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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Time Before Christmas

    by Ted Thompson
    A Parody of the Night Before Christmas. (Vanity Published) A sharecropper tells his wife that he is going to decorate the farm for Christmas this year himself. He goes at it, has a few goof-ups but finally gets the job done just in time. Even though its southern Mississippi, there are sometimes SNOW. things turn out to be the finest Christmas the family ever has.
  • We Burn Too Bright

    by Elle Pallmore

    An exposed secret. A knife. And an argument that changed everything...

    Seventeen-year-old Wella Scotland doesn't remember much from the night her best friend disappeared, but a full moon glinting off the knife in his hand is the one thing she can't forget. The argument started when she found out Finn planned to move away; her next memory is running from him. Everything in between is a deep, black hole.

    Almost a year later, Finn is nowhere to be f... more

  • Dahlia in Bloom

    by Susan Koehler
    Can a person just decide to give up feeling scared? It’s 1933, and Dahlia Harrell lives in a hand-me-down mountain cabin built by her Grandpap’s Uncle Zeke. At eight-and-three-quarters, Dahlia knows all about being scared. She’s scared of snakes, high-up places, dark nights, and a mean ol’ sister named Celia. What she doesn’t understand is the new president’s nonsense: The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
  • A Friend I Didn't Know 2nd edition

    by Harel R. Lawrence
    Youth Pastor Brian Hanson knows loss. He’s lived with it since his pre-teen daughter’s suicide. Instead of remaining in his grief, he’s devoted his life to educating young people about the hazards of bullying. Johnny is an outcast among his peers. Born into a troubled family, taunted at school, and struggling to find his place in the world, the despondent young man believes there’s no hope for him. His skewed beliefs push him to contemplate the unthinkable, but Pastor Brian isn’t prepared to a... more
  • Rowdy: Wild and Mean, Sharp and Keen

    by Chris Mullen
    Thrust to the mercy of the Mississippi river, thirteen-year-old Rowdy floats safely away as he watches smoke rise from his burning farmhouse. His father, dead. His brother, dead. Both gunned down in front of him by a murderous gang of bandits. Now alone in the world, his perilous journey of survival begins, challenging and shaping him into the young man his father would want him to become. Pulled from the waters, he is given a chance by a lone river Captain and his mate. Working the trade ro... more
  • Adieu Fombonne

    by Emmanuel Bove
    Bove Emmanuel – Adieu Fombonne : « Par certains aspects Adieu Fombonne, m’a rappelé le Sang Noir de Louis Guilloux, belle sobriété d’écriture et cette manière identique de multiplier les personnages. » (Romain28, Babelio.) « Adieu Fombonne, publié en 1937, est le roman d’Emmanuel Bove, avec Un soir chez Blutel, qui fut le moins bien accueilli par la critique de l’époque. … mais c’est toujours du Bove, et c’est beaucoup. Il a en tout cas cette particularité d’être le seul roman heureux de l’œuvre... more
  • Dahlia in Bloom

    by Susan Koehler
    It’s 1933, and Dahlia Harrell lives in a hand-me-down mountain cabin built by her Grandpap’s Uncle Zeke. At eight-and-three-quarters, Dahlia knows all about being scared. She’s scared of snakes, high-up places, dark nights, and a mean ol’ sister named Celia. What she doesn’t understand is the new president’s nonsense: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." Dahlia decides that enough money can buy away any reason she has for feeling afraid, and she sets her hope on the rumor of a treasu... more
  • Silly Rhymes for Boys and Girls

    by B. Craig Jones
    A book of original 'Nonsense Rhymes'
that children will love to hear and read.
Edward Lear and Lewis Carroll popularized this
style in the 19th century, and others have 
continued it up to the present day. 
Silly Rhymes for Boys & Girls is sure to get a giggle out 
of the young ones and those that are young at heart.
  • The Longest, Darkest Night!

    by Peter B Lewis
    On the rarest of all nights – a total eclipse of the moon occurs on Winter Solstice. Mrs. Owl, Madam Opossum, Young Weasel, Mr. Raccoon and Brother Fox are scared. The wise old storyteller, Grampa Cedar, who has seen it all, guides his nocturnal neighbors through a night they’ll never forget. The Longest, Darkest Night! is an illustrated children’s story about the wonders of nature, celestial cycles and the “humanness” of animals. Fear of the dark and the unknown, collaboration, generosity an... more
  • Caroline and the Not-Mamma

    by Barbara Leary

    A toddler alternates between terror and fury when her parents leave her in the care of her Grandmother for the day. To Caroline, “Grandmother” is “Not-Mamma. She screams at the woman’s every attempt to make her happy and imagines the worst about the kindly woman: Terrifying teeth that could eat her! Hair like wild worms! A lunch of red snakes! But as the day goes on, Caroline’s fears fail to materialize and she finds it harder and harder to remain grumpy.... more

  • Elle of Portuana

    by Samuel Narh

    Elle of Portuana is about environmental stewardship. Assist Elle to plant more trees across the world.

    Elle is from a small town by the beach named Portuana. She loves trees, nature, and saving money. This picture book takes a child into Elle's world. The child then sees how Elle ties all her passions together.


  • Chill Out & Stop Making This Weird

    by Kelly Olson
    Will lovable & confused Maddie endure of the puberty unit at school? A bra fitting? Her first period? Maddie always resorted to humor with a dash of sass to get through every awkward moment, but then a question dropped from the sky like an atomic bomb hitting the lunch table. “Maddie, have you had your period yet?” Suddenly being clueless and braless wasn’t so funny. Where is the puberty survival manual filled with step-by-step instructions when you desperately need one?
  • A Tuesday Kind of Love

    by Lyndsi Richards
    A Tuesday Kind of Love is about a beautiful gorilla named Lani which means "heavenly" in Hawaiian, and a handsome monkey named Kanoa which means "the free one". They live in a tropical jungle and fall in love very quickly. They have twins together but end up realizing when the twins are very young they don't want the same life. So they decided splitting up would be the best decision for the family. They continue to show gratitude towards each other knowing it is important for the children to see... more
  • The Storm 1776

    by Tom Schneider
    Christmas night, 1776. General Washington is losing the Revolutionary War. In a desperate attempt to turn the corner, he plans to cross the Delaware River and lead a surprise attack on Hessian forces in Trenton, New Jersey in the midst of a winter storm. Amongst Washington's troops is 14-year-old Nathan Smith, whose mother has just been murdered by a group of Hessian soldiers. While trying to care for his younger sister and track down his father, Nathan's manhood will be tested and transformed d... more
  • A Tough Nut To CRACK

    by Eric VanTuyl
    Mac is a macadamia nut that has some unique ways about him that his friends just can't grasp. within this wonderful story of friendship, they come to an understanding that it's not how different he is, but how special he is inside.
  • JoJo Learns About Credibility

    by Sivonnia DeBarros
    JoJo learns about a legal principle - Credibility - in a very practical way after lying to his counsin, Javi, about taking his cereal. JoJo quickly learns that lying does not create a great reputation or trust. So, JoJo makes the right decision to be truthful when confronted by his Grandmother. Once this decision is made, JoJo feels better about telling the truth and know that he can be trusted in the future.