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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Handy Howie

    by Lizz Howe
    Join Howie, a loveable mechanic as he joyfully helps everyone he meets with the tools on his tail. Howie encounters many colorful characters and exciting vehicles from morning until night and proves there is nothing he can’t fix!
  • Solar Power

    by Manu Krish
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  • The Adventures of Nihu

    by Omoruyi Uwuigiaren
    This novel is a classic legend of a young hero’s magical journey through a fantasy world where he is tested with incredible challenges that can only stem from the soul of the author’s genuine African culture and vivid imagination. Being falsely accused of a crime, Nihu, a tribal African boy, is banished to the Lonely Forest. In order to regain his freedom, he must find a way to defeat the unbeatable and confront challenges that draw analogies to our own realities. Like The Lord of the Rings, thi... more
  • Dinosorcerers

    by Nathan Milner
    Nine-year-old Charlie Appleday, curious to expand his already-expansive knowledge of dinosaurs, sneaks into a museum’s restricted area and encounters Beeon, a member of an ancient group of dinosaur wizards called dinosorcerers. Beeon believes Charlie may have the ability to reunite him, at last, with the dinosaurs who were magically transported to another planet 65 million years ago and saved from extinction.Charlie winds up contacting an ambitious and ruthless dinosorcerer, who, upon learning t... more
  • Sealed with a Twist

    by V. A. Givens
    Her friends were turning against her. Her rival was taking over her life. Her mind had been warped by a gypsy curse...and she still can't get a date. In her quest for true love, Ricki Nichols had been ready to give her all. Now she has to fight to get it back.
  • kerala wedding photography

    by Jonathan Roger
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  • Wedding photography Trivandrum

    by Jonathan Roger

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  • Stars Shine: A Magic Journey

    by Ingo Blum
    A fantastic journey in a magic umbrella to find the obscure ingredients of a fabled gloom cake! Jack is nine and he definitely has a gloomy side! On the surface, he seems to have a lot to be happy about. He has many friends, he is good at football, he has a fast bike and he doesn’t have too much trouble with his school work. His parents are successful professionals... Jack has lots of possessions, but his parents work so very hard and have little time to spare for him. Perhaps this is a clue ... more
  • Big: A Little Story about Respect and Self-Esteem

    by Ingo Blum
    Sometimes It Takes So Little To Be BIG. "A giant of a fable aimed at kids who frequently feel small, overlooked and like they just don't matter."Rating: 5.0 stars from Readers' Favorite PICTURE BOOK + COLORING BOOK Circus Wilson has many famous performers: jugglers, acrobats, lion-tamers, and clowns galore. Fire-eaters and knife-throwers thrill the spectators at every small village when the circus comes to town. Lee is one of the most talented of artists. He is a juggler extraordinaire ... more
  • MASHED MYTHS: Greek Heroes

    by Andrew Traucki, Mick Wannenmacher

    How did Jason defeat the dreaded farting harpies? Was Hercules's hair really that great? How many sheep were in Odysseus's crew? Fractured fairy tales meets Homer in this hysterical collection of rollicking classic tales, stuffed full of jokes, cartoons and adventure.

  • Where Is My Little Crocodile?: A Funny Seek-And-Find Book

    by Ingo Blum
    Where Is Charlie The Crocodile? "(...) This delightful book would be great for all ages and that even adults would enjoy it as well." Readers Favorite This animal seek-and-find book is aimed at very young children. The search for a little crocodile named Charlie in different places is a delightful read-aloud. Can Charlie drive a car? Is he allowed to eat in restaurants? Is he dangerous? He must be lonely! Where did he disappear? A Quick Good Night And Funny Bedtime Story. The vivi... more
  • Nelly Pig's Funny Birthday Surprise

    by Ingo Blum
    Let's bake the biggest birthday cake on earth . . . Join Nelly the pig! Nelly the pig and Carlos the duck are living on an old farm. They are best friends. The day before Carlos’s birthday, Nelly’s lazy ways and Carlos’s bossiness cause a big argument and Carlos takes off on his holidays. Afraid that Carlos will make new friends and leave her forever, Nelly decides to make him the biggest, best birthday cake ever! But things don’t quite go according to Nelly’s plans. Will Carlos even come h... more
  • A Circle of Sharks: The Secret List

    by Kelly Tully
    A secret list of fears has come to life for ten-year-old Ren Singerson, so a family reunion in California is no ordinary vacation.The magic powering Ren's fears is becoming bolder and more bizarre, and the last place he wants to step foot in is the Pacific Ocean. But things are happening beyond his control, and Ren, along with his twin sister Evie, will face one of his biggest fears in a way they never imagined. The future is not so far away, and Ren will have to find the courage to save himself... more
  • When I Was a Child: I Was Always Afraid

    by Michael Cascio
    Are you afraid when you go to bed? This book will put good thoughts in your head.
  • That Summer We Stole Our Permanent Records

    by Kersti Niebruegge


    It’s nearly summer vacation in 1993, but the end of fifth grade is a total disaster. Franklin D. Roosevelt Elementary is closing, which means Becky Dulles and her best friends, the Sherlock Pines Gang, will be split up and sent to different schools. Talk about unfair!

    Determined to mess with the dumb plan, Becky leads her pals on a mission to steal their permanent records. (At least then they’ll have cl... more

  • Girl On The Brink

    by Christina Hoag
    The summer before her senior year, 17-year-old Chloe begins an internship as a reporter for a local newspaper. While on assignment, she meets Kieran, a quirky aspiring actor. Smitten with Kieran’s charisma and his ability to soothe her soul, torn over her parents’ impending divorce, they begin dating. But as their bond deepens, Kieran becomes smothering and flies into terrifying rages. He confides in Chloe that he suffered a traumatic childhood, and Chloe is moved to help him. If only he cou... more