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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Girl With the Journal

    by Tenika Jennings
    I Learned valuable lessons from Depression. That God is Healer and Lesson teacher in a lot of those situations. I learned that life is about learning from mistakes no matter how many times you fall and this book reflects the positivity that came from all that.
  • Lost Lake a Jippsy Russ Adventure

    by Brian Wolfe
    "We interrupt this program for a special news bulletin." Jippsy and his mom stopped what they were doing to listen to the report. " The notorious gangster Dutch Shultz, and his associate Otto Berman, escaped the custody of Federal agents in upstate New York while en route to their hearing for tax evasion." They are said to be armed and dangerous and were last seen headed toward the Canadian border in a black 1931 Lincoln K. Local authorities request that you contact them immediately should you h... more
  • The Slithering Mist

    by Suzanne Werkema
    The curlicue forest is wrecked. Can the tumblers who live there survive? Will their cubby protect them? Will Jot and Yittle ever skimper and rimble again? The Slithering Mist is a make-believe tale of disaster and recovery. In real life, children hear about fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods. Some kids even experience them. Children ages 4 to 8 who are caught by calamities—or afraid of the possibility—will find this story and its fanciful illustrations (by... more
  • Musical Memories

    by Linda A. Gerdner
    Gabrielle loves ballet. When her grandmother presents her with tickets to Cinderella, she can hardly wait. But outside the theater after the magical performance, Gabrielle is frightened and confused by Grandmother’s strange behavior. Gabrielle’s mother explains that Grandmother has Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease sometimes makes Grandmother forgetful, anxious, and agitated, but Gabrielle soon discovers that through music, she and Grandmother can share memories and make new ones. One... more
  • The Frog's Golden Water

    by Adam Altman
    Introducing Skippy the frog & friends Skippy has enjoyed swimming in the pond’s golden water his entire life. But now the golden sparkle has disappeared, so Skippy and his friends must find out what happened and return the pond to its former splendor. Come join Skippy on his adventure of discovery in this charming story.
  • Tripi Visits France: The Amazing Adventures of Tripi The Fly

    by Lori London

    This is an ingenious tale about a fly who can't fly, but who longs for adventure! In this second edition of the series, Tripi arrives in Paris; and is ready to explore all things Parisian! He visits the sites and has quite the daydream aboard a boat on the river Seine. After seeing the Eiffel Tower, he imagines himself in the time when the tower was built. It was for the Paris World's Fair of 1889! Travel with Tripi as he meets inventor Nikola Tesla, composer Claude Debussy, frontiers... more

  • Pap Pap Goes to Paris: And so does Ricky

    by Janie Watts
    Ricky, a five-year-old boy, Ricky, wants to travel to Paris with his grandfather, Pap Pap, so they can climb the Eiffel Tower together. After convincing Ricky's parents, Ricky and Pap Pap fly to Paris and experience everything from cobblestones to croissants. Cruising down the Seine, Ricky finally sees the gigantic tower up close and wonders how he will make it up the almost 700 stairs. With encouragement from his grandfather, Ricky tackles the stairs and learns the importance of teamwork and p... more
  • The Accidentals

    by Sarina Bowen
    Never ask a question unless you're sure you want the truth. Seventeen-year-old a cappella singer Rachel meets her rock star father for the first time after tragedy strikes. Can they become a family, or is seventeen years too long to wait? And can Rachel get past long-standing issues to embrace the blue-eyed classmate who loves her?
  • Into the Redwoods: A Knookerdoodle Adventure

    by Laura Henderson
    Into the Redwoods - A Knookerdoodle Adventure is set deep in the redwood forests of California, where small creatures live among the tall trees jumping to and fro and falling into adventure. Knookerdoodles are sure to inspire the imagination of the young and old alike. Laura Henderson's first book is a beautiful tale of friendship and courage, sure to become a classic.
  • Tippy Toes Hot

    by Ginger Dakin

    Time is on the run, and an ominous cloud of smog is tormenting the inhabitants in the state of Calamity. Global Warming is stealing the laughs of the hyenas, frying the tongues of the anteaters, and forcing the bears to shed their winter coats and walk around in undies. Will Joe Publik and his Eco Watch Dogs be able to arrest him? Can Mother Earth and her inhabitants recover from the misery he’s created? Find out as Mac the Rac reports in Tippy Toes Hot.

  • Emily's Ride to Courage

    by Sarah Maury Swan
    When twelve-year-old Emily Gordon and her fourteen-year-old sister, Jen, move to their grandfather's farm, Emily is promised a horse of her own, if she does math homework all summer. She wants to buy Gemini, the patient horse she's taking lessons on. Grandpa refuses to buy a horse with four white hooves. And as if this isn't enough, Emily also has to put up with Jen constant bullying, deal with the disappearance of their mother while she serves as an army doctor in Afghanistan, and make friend... more
  • Fairy Tale Karma

    by D. Thrush
    Princess Ava married her Prince Charming and they lived happily-ever-after. Or did they? Things don't quite turn out as she imagines. Her handsome Prince is always busy with charity work while she gets hooked on romance novels. Their therapist certainly has his work cut out for him
  • Silly Limbic: A tail of bravery

    by Naomi Harvey
    Beautiful, funny and heartwarming tale of a boy and his invisible but ever-present best friend, Limbic the dog. "Oscar has a special friend, different from you and me. He's a super black dog, whom only Oscar can see!" A lovely tale about a boy and his invisible guard dog who tries to keep him safe- but doesn't always do a good job "When Limbic feels frightened, Oscar does too, so he misses out on amazing things, the other kids do". In this story, the funfair comes to town Oscar despe... more
  • The Creek

    by Kyle Lockhaven
    In an attempt to solve a strange an ominous mystery, fourteen-year-old Caleb Greene and his younger brother Connor come to believe their mom has cancer. In a curious manner, they simultaneously fall into a real-life treasure hunt for gold buried by an ill-fated prospector from the 1800s. But as they work to figure out the clues left behind, evidence is mounting that something else is going on that may make their current problems pale in comparison.
  • Spy-Birds: Animal Kingdom - Call for Revolution

    by Amy Winsloe
    The Novella Spy-Birds, Call for Revolution is a colorful excursion into the subject Technology usage in the 21st century. Spy Birds, Animal Kingdom- Call for Revolution is an allegorical novella in the footsteps of Animal Farm; instead of fighting labor slavery by humans, animals revolt against the misuse of technology. Lazy Fellow narrates the turbulent story of thinking animals, whose main protagonists BigNose, Leon de Ponso, and Lionesse revolt against the mind control on Earth and venture ... more
  • A Fish Called Bad Eyes

    by Larry Golicz

    A young girl loses her glasses over the side of a boat onto a reef below.  They land on the face of a little fish and improve his vision.  The young girl dove  below saw and then heard Bad Eyes in her thoughts.   At that moment she  gifted the glasses to her new finned friend and left the reef with a promise to return.  The little fish goes on with some misadventure to meet the reef animals and learns with Marsha how to help keep the reef alive as a communit... more