Flynn
    Someone has started unleashing mythological creatures to wreak havoc and spirit away children amidst unnatural weather patterns. Experts claim the events are unrelated but supernatural bounty hunter Haydeez Blackhawk knows better.**Following the trail left by an enraged Loup garou, Haydeez travels to the British Isles in search of the keys to release the one being that can stop him: the Celtic god Cernnunous. Her only problem: the Loup garou wants the god too, and hopes to destroy him.
  • Red Orange Tree

    by Otis TM
    For a strawberry named Bernard, there is only one goal in life: to be selected for the king’s annual fruit salad. It is a dream Bernard has kept since birth, but an accident makes this dream almost impossible. With no other choice, Bernard ventures away from the Strawberry Farm and on a journey to the king’s castle. Follow him as he learns that will, hope, and determination can make even the most unimaginable things come true.
  • Cornucopia

    by Bridget Renshaw
    Cornucopia is a collection of touching, comedic children’s poems that have created a meaningful and fun impact on young readers. Cornucopia addresses the weird explanations and thoughts of a growing kid and puts them into comedic short stories about people, animals, things and ideas.