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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Girl Pretending to Read Rilke

    by Barbara Riddle
    "The Girl Pretending to Read Rilke" is a coming-of-age novel set in a biology lab in the summer of 1963 in Boston. Both the heroine, 19-year-old Bronwen, and America are suffering growing pains and soon all the standards of the past will be shattered as the Pill and the war in Vietnam change people's expectations forever. A shocking telegram forces Bronwen to choose between family and the temptations of her dazzling future in science, dangling just out of reach. The poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke ... more
  • Vagabond Wind

    by K.M. del Mara

    A tale of cat and mouse.

    A good old-fashioned adventure.

    A story for anyone who has wandered, lost and alone,

    or wishes they could.


    This is the tale of a girl called Anya Netherby who, with one rash decision, suddenly finds herself on the run. She has no one to turn to and nowhere to go.

    She wanders aimlessly, beginning to fear she has made a bad mistake, and with no idea how to put it right. Her luck begins to change when she befriends a wounded cro... more

  • Dispensing Truth: Divine Prescriptions to Restore and Maintain Good Health

    by Dr. Ron Girardin
    “Dispensing Truth” is an eye-opening revelation into the cause of all mankind’s illnesses, but far more importantly it informs the reader of the biblical way of returning to sound health.
  • The Adventures of Blink & Fleck

    by Jeffrey Holley & Stacie Holley
    Justin, Taylor, and Samantha meets an imaginary new friend who takes them on a magical adventure around the world. Join the trio of children and their two new friends on a fun educational trip.
  • Sister's Surprise - Slog the Winged Frog - Book 1

    by Javelin Jaaziel
    Slog, is not an ordinary frog. In spite of his normal, loving family, the normal swamp in which he lives, and the normal friends he has, there is one thing that sets him apart: Slog has wings. Cursed with them since birth, Slog is unable to fly and finds himself discouraged over being so different. Seeking advice from his family and friends, Slog travels the swamp and nearby farmlands, hoping to find solace in kind words from Hooty the owl, or Squiggly squirrel. After a long journey and no... more
  • Blood and Silver

    by Vali Benson
    Blood and Silver is about a twelve year old girl in 1880's Tombstone, AZ who runs into all kinds of trouble trying to save her mother's life. What is a twelve year old girl to do when she finds herself in the silver boomtown of Tombstone, Arizona, in 1880, and her only home is a brothel and her only parent is a drug-addicted mother? If she is Carissa Beaumont, she outsmarts the evil madam and figures a way out.
  • 9781703145687

    by JulieJoe B.
    Ethan Templeton awakens the All-Seeing Eye is an unexpected story about a young boy’s task of saving the world. It presents a world of tug-of-war with good and evil.
  • Appreciation Day!

    by Larry Lalonde
    Conner is a boy who can’t see colours. He’s glum; stuck in a grey, lackluster world. His vibrant younger sister, Katie hatches a wild plan to help Conner use the emotion of appreciation to see colours for the first time. Katie’s plan relies on one crucial thing to succeed: a purple and blue dog! Appreciation Day! is an uplifting story for children struggling with sadness or despair. It’s a reminder that just one positive emotion, one happy thought, has the power to renew their relationship wit... more
  • The Beautiful Caterpillar

    by Ricky Patel
    What does it mean to be beautiful? The Beautiful Caterpillar is a thoughtfully written children’s story that examines the reality of “stranger danger” and bullying, through characters that children will love and relate to. Told in the words of a young boy and caterpillar, this story will teach children the significance of listening to their own intuition, the power of saying “no”, and the importance of celebrating their own beauty and confidence. Safety tips are provided for children and adults... more
  • Tweedledee and Tweedledum

    by Anders Roseberg
    Tweedledee and Tweedledum look so much alike that it really is hard to tell them apart. They look the same and dress the same, but are they really? We now get to dive into the private lives of our beloved twins to find out how different they really are!
  • Baby Shark Saves the Day

    by Christian Bergstrom

    From Amazon #1 best-selling mindfulness and psychology author: Baby Shark Saves the Day is a fun book for ages 3-8 that makes mindfulness both easy and fun while showing how we can handle difficult emotions in everyday situations.

    To make mindful breathing kid-friendly we figured out many playful ways together with my 5-year old son. Baby Shark breathing was one of the funniest and most memorable and we wanted to share it with the world in the form of a fun engaging book that shows you ... more

  • The Cowboys of Mill Creek Manor

    by Dave Webb

    Cookie Morgan wants to be a teacher when she grows up. Or a cowboy. After a series of enlightening events during the summer of 1950, she realizes that the heroes in her favorite westerns can't hold a candle to the ones in her tiny coal town in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. Cookie and the other kids in her neighborhood spend an ample amount of their free time pretending to be the stars of their favorite cowboy movies and shows. Up to this point in their lives, they could only see t... more

  • Brody the Lion: Sometimes I ROAR! (Duplex)

    by Dr. Kristin Wegner
    Brody the Lion: Sometimes I ROAR! Is the first book in the Brody the Lion Series. Brody the lion was as proud as could be his birthday was coming he was going to be 3. But for this little cub with autism a birthday party causes big problems. As Brody roars, his Mom & Dad do their best to calm their little cub; but when his friends are late, Brody does not get the right present, and his friends sing too loudly, it is more than this little cub with autism can handle. This delightful book is the f... more
  • Saguaro Cactus - Among Beauty and Glances

    by Wilson Alton
    The plants are the natural beauty that is blessed to us. The presence of plants delights the whole environment and brings the sense of joy. They have classical scent that brings the pleasant taste to us. The Saguaro Cactus is the unique and rare plant to be found. It is mostly often found in Whipple Mountains and Sonora Deserts. These Saguaro Cactus are normally 40 feet tall. These plants have their own charming appearance and dwells the people mind. Saguaro Cactus are mainly kept in homes, offi... more
  • Hold the Ladder Steady

    by Sue Barlow
    The novel explores the issues that confront a catholic girl with the changes brought by popular culture, the emergence of the sexual revolution, and politics during the sixties.
  • The Royal Pains & Angels in the Outhouse: One Big Little League Story That Goes a Bit Foul

    by Gregory Saur
    Faith. Family. Baseball. All will be tested when the new Little League season arrives. A new team, the Angels, needs players. The task of finding these players falls in the most incapable hands. Errors are made, and the Angels become laden with the most unwanted players from tryouts. The Angels must unite if they want to avoid one stinky season.