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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Door to the Moon

    by Malisa Santigul
    Taye wakes up to the sound of BOOM and a flash of light! What on earth could it be? Curious as ever, he decides that he must, must, must go and see for himself. Sure enough, he discovers what turns out to be a door. But it’s not just any door. It’s the door to the moon. Yes, the moon! Could there be aliens, astronauts, spaceships and stars awaiting him on the other side? Oh, the adventures you go on when you follow your curiosity!
  • Assignment Gurus

    by Charlotte Smith
  • Troublemakers

    by Gregg Maxwell Parker

    "We hate school, but trust me, it doesn’t like us either"
    - Carlos in "Troublemakers" 

    There's the athletes, the straight-A students, the computer club... and then there's these kids. Meet Carlos, Tina, and Byron, three sixth graders who have two objectives in life: to avoid homework at all costs and to make lots of money so they can buy a sweet car and learn to drive it. Their knack for get-rich-quick schemes and clever ... more

  • Noodle loses Dad

    by Sarah Corbett Lynch
    “Noodle Loses Dad” is just launched and was presented on the Late Late Toy Show in Ireland going out to 1.7million people recently. Through her character “Noodle” Young Author Sarah (13) transforms her own life story into something that can be understood by other children coping with loss, grief, blended families or being re-homed through her characters The Bear and Fox Family. Sarah lost her mother at 12 weeks old to an asthma attack. She moved to North Carolina with her brother Jack an... more
  • Gouster Girl

    by David E. Gumpert
    Maybe because they are young and innocent, cute black Valerie Davis and nerdy white Jeffrey Stark are late to realize that falling in love on Chicago’s South Side in 1963 is a highly risky business for an interracial couple. Racial tensions are intense and white flight is in full force. At first, they help each other out of tough racial fixes—he saves her from attack at an all-white amusement park and she saves him from injury in a racial brawl at school. But as their romance becomes more seriou... more
  • The Llano Kid: Dead Man's Gold

    by Paul Brown
    Dead Man's Gold: Drifting west to see the coast, the Llano Kid is suddenly burdened with a dying man's cache of gold along with a last wish to free his daughter from bondage! On a frontier of cunning thieves, hard-bit bandits, sly warriors, and shifty gamblers, come ride with our Irish-Cherokee hero on an adventure you ain't never had! Set in Prescott, AZ 1876 Written for young adults and anyone who enjoys a good western tale.
  • The Llano Kid

    by Paul Brown

    Ride with the Llano Kid into Texas in the 1870s as he faces hostile whites and Indian warriors, the scorching hills, and highway robbery, while learning the cattle business on a ranch that has its own share of trouble. The Kid, an Irish/Cherokee drifter, inspires in all of us self-reliance, resourcefulness, and courage. The series is written for young adults and anyone who enjoys a good western! Here is the 1st of four Llano Kid titles.

  • Matchbox Dreams

    by Douglas Schwartz
    Matchbox Dreams is a children's book with a collection of short stories developed to be read by an adult or older sibling to a child between the ages of 3 and 12 years old before a nap or bedtime. Many of the stories will simultaneously be informative and entertaining for both children and readers. Woven into the stories are examples of good behavior, positive character traits and other messages that will reinforce children to be honest and respectful of others.
  • Merlin Meets the Man in the Moon

    by Frank Yeager
    Merlin loved the moon and stars! But when Daddy let him look through a telescope, what he saw led him on an awesome adventure!
  • Introduction

    by Charlotte Wiggins
  • Everybody Just Be Quiet

    by Jennie Wiley
    No matter how hard she tries, Miss Liza Mabel can't fall asleep. There is too much noise, and she needs everybody to just be quiet. Can Liza get everyone to stop whining and crying ad bleating and tweeting? Will she ever get some peace and quiet on the farm?
  • The Richest Kid in Babylon: The Secret Letter

    by Chris Drennen
    On a field trip to the Museum of Natural History, Sophie and Max encounter a strange artifact from the past that sends them on a wild, time-traveling adventure to the Long-Lost City of Babylon! Join them on this expedition in meeting the Richest Kid in Babylon, Targus, and learn the secrets of his success! What's in the Secret Letter from Targus and how will they ever get back home? Age Level 7 and Up, The Richest Kid in Babylon is an entertaining adventure book in entrepreneurship, his... more
  • The Monster Dog: A Small Dog with a Big Heart Learns About Alzheimer's Disease


    The second in a series of books for children, The Monster Dog is narrated by 'Tasse' the Shih Tzu. Tasse's story teaches children about Alzheimer's Disease and the changes it can cause in their loved ones. Suitable for young readers, ages 3 to 7 years.

  • The Land of Far Far Fart* Away

    by A.L. Milstein

    Poor Prince Lucas has a big and smelly problem. He farts when he talks. We have all had that very uncomfortable situation where we fart at a very inconvenient time. Just imagine it happening every time you talk. Will the unhappy Prince ever find happiness and true love? Read on to find out and be sure to have fun using your own sound effects.

  • What People Do: The Jobs to Be Done (The Adventures of Taylor and Ryan)

    by Alex Lee
    Join siblings, Taylor and Ryan, as they play a magical game that leads them on an adventure exploring what people do, and the tools to help complete the job that needs to be done.
  • Trevor's Trucks

    by Indigo Love
    For his sixth birthday, Trevor's mother surprises him with a new set of toy trucks. Once Trevor opens the box, he immediately selects the little yellow dump truck as his favorite!