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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Danielle: Chronicles of a Superheroine

    by Ray Kurzweil

    Danielle: Chronicles of a Superheroine tells the story of a precocious young girl who uses her intelligence and accelerating technology to solve humanity's grandest challenges. Now if only we can find more courageous visionaries like Danielle. Written as an alternative history, Danielle's journey as a driven young girl brings her face to face with many important figures from recent history and our modern world. Told through the eyes of Danielle's equally remarkable s... more

  • Get Great Tips When You are Travelling with Kids

    by Uber Car Rental
    When you travel with kids, then this is the most amazing and memorable experience for you and for the kids as well. This way you also get an opportunity to spend some quality time with your kids, since you see new and energizing things and you are likely to have a couple of great stories to tell when your trip is finished. Sometimes, travelling with kids could be hard for you, so for this here are some amazing tips on travelling in a rental vehicle with your kids. Select the Suitable & Right Ve... more
  • Daddy Bear

    by Sara Schmidt
    Daddy Bear is a simple look at how, to a child, everything about their dad is great and big. As big as the love that they have for their dad.
  • A Long Stroll

    by Florence Mbiaasu
    Throughout history, nations have formed through mutual unity, willful immigration and even geographical isolation. This is not the case for most African countries. Africa's civilization was arrogantly bombarded by western civilization in an attempt to siphon her resources and destabilize the cultural structure of African settlements. The consequences of that colonization will have lingering effects on the continent. The African youth and generations to come will continue to pay a price with thei... more
  • Lucky's Adventure in Saratoga

    by Elizabeth Macy

    A heartwarming children's picture book about friendship, love, community, hope and kindness.

    The first book in the Lucky's Adventures series, was inspired by the true story of a lost doggie. Take an adventure with Lucky as she travels through Saratoga. Meet her new animal friends as they safely guide her through town in search of her mommy.

  • Golda Goes to the Farm: The Adventures of Golda

    by R. Kinney
    Golda goes to visit her friends on the farm and ends up having quite an adventure as she encounters a host of farm animals. Her shy lizard companion is always hiding in the shadows and adds to the fun children will have as they learn about farm animals.
  • The Glimmerine

    by Lenore Weiss
    The Glimmerine is a children’s book for middle-grade readers, ages 9-12, an urban environmental fantasy set at the edge of a condo development where we meet 10-year-old Leah who has been labeled as the school weirdo. Why? Because she talks to something that’s hidden inside her backpack. Exploring beyond the condo's perimeters with her stuffed gray cat who otherwise might be sent to Goodwill, Leah meets Ethel, a forest sprite. In showing Ethel how to fly, the girl accidentally tears off Ethel's ... more
  • Zee Tees Off

    by Trevor Davies

    Plucky young Zee is a teen girl with big dreams in post-apartheid South Africa. She will be the best golfer in the world but it’s 2006 and the scourges of HIV & AIDS, GBV and rampant child abuse tear communities apart. Zee has limited agency as a child and the adults around her all seem fixed within their own attitudes, biases, and fixations. They need an epiphany to help Zee achieve success.

  • But Mom Said No!

    by Jolie Canoli
    Five friends discover in surprising and humorous ways that not every animal should be a pet. But will these kids ever find a pet that mom will approve? A chat at the playground about creature finds leads kids to recognize the importance of saying no. Filled with illustrated animal surprises, "But Mom Said No" will help parent, teacher, or caregiver address social emotional learning and life lessons with a smile.
  • Bones: Funny Early Reader about Patience and Perseverance

    by Jolie Canoli
    Perseverance is demonstrated in this early reader about a lovable dog. Buddy Bones is a dog with a key to a treasure box. The inevitable strikes- he loses his key. Determined, Buddy must spy for his key until he finds it. He digs and finds... a bone. He continues digging, swimming, visiting islands, sailing a pirate ship, climbing every mountain, and searching the farthest reaches of the earth, finding many more bones. Buddy never gives up, and finally finds his key. Buddy ends his treasure hunt... more
  • Chasing Eveline

    by Leslie Hauser
    Ivy Higgins embarks on a quest to reunite 80s band Chasing Eveline in order to save the only remaining connection to her mother, but it may lead to an encore Ivy's not expecting.
  • The Brilliance of Fireflies

    by Leslie Hauser
    In order to make sense of the devastating loss of her mom, dad and brother to a terror attack, Emma Loukas sets out to achieve each of their dreams, and in the process she just may learn how to be the survivor that everyone says she is.
  • Once Upon a Unicorn: An illustrated children's book

    by Isla Wynter
    Blaze the unicorn is born without a horn - will he be able to get it back? Or is he maybe not a unicorn at all? A children's book with thirteen whimsical drawings.
  • The Little Llama Meets a Unicorn: An illustrated children's book (The Little Llama's Adventures 1)

    by Isla Wynter
    Lila the litle llama has always wanted to meet a unicorn. But where to find one? She follows the rainbow until she meets a very strange unicorn... not at all like what she imagined. An illustrated children's book.
  • Burlap Boy and the Birthday Gift

    by Steve Stylisnou
    Set in a world where nature and objects come to life in the strangest ways, the story of Burlap Boy is one that will capture the hearts of children and teach them the importance and value of friendship. Journey with Burlap Boy as he overcomes many obstacles on his path to what he thinks is the perfect gift. The ability of Burlap Boy to pick himself up and keep going when the odds are against him will teach children that perseverance is key and not to give up easily.
  • The Miss Adventures of Zeezee: Volume 1-To Judge a Dragon

    by Chris Cadle
    ZeeZee and her brother Juice go on a dream adventure to face a dragon, but not all is as it seems. The book is in ryhme and is perfect for family reading time! There is a lesson to be learned for not just ZeeZee, but the reader as well!