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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Seefus Finds a Friend

    by Laurel MacQuarrie

    Seefus Finds a Friend tells a woeful tale of a lonely little slug who discovers the true meaning of friendship. The whole family will enjoy this charming and whimsical tale of a young slug's journey as he learns that the only way to have a good friend, is to be a good friend. Join Seefus and his new friend, Saul Snail, as they tumble and roll on their misadventure together. Learn to count to ten as you wander through the beautifully illustrated pages in search of ten... more

  • Ava the Monster Slayer: A Warrior Who Wears Glasses

    by Lisa Maggiore
    Monsters lurk in dark places, at least that’s what Ava’s big brother has her believe so upon hearing that Piggy, a beloved stuffed animal was forgotten in the basement, Ava, a petite girl with glasses, will use all her moxie to battle her fears and two floors of monsters to save Piggy.
  • Seefus Learns to Obey

    by Laurel MacQuarrie
    Seefus, the golden slug, is a curious and adventurous bug. He knows the rules he should obey. Rules one through three keep danger away. Rule four however, seems to be a mistake. A little cement glide can't be too unsafe. He makes a choice to break rule four. Read his adventure to find out more! The reasons for rules are not always known, but... best not to test them all out on your own!
  • Hardscrabble Way

    by Tina J. Gordon
    All Delia Williams wants is to be named scholar athlete when she graduates from eighth grade at the end of the year. Her life is crowded with cheerleading, keeping up her A average, shopping, and parties. To the outside world, she is the girl who appears to have it all. Yet Delia is missing the one thing she longs for; her family’s approval. When her father dies, Delia’s life shatters. Her pampered mother Emily spirals into a debilitating depression as the family plummets into poverty. Before ... more
  • Doley the Guatemalan Street Dog:The Sounds of San Marcos (English and Spanish Edition)

    by Jill Brazier
    Doley invites you to spend a day exploring her colorful world through each of the senses. In her first adventure, she learns the importance of listening. Written in English and Spanish, Doley the Guatemalan Street Dog: The Sounds of San Marcos is a marvelous way for children to enjoy and appreciate both languages!
  • The Great Carp Escape

    by Irish Beth Maddock
    Tadpoles, clams, and minnows–WOW! For siblings Beth and Paul, growing up on a lake and exploring the wonders of aquatic life is fun, until the children encounter a startling, “fishy” find along the shoreline. When the kids discover the moustached, scaly blue carp they found lives in the marsh near their home, they become afraid. Seasons pass and Beth and Paul avoid the swampy reeds at all costs–until a natural occurrence brings about a life-or-death situation for the creepy looking carp, righ... more
  • The Mystery of Rascal Pratt

    by Robbie Scott
    Set on the shores of San Francisco Bay in 1866, this adventure tale tells the story of twelve year old Emma Green who finds her world turned upside down when her father takes an assignment as a lighthouse keeper at Point Bonita, a remote rock on the California coast. At first isolated, Emma manages to make friends with the son of a powerful rancher and with the granddaughter of a Native American Indian. But when a mysterious shipwreck survivor washes into their cove - a feverish boy ridiculously... more
  • Dev and Ollie: Kite Crazy!

    by Shweta Aggarwal
    Dev has just unwrapped his favourite birthday present…a cool new kite. But he doesn’t know how to fly it! Grandpa claims to be an expert and promises to teach Dev tomorrow but Dev is too impatient. Ollie, Dev’s magical bedtime owl, comes to the rescue. Together they set off on an action packed journey to one of the largest kite festivals in the world in Gujarat, India. The pleasure of kite flying doesn’t come easy though. To Dev's surprise, he has to work hard to get his hands on a kite an... more
  • Hopeful Homer

    by Glynis M Belec
    Breakfast is always better in the barn, according to Homer. The flies are juicier. The beetles are bigger. The only problem is, Homer forgets to pay attention and before he knows it he finds himself in a pickle.
  • Hairy Harold and his extraordinary trip to New York

    by Andres Quintero
    Clara the Rabbit realizes she is tired of her small town and looks for an opportunity to escape to thrilling New York City. Her hairy friend Harold, a gorilla, goes along on the adventurous trip that pushes him to face his biggest fear. In the end, Harold will make a great sacrifice, one that will reveal the way back home but will also help them both realize the true meaning of friendship. Hairy Harold and his extraordinary trip to New York is devoted to ordinary characters who discover somethin... more
  • Whitebeam

    by K.M. del Mara
    A little girl growing up with her guardian in a secret glen, high on the shoulder of a mountain in Scotland, imagines her parents are really two of her favorite people. When she is told that her father is actually Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland, she resists him with every particle of her being. She becomes enmeshed in his battles, though, when he forces her to leave her beloved mountain and uses her as a spy against the English army. At the very moment when she begins to understand what moti... more
  • No Such Thing As Free Goldfish

    by Joan Wittler
    A barking kindergartner does not make for a very fun pet. Grace’s youngest brother has taken on the role of family dog while they wait for their parents to agree to a real pet. As luck would have it, Grace’s best friend’s dog just had puppies—but Grace is pretty sure she prefers cats. How will she get her allergic-to-cats mom and her I-had-fish-when-I-was-your-age dad to agree to a furry four-legged member of the family? See how the Ericksons take it one pet at a time as they start their m... more
  • Afternoon

    by Robert Lampros

    Afternoon is a novella for young adults about courage, faith in Jesus Christ, and growing up in a surreal and challenging world.

  • Ace Alligator Loves Apples

    by Leah M. Starks
    Leah M. Starks, introduces her first Pre-K book of the “A to Z Read with Me Phonics” series called “Ace Alligator Loves Apples.” In this early learner reading book, our friend Ace Alligator will drive, swing, and eat his way through the “A” alphabet sounds. It is our hope that children from Birth to age 5+ will love exploring with Ace while learning to pronounce the phonetic sounds of the letter “A.” His name is Ace and he loves Apples. Ace is our friendly Alligator with a hunger for allit... more
  • The Adventures of Mister Bubble - The Colouring Book

    by Luke Mathius Harlow
    The Adventures of Mister Bubble - The Colouring Book Colouring pages based on the illustrations from the storybook "The Adventures of Mister Bubble - Mister Bubble and the Thoughtless Children" “Because you squeezed my bottle and set me free, I will grant you three wishes,” Mister Bubble told the children. “Any three wishes you want. But beware; if the wishes are not kind and good, the wish you make is likely to go wrong!” (Mister Bubble from The Adventures of Mister Bubble - Mister Bubble and t... more
  • A Collection of Short Stories

    by Luke Mathius Harlow
    A collection of short stories, written by Western Primary School students, aged 7 years.