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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Florence the Fire Engine Saves the Day

    by Gloria Eveleigh
    Florence is a fire engine driven by Fin and his fire crew. Florence gets called to a fire at a fig factory in Farnborough. Due to the fog created by smoke from the fire, the traffic is at a standstill. So Fin flicks a switch, and Florence sprouts wings and flies high above the traffic. When Florence arrives at the fire, Fin feels worried because there is a forest nearby that could catch alight. Will Florence, Fin, and his fire crew be able to put out the fire and save the factory and the forest?
  • Lazy Lucy Gets Left Out

    by Gloria Eveleigh
    Lazy Lucy is a lioness. She never goes hunting with the other lionesses. Instead, she sleeps all day and eats the food they bring home. The other lionesses no longer like Lucy, and as Lucy gets fatter and fatter, there is no room for her in the lair. Lucy is lonely and sad. Then she has an idea. Will her idea work? Will the other lionesses love Lucy again?
  • Ulrika and Unwin the Untidy Twins

    by Gloria Eveleigh
    Ulrika and Unwin never put their toys away when they've finished playing with them. They hide them under the bed or pile them up on the floor. Their cousin, Umber, comes to stay and ends up tripping over some toys and bumping her head. The twins are very shocked at this but learn that toys left around not only look untidy but can be dangerous as well. After that, they never leave their toys around again.
  • Oscar Goes Online

    by Gloria Eveleigh
    Ottima, the small daughter of an African farmer, finds a baby ostrich abandoned by its mother. She names him Oscar, but despite all Ottima's efforts to care for Oscar, he stubbornly refuses to eat. Eventually Ottima goes online to identify a zoo with a mother ostrich that can adopt Oscar. After a long journey to Oxford in England, Oscar is adopted by a female ostrich Olive, and he happily begins to eat again.
  • Great-Grandma's Garden Gets a Makeover

    by Gloria Eveleigh
    Grace's great-grandma used to enjoy her garden and kept it looking gorgeous. Now in her nineties, Great Grandma can no longer do gardening, and when Grace overhears her grumbling about this, it makes her feel sad. So Grace makes a plan. She joins a gardening group at school so that when she becomes a good gardener, she can make sure that Great-Grandma's garden gets a makeover. Grace's plan is successful, and Great-Grandma is so happy when her garden looks gorgeous again that she throws a garden ... more
  • Dilys, the Dinosaur that Dribbles

    by Gloria Eveleigh
    Dilys, the dinosaur, is born without teeth. As a result, she dribbles a lot. Because of this, she is not invited to play games with the other young dinosaurs. Dilys feels very sad and lonely. Will her mummy and daddy dinosaurs find a way to solve Dilys's problem so that she can become a happy little dinosaur again?
  • Maximus the Marmalade Monster

    by Gloria Eveleigh
    Maximus loves marmalade, so when he discovers that he has very few jars left in his larder, he tries to buy more. Maximus discovers that there is a world shortage of marmalade. He tries eating other foods but realises that marmalade means more to him than anything. So Maximus decides to travel to the mountains to search for marmalade. Will he be successful?
  • Rory Runs Away

    by Gloria Eveleigh
    Rory the Rabbit goes missing from his burrow and is assumed by his family to have run away. His dad, Roger, searches for Rory in all his favourite places but is unable to find him. What has happened to Rory ? Will he be found?
  • Harriet the Happy Hippo

    by Gloria Eveleigh
    Harriet is a very happy hippo. Harriet's happy nature usually 'rubs off' on everyone around her. Harriet is on holiday in Hawaii. She loves to do lots of holiday activities. The other guests seem to be put off by little problems they may encounter. Will Harriet's happy nature make a difference?
  • Edmund the Excitable Elephant

    by Gloria Eveleigh
    Edmund, a very excitable elephant with lots of energy, exercises constantly. This makes all the other elephants very edgy because they are in danger of getting accidentally hurt by Edmund. The situation needs to be resolved if all the elephants are ever going to feel safe and happy. What can be done?
  • Jack's Temper Tantrums

    by Gloria Eveleigh
    Jack is a happy little boy. He has a lovely family that gives Jack lots of attention. Jack's brother and sister play games with Jack and make him laugh. Jack's Mummy and Daddy spend time teaching Jack and playing with him. There is just one problem. Jack has temper tantrums. This is a big problem because it makes life difficult for everyone. Can Jack change?
  • Neville The Nibalong is Scared of the Night

    by Gloria Eveleigh
    Neville and his neighbour Nathan are friendly fairy-tale creatures called Nibalongs. Nibalongs sleep all day and wake up at night. But Neville and Nathan are scared of the night, so they make a plan to wake up when it is light. But will daytime be all that they hope for?
  • Penelope the Purple Pig Finds a Pal

    by Gloria Eveleigh
    None of the pink pigs in Farmer Pickles's field wants to play with Penelope the Purple Pig just because she is different. Penelope is sad and lonely, so she goes looking for a pal to play with among Farmer Pickles's other animals. Will Penelope find an animal who wants to be her pal?
  • Idris, the Invisible Imp

    by Gloria Eveleigh
    When the invisible imp, Idris, feels ill, she burps loudly. Idris decides to travel the world to look for a cure, but because she is invisible, people who hear her blame each other. Idris eventually gives up and returns home to Ireland, but does she find a cure for her burping?
  • Titan the Time Traveling Tiger

    by Gloria Eveleigh
    Titan, a handsome adult tiger, lives in a country called Tibet. Titan can time travel backwards or forwards to any period of his life. He just touches his toes and twitches his tail, and he is there.
  • Two Like Me and You

    by Chad Alan Gibbs

    Edwin Green's ex-girlfriend is famous. We're talking cover-of-every-tabloid-in-the-grocery-store-line famous. She dumped Edwin one year ago on what he refers to as Black Saturday, and in hopes of winning her back, he's spent the last twelve months trying to become famous himself. It hasn't gone well.

    But when a history class assignment pairs Edwin with Parker Haddaway, the mysterious new girl at school, she introduces him to Garland Lenox, a nursing-home-bound World... more