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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Tommy The Tugboat

    by Mike Uriss
    In this exciting tale, we learn how Tommy’s determination and brave heart carry the day, as he perseveres against all odds to do what he knows he must.
  • Tales Written In A Forest

    by J. D. Wellander
    A journey of wonder into the lives of fasinating individuals, and creature that share their interesting lives with the reader. These tales are guranteed to be pure enjoyment for each and every reader.
  • Critterridles

    by Mike Uriss
    These riddles for young listeners are sprinkled with big-kids words that help develop child vocabulary. The illustrations are very much like those my kids used to make. As you read each riddle, pause after line seven (Can you guess what I am?) and give your listeners a chance to respond. See if they know what critter you are describing. Then, turn the page to face your audience. Show them the picture and enjoy the moment!
  • The Toki-Girl and the Sparrow-Boy Book 2: Chasing Dreams

    by Claire Youmans
    In Book 1, Azuki, the girl who can become a Toki, races across Meiji-era Japan to join her bird-kin. Her parents dead, herself hunted because of her beautiful feathers – what else can she do? Shota, her sparrow-boy brother, hurries after her. Their human mother told him as she died that they must return to claim their human status or spend the rest of their lives as outcasts. They are dual-natured, human and bird. They need to be able to be themselves and live as both. Ghosts, ogres, drago... more
  • Jerry Versus the Test

    by Salvatore A. Barcia Jr (Illustrated by Jessica Thaler)
    Jerry Versus the Test is about a child struggling for the first time with the impact of standardized testing plus the stresses and anxieties it instills in children. Jerry enjoys school until the third grade when students are suddenly faced with standardized testing. Everything changes. Jerry fears failure; interesting lessons have given way to relentless test prep; school has become a testing lab. The story takes Jerry through the experience and its difficulties, closing with a positive slant i... more
  • Seven Islands of the Fog

    by Thomas Terraforte
    The fog rolls in and whisks you away into a world of fantastic creatures in an amazing journey. Join a group of winged emissaries as they head off to stop a war and join an underwater submariner in search of magical artifacts. Along the way, you will meet dragon men, cat people, wizards, and sea creatures, as well as travel though the six islands of the fog. The answer to each traveler's longings may be revealed when they discover the key to finding the mysterious seventh island of the fog.
  • I Have Two Homes

    by Ben Pedersen
    This story is based on the personal experiences of the author and written as a way in which children of separated families can better relate to their circumstances and try and find positives in what can be an emotionally disturbing situation during early childhood. It is also produced as a means for parents to be able to relate circumstances in an objective manner to their children without having to go into specifics that are normally beyond the comprehension of young children. I am hopeful that... more
  • Life on the Water: A Commercial Fishermen's Tale on Lake Superior

    by Janet Johnson
    This is the story of commercial fi shing on Lake Superior. As with any occupation that relies on nature, it can be both destructive and rewarding. Commercial fi shermen are a proud, hardworking, committed group of people. Theirs days are long. The work can be dangerous. But some say, that if you are born into a fi shing family, it is in your blood. It is a part of you, of who you are. The lake becomes your master and you a slave to it.
  • Sharky Marky and the Scavenger Hunt, an Alphabetic Adventure

    by Lance Olsen
    Sharky Marky and the Scavenger Hunt(2nd book in the Sharky Marky book series) is an alphabetic children's adventure story about Sharky Marky and his pals having an educational underwater car race. Children will be able to visually learn nouns in alphabetic order. Children will also have a fun time watching Sharky Marky show his competitive spirit and kindness to others. Add in the fun definitions at the end, the story translates well to ages 3-7. For the racers must find the things on their li... more
  • Seefus Goes to Sleep

    by Laurel MacQuarrie

    Seefus Slug doesn't like sleeping in bed. "Slug Sleep Time" is something his poor Mum must dread. Mum tries all the tricks to help him at night but, Seefus puts up quite a laughable fight. Mum has grown tired of losing her slumber. The nights she's lost sleep...we can't even number! This time Mum hatches a plan in her mind. Just wait 'til you see how she solves "Slug Sleep Time!"

  • Momster

    by Laura Jensen-Kimball
    MOMSTER is a hair-raising story about a boy who after ignoring his mother’s repeated requests, realizes what a grave mistake he has made. Mom, who is loving and kind by nature, has had it. Her frustration shows as she morphs from her peaceful self into a MOMSTER. Understanding quite quickly that his actions were the cause of this terrifying transformation, he apologizes. The mother quickly forgives and alters back into her delightful self. The young boy wants to warn anyone who will listen o... more
  • Step Friend

    by Tamieka Nelson
    Young Yanna is a girl who is all about the joy of family and she is completely overjoyed to introduce to the world the special person who has become a big part of her life, family and heart. Read along as Yanna's relationship with her Step Father is beautifully illustrated.
  • Sharky Marky and the Big Race

    by Lance Olsen
    Sharky Marky and The Big Race is a children's adventure story about a group of undersea creatures having a fun-filled educational underwater car race. The story encourages children to “vocalize” counting to cheer Sharky Marky to come back to win the race! Sharky Marky and The Big Race is also a story about “not giving up” when the odds are stacked against you.
  • Seefus Finds a Friend

    by Laurel MacQuarrie

    Seefus Finds a Friend tells a woeful tale of a lonely little slug who discovers the true meaning of friendship. The whole family will enjoy this charming and whimsical tale of a young slug's journey as he learns that the only way to have a good friend, is to be a good friend. Join Seefus and his new friend, Saul Snail, as they tumble and roll on their misadventure together. Learn to count to ten as you wander through the beautifully illustrated pages in search of ten... more

  • Ava the Monster Slayer: A Warrior Who Wears Glasses

    by Lisa Maggiore
    Monsters lurk in dark places, at least that’s what Ava’s big brother has her believe so upon hearing that Piggy, a beloved stuffed animal was forgotten in the basement, Ava, a petite girl with glasses, will use all her moxie to battle her fears and two floors of monsters to save Piggy.
  • Seefus Learns to Obey

    by Laurel MacQuarrie
    Seefus, the golden slug, is a curious and adventurous bug. He knows the rules he should obey. Rules one through three keep danger away. Rule four however, seems to be a mistake. A little cement glide can't be too unsafe. He makes a choice to break rule four. Read his adventure to find out more! The reasons for rules are not always known, but... best not to test them all out on your own!