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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Harry and the Pelican Coloring Book

    by Amy Leaf

    Harry visits his grandpa. Harry's cousins decide to walk to the lighthouse. Harry decides he can make it to the lighthouse, too. Along the way, Harry meets a new friend and has fun! Harry has a great day!

    Enjoy the coloring book companion to HARRY AND THE PELICAN. Color the illustrations, while following the story of HARRY AND THE PELICAN.

  • The Bunny on the Moon

    by Isla Wynter
    Up on the moon lives a small little bunny, His name, so they say, is Maribus Honey. Maribus is lonely and doesn’t want to be all alone on the moon anymore. He builds a ladder and climbs down to Earth, but who is making those weird noises?And why is the bunny girl he meets so familiar? A picture book about new experiences, making friends and letting go of your fears. With a strong message of learning to talk about your worries, this rhyming tale is sure to be a bedtime favourite.

    by Toni Pike
    Brody Cody is almost eight years old and definitely, absolutely, positively does NOT want a mother. His mother died when he was a baby but life with his dad is just perfect. Brody is horrified when his father goes away to a publishing conference and returns with a wife, Pandora Smith, who is a children’s author. His life spirals out of control as he is forced to eat healthy food, do his homework and help with some chores. Even worse, he and his friends suspect that his new stepmother might... more
  • Shore Leave

    by Syd Gilmore

    On the day that school let out for summer vacation, 14-year-old Billy McBride thought life couldn’t get much better. He’d just finished his freshman year of high school, he was dating the girl of his dreams, and right after his big brother’s graduation party, they were leaving for the Jersey Shore to spend the entire summer at the beach. What could possibly go wrong? In the summer of 1975 Gerald Ford was President, Elton John was the biggest rock star in the world, and peopl... more

  • Origami Orchestra

    by Ammie Elliott
    Let your imagination unfold as an orchestra of origami debuts its soulful tune just for you. In this 286-word story, readers are introduced to a whimsical land where the art of origami is anything but stiff. Origami Orchestra is part of a new book series titled The Dreamscape Series. The collection is a celebration of inclusiveness. No matter our gender, race, or cultural differences, everyone dreams. This book, and the others in the series (coming soon), incorporate new words and informatio... more
  • The King's Broad Arrow

    by Kathryn Goodwin Tone

    Despite the revolutionary fervor sweeping across the American colonies in 1775, Sam Nevens, a 13-year-old from New England, is reluctant to fight. Sam is outwardly skeptical of the war and inwardly doubtful of his own courage. He is tested and transformed by a remarkable journey which includes: being trapped on a British prison ship; hiding out in occupied Boston; joining Paul Revere in a search for gunpowder for the Continental Army; helping Thomas Paine print and deliver copies of Ameri... more

  • Polly Goes to the Fair

    by Marcia Miles
    For everyone who loves adventure, Polly is always offering new ones. Polly is busy learning more, and more about her world. In the second book in this series, Polly visited the fair, what will Polly learn. Continue reading to find out.
  • Jam Sessions: Sometimes in Middle School, the best you can do is survive.

    by Jerry Harwood
    Meet Phillip. His mom relocates him to a new school in the middle of the school year. Things do not go well. Phillip lands himself a trip to the dean of student’s office when he tries to forge his mother’s signature. Maybe if he spelled her name correctly it would have gone better. Phillip also finds himself having more and more anxiety. And the song some bullies are singing is certainly not helping: Phillip Willip, Puddin and Pie. Got a bad grade and made him cry. There i... more
  • To the Ends of the Earth

    by Sharon Thayer
    A lyrical “love story” that goes beyond all borders. "To the Ends of the Earth" is a journey of love from the moment it comes into your world, through the challenges it brings, as you travel through wild storms, over steep mountains, across mighty oceans, and through the deepest jungles, ever pushing forward, fueled by love’s unlimited power. Through our lives we all lose our smile once in a while. We get bored, sick, upset, lost, or afraid. When that happens, our burdens are greatly li... more
  • Annalynn the Canadian Spy: Terrible Tissues

    by Shawn P. B. Robinson
    Ten-year-old Annalynn has just been hired as a spy. Two men and two women break into Annalynn's home and steal a box of tissues, literally from under their noses. No one can imagine why someone would do such a thing, but Annalynn has been put on the case. Her country needs her, but does she have what it takes? Laugh your way through the adventure of a lifetime as Annalynn embarks on her new life as a Canadian Spy in this exciting series starter!
  • Polar Bear and the UFO

    by Cynthia C. Huijgens

    Polar bear habitat is under extreme threat due to climate change. Ice floes, once teeming with seals, are shrinking, forcing polar bears into uncharted territory in search of food. 

    Polar Bear and the UFO, a 34 page illustrated rhyming story, begins in the frostiest reaches of the Arctic Circle where a lonely polar bear is hunting late into the night. When a passing UFO offers a super interstellar cosmic buffet, Polar Bear and UFO embark on a far-out foraging journey ... more

  • Peel's Biggest Hug

    by Robin Ellaby

    Meet Peel, a banana peel who'll go anywhere to give the biggest hug ever! 

    In Peel's Biggest Hug, Peel goes on a big-hearted journey to give hugs to all sorts of creatures bigger than him: to the grasslands for bunny hugs, to the treetops for birdy hugs, to the sea for dolphin hugs, and then into the night sky for one truly massive hug! When Peel finally returns home, he learns that the real biggest hug is the one with the most love behind it.

  • Kwanzaa Gets an A

    by Steven Thedford
    African storytelling is a tradition that has existed for centuries on the continent of Africa. Using history as a guide, Kwanzaa Gets An A tells the story about how the name of the holiday came into existence using a griot, an African Storyteller. As a result, the book was written to be an interactive experience where children participate, call and Response. In other words, as the griot tells the story of Kwanzaa Gets an A, the children will respond Ashe (ah-Shay), which is a West African word... more
  • Honeymoon Packages From Hyderabad

    by Hopper West

    Arranging a significant Honeymoon starts with picking an energizing destination that facilitates your marvelous desires for a perfect escape. Regardless, picking a place that both of you will absolutely revere isn't basic. So in case you are so far endeavoring to figure where you should be, you should encounter our Honeymoon Packages From Hyderabad. Go to our official site to see l... more

  • Luke Under Fire: Caught Behind Enemy Lines

    by D. C. Reep
    It’s 1914 when Luke Sawyer finds himself in the first major battle of World War I when his regiment is ordered to “resist to the end.” Luke fights to save his friends, dodge enemy bullets, escape a German prison, and evade heart-pounding danger behind enemy lines.
  • 978-1980797715

    by Tom Krengel
    When the old city zoo closes for the night, Brrr, the new, little snowman springs to life. He slides along a frosty walkway on a snowy evening visiting the zoo's residents - Brrr is looking for something important. Can you help him find it?