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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Big Bear fair

    by Grandma Krazy
    This is a book to make both children and adults smile as they read it. The story has fun with words by using rhyme and homophones like bare and bear and pair and pear. Mom is busy on her computer while her son is seeing some amazing things out his window. He tells mom what he sees but mom is so busy she is not really hearing him. He sees bears in pairs and bears that should share their pears. There is a bare bear and a debonair bear. There is even a rare bear playing solitaire. Eventu... more
  • Different and the Same

    by Adijah and Atiya Brabham
    In this vivid picture book, twin sisters Nia and Nori explore their individuality and celebrate their sameness. They invite readers into their lives, demonstrating how they enjoy doing things alone and together through activities that help children develop self-awareness.
  • Little Moss, Big Tree

    by M. Yap-Stewart
    Little Moss and Little Tree are the best of friends. They do everything together. One day, Little Tree grows into Big Tree. Can the two remain friends? And what will they do when a winter storm comes their way? Little Moss, Big Tree is a celebration of the friendships that leave lasting impressions, the moments in life that cause us to pause and reflect, and the enduring magic of the natural world.
  • A Game with Cooper

    by Debbie Gonzalez
    Cooper's adventure continues in this delightfully illustrated picture book. Join the fun of this adorable dog and his daddy. Cooper is very excited to get started. He can almost taste the treats. In this story, he engages his senses and draws on his imagination for his favorite game. Daddy joins the fun. Cooper loves to play with him. Daddy happily humors him by creatively setting the stage. Children of all ages, who appreciated his energy and enthusiasm in A Walk with Cooper, will surely fal... more
  • The Unexpected Adventures of Remi: Pet life doesn't meet a canine's expectations. She teams up with a few pet friends from her n

    by Shweta Roy
    Pet life doesn't meet Remi's expectations. The little canine finds out that humans are more technology-obsessed with barely any time for their pets. She teams up with a few friends from the Creature-World and leads a movement called ‘The Petinists’ to conquer back human affection. Will she succeed or an unexpected twist will change her life completely?
  • The Candy Corn Cloak

    by Courtney Caswell-Peyton
    Jill and Zoe have a slumber party the night before Halloween to plan for fun festivities the next day, but when Zoe’s growling stomach ruins the Candy corn piñata centerpiece, will their plans be whited out?
  • Wiseguy Butterfly and His Speckly, Speckly, Dusty, Dusty Dots

    by Courtney Caswell-Peyton
    A bright and colorful folklore story about how a butterfly gets his spots.
  • Mama's Illness

    by Jack A. Ori
    Mama's Illness, a short prequel to Reinventing Hannah, tells the story of Hannah's attempt to understand and cope with her mother's hospitalization for mental health reasons when she was only six years old. After Mama goes to the hospital, Hannah's world is turned upside down, especially because Grandma insists on keeping her in the dark to protect her. Hannah is a bright, resilient child, but is that enough to allow her to cope with her mother's mysterious illness and the steps Grandma takes to... more
  • Reinventing Hannah

    by Jack Ori

    NOTE FOR READERS: This novel contains content about a fictional 16-year-old dealing with having been raped. It may be uncomfortable for you to read if you are a real-life survivor.


    16-year-old Hannah longs to be someone bold and fearless, but her fear of rocking the boat gets in the way. That's why she turns down a date with Brad, the guy she secretly likes but her friends have labeled as a loser, to keep her promise to watch her friend Sierra&#... more

  • Penelope: Helps Mom and Dad

    by E. Brauner-Hughes
    No time to play, Penelope must help mom and dad! She begins with helping in the family garden, picking fruits and vegetables for dinner. Penelope learns helping with household chores can be rewarding in this charming children's stories.Children love Penelope! Look for more books in this adorable series
  • Dasher and the Sleigh-Train

    by E. Dorinda Shelley
    Santa is worried about his sleigh being overloaded with toys. Then, Dasher gets sick. A toy train magically saves the Christmas Eve journey guided by the powerful engine searchlight. Afterwards, the reindeer visited Dasher in the infirmary and sang a favorite song for him, "Jingle Bells.” When he heard it he began to feel better and said he’d be back to help pull the sleigh next Christmas for sure.
  • Big Monty and the Lunatic Lunch Lady

    by Matt Maxx
    Meet fifth-grader Merlin Montgomery, AKA Big Monty. Merlin navigates between his love of astronomy and his desire to be accepted by A’lo Jenkins, the school champion of yo’ mama jokes. In Big Monty and the Lunatic Lunch Lady, Merlin discovers that Mrs. Findlehorner has created a monster out of the leftover lasagna and fish sticks to attack the ungrateful students. He and his clever, polka-dot-wearing sister, Josephine, have to figure out how to stop her! Complete with science activities and voca... more
  • cars kottayam

    by bibina joy
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  • But I'm Too Little

    by Kimberly Spencer
    Need a little positivity and confidence that you can do anything you set your mind to? Meet Kai. She is your typical little girl, except she finds herself constantly faced with obstacles because of her size and age. With positive reinforcement and the help of those around her, she realizes that she can overcome any challenge. Kai is spreading the message that no matter your size or age, you can do anything you set your mind to.
  • Rudy's Lost His Red Nose!: A Jolly Jangle Christmas Story

    by Marilyn Cook
    This one is a heart-warming Christmas Story full of vibrant illustrations and lots of snow. It is called 'Rudy's Lost His Red Nose!' and is about the Jolly Jangles who decide to join forces with their forest friends and help Rudy the reindeer to find his red nose. It is Christmas Eve and time is running out! The story teaches children the importance of friendship and working together as a team, it also introduces children into having faith that all things are possible. This copy is 'dysl... more