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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Believe

    by Julie Mathison
    A quirky, heartfelt middle-grade novel about grief and the resilience of the human spirit. Full of humor and wonder, Believe explores the power and limits of the imagination – and how love both breaks and heals our hearts. Eleven-year-old Melanie knows she's special. She's never been bored. She understands the secret language of old houses and makes jewels out of broken glass. Her imagination can do anything -- except make friends. It's 1980, and life as a fifth grader at Buckminster Experime... more
  • Ethan's Healthy Mind Express: A Children's First Mental Health Primer

    by Erik Bean

    Ethan’s Healthy Mind Express was created to take readers on a rhyming journey to promote better mental health and embrace Atypical (neurodiverse) socialization and inclusion needs. It also provides tips to avoid areas of the Internet leading to isolation or danger and contains 19 handcrafted brilliant paper illustrations. Selected for presentation at the 2021 Literacy & Language Summer Institute: National Council of Teachers of English. Available at Le... more

  • Vashikaran specialist pandit ji

    by Pt. Ganga Ram Tantrik ji

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  • Vashikaran specialist pandit ji

    by Pt. Ganga Ram Tantrik ji

  • Do You Think She's a Witch?

    by Judith Ackerman
    It's Halloween, and children's imaginations run wild when they see an old woman all dressed in black, with a mole on her nose and a hump on her back. Do you think she's a witch? Could it possibly be true? She looks just like one, or did she fool you? A wonderful story that keeps the children guessing to the very end!
  • Fox and Bear

    by Rebecca Moody, Lauren Reese
    Bear is Fox's safe someone. When Fox is old enough to go out on adventures, Bear always love to hear about the memories Fox has made! But when something upsetting happens, Fox is afraid to share the hard memory with Bear. Is it safe to share sad and upsetting memories? Or can Fox keep them hidden from Bear? With charming illustrations and sweet prose, Fox and Bear is captivating and simple enough for children to find it engaging while also being informative for adults as well, guiding them th... more

    by Jonathan Gathrid
    Illustrated Alphabet book featuring robots in the shape of letters.
  • the adventures of COViD the robot

    by Jonathan Gathrid
    the adventures of COViD the robot is about a young robot who is home self-distancing with his family. Saddened by his new normal, COViD learns how to make his time away from school and his friends "happy".
  • Salamander Boy

    by Craig Wells
    Phinn as a fourteen year old lives by the beach. His best friends are Frosty Jack, a surfer extraordinaire, Chuck, a retired tile layer, and Sue, a sculptor of unusual designs. They all sell their beach cottages and journey off. Jack to surf all over the world. Chuck to meet the home run legend, Henry Aaron. Sue to sculpt figures for La Maison Du Chocolat in Paris. Phinn feels lost and abandoned with one friend—an obnoxious white Husky with blue eyes he calls Blacky. They witness a cargo plane c... more
  • Getting By

    by Jaire Sims
    Carver Goodman is a 17-year-old African American student who aspires to become a photographer. As if balancing school, homework, extracurricular activities, and the ACT wasn't enough, Carver is frequently targeted by violent bullies and is struggling to understand his sexuality while he develops his first romantic relationship. When his spot as one of the top students in school is jeopardized under the strain of the increasing challenges in his life, Carver knows something has to change. But wha... more
  • Under Old Glory: A Novella of War, Love and Faith

    by Chris McClelland
    Mormon brothers Hyrum and Bill from Provo, Utah, join the US Army in 1918 looking for glory and adventure. Bill is an observer in a fighter plane, while Hyrum serves in the infantry. While wounded, Hyrum makes friends with a British war widow, and later, after being severely wounded, is nursed by his friend's sister, a recent covert to the LDS faith who heals him spiritually as well. The battles rage dangerous and deadly. Will the brothers make it back to Provo? Only time will tell.
  • Runaway Blues

    by Pete Fanning
    Twelve-year old Caleb Wallace has spent his summer at Autumn Springs, coaxing his papa out of his room when he’s grumpy, attempting to gain the affections of a certain nurse, and pulling himself together when his grandpa looks right into him with nothing but a dull stare. Seems the only thing that puts a light in Papa Clem’s eyes is a family heirloom—an old folktale involving Robert Johnson’s harmonica down in Arkansas. Caleb is happy to listen; two things Papa Clem can still do well are tell... more
  • The World of Letters: A Tale of Jealousy

    by C.C. Strachan

    The virtual world of AbbaLand is the home of all English letters and English words. It is watched over by the all-powerful creator, Abba, although many letters don’t believe He exists. They think He is just a fairy tale.

    Because he thinks that no one sees his actions, A comes up with a bad plan that has the potential to throw the entire land into chaos. A is jealous of I. A wants to be the most popular letter, but the invention of words like iPod and iPad have made I one of the mo... more

  • Chased

    by M. Liz Boyle
    Marlee and her sisters are glad to be hiking again with the Miles boys. Their group of five is strong and cohesive as they explore the rugged mountains of Montana. When they first meet Thad, a dehydrated hiker on the trail, they offer first aid to help him recover. Thad seems harmless until he tells them to hike a few extra miles at sunset. When Lydie finds a hand-drawn map that Thad dropped, the group realizes that he is a modern day treasure hunter – and he decides that they're after his trea... more
  • Grey The Dog, A Tail of a Dream

    by SD Hall
    Grey is a dog who is having a wonderful dream. First he finds himself running through the forest close to a stream. There are flowers in bloom and rabbits to chase and play with. But when a giant rabbit begins to chase him back, what will Grey do? Can he make it home safely?
  • Mama's Bees

    by Anat Tour
    Help save the honeybees. Told in a thoughtful and humorous way Mama's Bees brings awareness and understanding to children of the importance of saving the bees. Delightful and educational.