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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Big Exoneration

    by Dennis Sanchez
    In a spoof of noir private detective mysteries a middle school boy and his younger sister travel in time between the present and 1939 Los Angeles while investigating a seventy-five year old crime that sent an innocent man to the gas chamber. Their challenge is coercing information from shady characters, uncovering the real murderer, and getting his written confession, then finding someone in present time who can validate it, all before access to the world of 1939 is lost to them. While explori... more
  • Reality, Darkness Into Light: Darkness Into Light

    by Melanie Kilsby
    Meet Zoe, a young girl who has lost her best friend to suicide and finds herself in a tug-a-war between good verses evil. All of a sudden, her life takes an unexpected twist! Kicked out at 13, she ends up getting involved in the wrong crowd and now is pregnant! Being summoned to darkness, yet called into light. God reaches out to her! Between the kind teacher at school and an annoying new Christian kid, it seems God keeps sending people to speak into her life. With no one to run to and no where ... more
  • Paper Plane Panic (Mischief Murphy Adventure Series: Book 1)

    by Bryan Brammer
    Murphy Parks is battling a monster. Its name? Boredom. He’s tried everything to beat it. Throwing marbles doesn’t help. Neither does giving piggy back rides. For Murphy, there’s only one thing that will make the Boredom Monster run away for good: tossing paper airplanes. But when Murphy and his sister Maggie discover that the paper they folded is more than just trash, they have to get help. Together, Murphy, Maggie, and his two best friends go on a mission to find the planes. Will they succeed a... more

    by Getty Ambau
    Desta's story unites with all humanity's in this panoramic, magical, and metamorphic 3rd phase of his journey to fulfill the sacred ancient quest entrusted to him. As he discovers just how much his life is bound up with the ancient world, powerful spirits, and his country's glorious past, he must resist the competing designs of others on King Solomon s twin magic coins. Desta relies on his wits and the power of the coin as he navigates betrayal, tragedy, challenges in school, and the intercessio... more

    by Getty Ambau
    In the second act of this unfolding epic, the shepherd boy Desta is catapulted from his remote and isolated valley into a wider world. He pursues his dream of a modern education and vows to fulfill the destiny of his family by reuniting the twin Coins of Magic and Fortune. To accomplish this parallel quest, Desta must hold firm to his own moral compass, following a path laden with mysterious notes, spectral voices, the Cloud Man's counsel, and the seductive urgings of the ethereal Eleni. Driven ... more
  • Desta and King Solomon's Coin of Magic and Fortune

    by Getty Ambau
    A moving and riveting epic novel--a family saga, spanning three generations and dealing with their dark and mysterious past, set in an Ethiopian, magical mountainous countryside, in a world of monkeys, goats and spirits. Desta, a seven-year-old boy and Abraham, his middle-aged father, are on separate but parallel missions. The boy dreams of climbing one of the mountains that circle his home to touch the sky and run his fingers through the clouds. Abraham yearns to find his own long lost fathe... more
  • The Lion Who Was Afraid To Brush

    by Little & Goose
    Do you know a child who hates brushing their teeth? Do they think the toothbrush is big and scary? That the paste tastes little bit funny? This charming picture book by duo Little & Goose tells the story of Little Lion who, with the help of his Papa, learns to be brave so he can tackle the task of brushing his teeth step-by-step and ultimately discover what all that teeth cleaning was for.
  • The Shadows Fall (The Shadows Breathe Series Book 2)

    by Kathleen Marentes
    Kara Springs is anxious for her life to return to normal. But when she's kidnapped at a horse show by a group of masked strangers, her life takes an unexpected turn. Things go from bad to worse when she finds out who the strangers are and why they took her. While Sean desperately searches for her, Kara must find a way to survive in her new surroundings. Continuing the story from The Shadows Breathe, Kara is again stealing horses--but for a much different reason.
  • The Shadows Breathe (The Shadows Breathe Series Book 1)

    by Kathleen Marentes
    Kara Springs is living her dream of working with horses on a beautiful ranch, alongside her mentor George Davidson. But when he unexpectedly leaves the ranch, a new trainer takes his place that Kara immediately distrusts. When she confirms that he is mistreating his horses, her decision to save one mare's life causes a chain of events that change Kara's life forever.

    by Eve Yohalem
    “‘What do you think, Bird? Should we play Killigan’s Island with Grandpa?’ Maya asked. I beat my wings as hard as I could to demonstrate my wish to flee. I flipped onto my back and stuck my legs in the air to simulate death. I did a Yak Yak Neck and threw up some breakfast to show the extent of my fear. It must have been the fever or the purple medicine or the wads of tissue stuffed up Maya’s nose like walrus tusks (she kept them wedged there to absorb the flow), because Maya watched all m... more
  • GRANDPA HATES THE BIRD: Six Short Stories of Exciting, Hilarious and Possibly Deadly Adventure

    by Eve Yohalem
    “Alas, it is true. Grandpa hates me. He has always hated me, even before I used his ear as a swing toy (his lobes are so long and flappy!). I can’t imagine why. I assume Grandpa hates me simply because I am the bird—and he is not.” Everybody loves Bird. Joseph and Maya, Mother and Father, Humphrey the dog, Slick the snake. Everyone except Grandpa, who will stop at nothing to set Bird free. Forever. • How does the battle begin when Bird and Grandpa are alone together for a whole week? • Se... more
  • Vincent, Theo and the Fox: A mischievous adventure through the paintings of Vincent van Gogh

    by Ted Macaluso
    Vincent, Theo and the Fox is an adventure story for children inspired by the paintings of Vincent van Gogh. As young boys, Vincent and his brother Theo spy a mischievous fox sneaking into a farmer’s cart. Wanting to catch the furry creature, the brothers give chase through colorful fields, over land and sea, into the city and beyond – settings illustrated by over 30 of van Gogh’s greatest works. On this imaginative journey, the boys – and the fox – learn about failure, success, and discovering h... more
  • A Tree for a Meadow

    by J.M. Vantes
    A little girl has looked over the same meadow for everyday of your life and loved the view she sees; but sometimes you realize one day that maybe a meadow needs a tree.
  • Down Under: The Adventures of Prince Robbie

    by J.M. Vantes
    Prince Robbie and his friends live on the Great Barrier Reef off of the coast of Australia. They have always protected their home but their greatest danger yet is coming from humans on land.
  • The Crystal Navigator

    by Nancy Kunhardt Lodge
    The Crystal Navigator is a middle grade fantasy that celebrates the power of imagination. Eleven year old Lucy Nightingale is a high frequency thinker. She can make things with her thoughts. She also loves school. Just about the worst thing that can happen to someone who has zillions of thoughts and who loves school happened to Lucy. When her mind went blank during her oral report, every drop of confidence in her original ideas walked out on her. She wished for something, anything that would bri... more
  • The Schoolboy

    by Tony Rosa
    Fourteen-year-old Sam Parma plays more baseball than golf, so when his mother urges him to play in a junior golf tournament, he protests but reluctantly agrees. Learning that his uncle was a two time winner of The Schoolboy Championship, Sam feels pressure to perform as well as excitement for potential success. Dropped off at the municipal golf course with a hodgepodge set of clubs, limited skills, and the added responsibility to look after his younger brother, Sam ventures to the sign-up table.... more