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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Charles's Bridge

    by Sandra Novacek
    It’s 1938, and soldiers with weapons have arrived in Charles’s hometown in Czechoslovakia. When his family decides to flee, Charles begins packing his things. But his parents say there’s no room for his beloved art supplies; they will have to stay behind. In his new home, Charles feels homesick, especially when children at school laugh at his odd accent. Luckily, he finds a place to escape — a fragrant forest near a magical stone bridge. Charles longs to paint the bridge, but with war looming, t... more
  • Hat Trick

    by Tikeh N. Tazeh
    When 12-year-old Gabriel Carson moves to Dearborn, Michigan with his parents and two siblings, he dreams of becoming the star player on their prestigious soccer team. But those dreams are dashed when Gabe finds out that the team already has a star: the coach's son. From day one, the coach's son and his best friend resent Gabe, realizing his talent. However, their anger for each other goes too far when Gabe ends up in the hospital. Gabe will have to realize that there's more to a good team than j... more
  • BT Mail

    by Stephen Jones
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    by Stephen Jones
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  • SEO tool centre

    by Arya Murali

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  • Esther Eagle Can't Soar

    by P. G. Shriver

    An enlightening tale of Esther the Zoo Eagle, who wants nothing more than to soar. With a fenced in habitat, it's harder for a young eagle than you would think. Esther is finally able to soar with some help from her father and the zoo staff. With musical phrasing and bold colorful illustrations, this tale is a wonderful message to every child to believe in her dreams.

  • Friendship Has No Color (Timothy's Lessons In Good Values)

    by Christopher Gordon

    This journey shows the true meaning of, friendship has no color. Max, being the new kid at school, is made fun of because his appearance is different. His friends Emily, Timothy and Billy defend him but unfortunately their efforts fall short in convincing the other kids to play a game of soccer with them. This all changes when ... the Warrior of Good Values appears! Would it be enough support, to convince the other kids that they were wrong? Being uniquely different and embracing each other&#... more

  • Zackery Grim Investigates: The Peculiar World of Billy Peanut

    by CD Field
    Zak and his young cousin Amelie are enjoying a holiday in the mysterious, seaside town of Whitby, high on the windswept cliffs of North Yorkshire, England. A town famous for ghosts and legends. Amelie meets the strange old man, Billy Peanut. Who is he and who are the weird twins, Pearl and Boyd? Do they even exist? Zak is forced to use his magical powers when Amelie suddenly disappears while out riding on the windswept moors. Zak faces the anger of the ocean's terrifying Selkie and must ride ... more
  • My Aunt Zoe

    by peter ross
    A young boy is studying the life cycles of different animals in school. When he encounters the 'anteater' he believes his Aunt Zoe who he has never met before is an 'aunteater" like in his textbook. In the story he mentions various facts about anteaters. When he meets his aunt they do things together and fall asleep together. The boy realizes he is also special even if not in a textbook.
  • Outdoor wood patio furniture

    by tuffhut tuffhut
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  • 9798668297610

    by Neil Nitin
    This children's picture book is an introduction to the game of cricket using beginner level vocabulary and often hilarious illustrations. The book provides an introduction to reading with super short phrases and sentences suited for the rookie readers as well as children who prefer less wordy books. The book features full-page, vivid illustrations that involve young children playing the game of cricket.
  • Romeo & Juliet: That's A Rap: Shakespeare

    by Mockster Zeus

    If Shakespeare is not clear have no fear

    Who could take this old text and make it new?

    Mockster Zeus - that boy can put words to use

    Mapped in rap he'll navigate it all in a snap

    So tap your feet, pick up the beat, and get ready to meet

    Two teens who are about to steal scenes and join dreams

    For Romeo and Juliet must dodge destiny's net

    Which tries to kill what they feel when love gets real

  • Macbeth: That's a Rap: Shakespeare

    by Mockster Zeus

    Reading the words of the Bard can be hard

    He used verse which sounds like a curse

    But Mockster Zeus has cast a different spell

    And rave reviews show he’s done it well

    So tap your feet to the beat and get ready to meet

    A wordplay that’s delicious

    And a rhyme scheme that’s vicious

    In this game of gambles lives are turned to shambles

    For the story of Macbeth shows kings and underlings

    Acting out ends that don’t always ... more

  • 1500

    by Heather Jane Johnson
    1499. Venice. Beatrice de la Pietà, an orphan, becomes a reluctant demon hunter while trying to survive her first apprenticeship as a cook and maid. Along the way, she receives an unexpected humanistic education from some of the Renaissance's once famous, but now forgotten figures.
  • Diary of a Giraffe. Harry and a Potty

    by Yana S.
    Harry the Giraffe will Teach all the Kids to Go Potty in a Funny and Entertaining Manner! Perfectly Illustrated HD Pictures! Smooth & Easy-to-Understand Story line! A Perfect Gift to Parents of Toddlers and all the Kids ages 3-6!
  • Corona Daze: Eva's time at home during Covid-19

    by Jennifer Angel
    When Eva stays home during the Coronavirus pandemic, she learns about the virus, the importance of good hygiene, and how to process difficult emotions.