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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Tilting at Paper Windmills

    by Joseph Dorn
    In a beautiful Victorian Mansion lives a middle aged writer with MS. Her nephew comes to help her out for the summer. The two find each other, and find themselves. Through many laughs and some tears they find a great appreciation for each other. He learns that there’s more to life than himself. She learns that some of the limitations that are posed in front of her are self imposed.
  • Mac & Madi's Surprise: A Very Different Twins Birthday!

    by Linda Herron
    Mac and Madi are twins who are identical in so many ways with the same hair, same smile, and the same size. Not only do they look the same, but their birthdays are the same each year. However, this year Mac and Madi have other ideas in mind. They are out to sass things up, to show that they can be individuals too. So, they made some changes to their birthday celebration that made them both happy. In this adventure, they find out that they like being the same, but they also like being diffe... more
  • Saint Agnes' Garden

    by Diana Klueh
    In 1955, eleven-year-old Jodie Sealy and her mother drive away from a privileged but troubled life in Biloxi, Mississippi They travel from "riches to rags" because Momma can't conform to Southern Upper class standards. She is divorced and a "free spirit." Jodie feels she has no say in what happens to her. She has figured out that when she grows up, she will become a teaching nun. Nuns don't need to worry about daddies who run off and a momma who runs away to a cold smelly place way up n... more
  • Adaptively Radiant

    by Joseph E. Henning
    A college student from CA named Justin, who grew up in Hawaii, flies overseas to spend a portion of his summer break visiting distant family members in Japan. While on vacation, Justin and his 21 year old cousin Kaito, compare recently inherited family heirlooms and soon realize the items contain a hidden map. After hiking to the area indicated on the map, the men find 9 small stones left to them by their great grandfather long ago. Each river rock contains a location etched in kanji along with a... more
  • Slipperima the Water Dragon

    by Lenora Riegel
    Slipperima, the Water Dragon, loves frolicking in the water weeds of Honeoye Lake in the Finger Lakes of Upstate New York. Catfish wants to meet Slipperima, but a fish and a dragon are so different. One of them is big and one is small. One has a long tail, and one has a short tail. One has whiskers, and one has wings. How can Catfish overcome his nervousness, discover common ground, and grow a real friendship with Slipperima despite their differences?
  • Pippin No Lickin'

    by Layne Ihde
    Pippin the cat wouldn't take a bath or lick himself. Because he wouldn't all kinds of silly (and stinky!) things get stuck in his fur. Will his parents and classmates convince him he needs to take a bath? Find out in this hilarious book with some simple life lessons and gorgeous illustrations.
  • Color My Mini Fruits

    by Toto Imprints
    You Bet I Do! I Know How To Say My Fruits In Indonesian! Color My Mini Fruits is an inspiring way of learning with fun for kids to express themselves more confidently at home, at school, after school, summer camps and everyday social events. Color My Mini Series, hopes to instill confidence and eager participation in young kids without the limitations. Each kid through creative expressions can enjoy quality time and easy association while coloring with fun!
  • Into the Unknown

    by Christopher DePietro
    Micah dreams of someday being a famous explorer who discovers hidden treasure all around the world. But there’s one major problem: he’s afraid of the Unknown. 
One day he discovers a mysterious door that reads “Treasure Inside!” He reluctantly opens the door and is whisked away to a strange new land. Once there, he learns of a lost treasure that is his and his alone — but first, he must make his way through the Unknown. Join Micah as he travels into the Unknown and learns that what you f... more
  • I'm Lost!

    by Jerry Gold

    A short (27 page) story about a ten year old boy lost in a big city and what happens to him. It's written in English, Spanish and French.


  • Shirleen and the Shoes

    by LaKesa Cox
    Since Shirleen's daddy died in the war, her mother has taken on a new job at Mr. Connie's Shoe Shop. Shirleen is excited to be joining her mother at her new job where she can see all the machines Mr. Connie uses to make old shoes look like new. What Shirleen doesn't realize is that she's going to learn a lot more when she decides to walk in other people's shoes. From a nurse to a construction worker, Shirleen tries to fill some big shoes but not before realizing those shoes tell the stories of... more
  • 10 World Wonders

    by Gene Lipen
  • 6 Must-Ask Questions When Interviewing an SEO Agency

    by Emma Marie
    The need for SEO is brought about by the need to stay on top of your competitor. You need a strong online presence which will translate to the increase in revenue for your business. It starts with hiring the right manpower to manage your SEO needs. However, not every SEO company will be the right fit for your small business. You thus have to ask the right questions and they include:

    Can I see your portfolio for past projects or clients?

    It is similar to reviews. Y... more
  • When Justin Saved the Day: A Story in Poetry to Read Aloud Inspired by a Real-Life Adventure

    by Steve Cunningham
    This story in rhyming poetry, inspired by the real-life adventure of an unlikely hero, is for reading aloud to children. They will be captivated to hear you recite it, and to see the drawings, as they follow Justin on his amazing journey to save his aquarium friends. This book will also connect you with the joy of reading verse aloud to your children, especially as a part of their bedtime ritual.
  • Cornelia Needs A Space of Her Own

    by Jodi Stapler
    It's the first day of summer vacation. Cornelia has a long list of things she wants to do before it's over. Finding her own space where her baby sister, Casey, won't get into her collections is the first thing on her list. Follow Cornelia as she investigates, plans and experiments to find the perfect place to call her own.
  • Tiny Acts of Kindness

    by Thuy Ha
    From a simple smile to a soft wave hello, tiny acts of kindness can fly to faraway places . . . then flutter right back into your arms. Tiny Acts of Kindness is a heartwarming tale about the magical powers of kindness. Through poetic verses and dreamy illustrations, the book takes you on the journey of one small act of kindness as it travels, grows, and spreads—becoming much more than one could ever imagine. Tiny Acts of Kindness celebrates the small acts of love that light up the world.
  • The Last Surviving Dinosaur: The TyrantoCrankaTsuris

    by Steven Joseph
    Many people grew up believing that dinosaurs became extinct when the Dark Ages arrived, but that's only partly true. Yes, the Dark Ages did come, but one cranky dinosaur survived and became mankind's oldest ancestor: the TyrantoCrankaTsuris. In this playful, imaginative tale that draws inspiration from Jewish culture, author Steven Joseph reminds children and adults alike that we all have a little TyrantoCrankaTsuris in us and encourages readers to balance their woes with the positive things in ... more