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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Relay

    by Roy Lieberman
    Dad lost his keys again, and it seems that a team of minuscule machines is behind it this time. Russ saw it all and wants to tell Dad. However, Dad is suspicious, since the last incident ended with his slippers being found in the dishwasher. Follow Dad’s keys as a team of strange contraptions airlift into the house to conduct a nightly key-relocation operation. The keys are hoisted by micro cranes, hauled using a minuscule cable car, and are carried upstairs by a three-legged walking machine.... more
  • The Sun Shines

    by Swarnesh Sinha
    The Sun Shines is a tale of evolution, of personal growth - a troubled teen, a gifted one at that, who constantly fights demons, first imaginary ones and then real monsters when he has to find his place in the sun in the real world. Fear paralyzes him and he fails to naturally progress into a lucrative career as a young man when his father is still around to support him. He then tries to become an actor, escaping rejection at home... more
  • ON 174th STREET...The World of Willie Mittleman

    by Mel Weiser

    It's the Great Depression of the 1930s........

    America is struggling, but kids in the nation's urban centers still have their imaginative street games, their city adventures and their hilarious scrapes with friends and foes alike.

    The Bronx, in New York City, is Willie's playground, and 174th Street is his crucible. It's here that he laughs and cries and looks to his family for the courage he needs to meet his daily challenges. Can he face the ho... more

  • Why horses don't drink tea on Thursdays

    by Ul Makise
    Funny and inspiring book which teaches us how to to fix angry shoes, what to do if you meet a duck stuck in a truck and lots of other useful things.
  • Pirate Bear

    by Sonya Annita Song

    A swashbuckling tale about Pirate Bear and his tyrannical encounters until one fateful day... 

    O Pirate Bear, the baddest bear
    And ruler of the seas,
    He took the things he wanted
    And not once did he say please.

    Sailors trembled when they saw him
    For they really had no clue
    If he'd make them swab the poop deck
    Or he'd turn them into stew.

  • The Sun’s Bright, Bright Burning Rays

    by Courtney Caswell-Peyton
    A colorful book about the sun that explains the difference in meaning between the word rays and raise.
  • The Puzzle Solver

    by Courtney Caswell-Peyton
    An engaging and colorful book about putting a puzzle together.
  • How Allan Alligator Landed His Lake

    by Courtney Caswell-Peyton
    Allan Alligator argues with a crocodile and lands living rent free in a lake.
  • Turtle Time for Toby

    by Courtney Caswell-Peyton
    Toby is tempted by trouble everywhere he goes. He knocks things off of store shelves and knows nothing about nurturing friendships. Then one day, Toby’s teacher entrusts him with the care of turtles in the hopes that his newfound sense of responsibility will restore his relationships. Will Turtle Time transform Toby?
  • Smallfish Clover

    by Heather Lee Shaw
    Man-eating anacondas! Pilfered gold and precious jewels! Such elements fuel the seductively fertile fantasy life young Walter Pace Clover III invents for himself as a means of combating the boredom of accompanying his parents on a business trip to an unnamed South American city. It stands him in good stead when a routine shopping trip to the city’s busy street market turns unexpectedly ominous. Playing a surreptitious cat-and-mouse spy game as he wanders the vendors’ stalls, Pace and his father ... more
  • Get Real: An Adaptation of the Velveteen Rabbit

    by John Jimerson

    This is the journey of Alberto, the toy rabbit.  Along the way, he learns the thrills of loving friendship, the sorrows of loss, and what it means to be real.  After many joyful experiences with his closest friend, he loses what seems like everything.  Then, when he thinks there is no hope, out of his grief grows the magic that transforms him into who he was always meant to be.  This book is a meditation on love, loss, and personal transformation.  This is the Ve... more

  • The Adventures of Gary the Rabbit & Jerry the Elephant

    by Steven Friedman
    From the debut author, Steven Friedman comes the new tale, The Adventures of Gary the Rabbit & Jerry the Elephant. Children who love Peter the Rabbit, will adore Gary and Jerry the tiny elephant. It takes a place in the forest of Redwood, but when all the water goes missing, the animals have to adapt. Gary’s dad, Geoffrey travels with a few other rabbits up north to a new forest and home. Gary on the other hand stays in Redwood with Jerry. They found a cabin with a garden and fresh water. Gar... more
  • Elsie's Story: This Story Has No Hero

    by Michael Murphy

    "Elsie's Story: This Story Has No Hero" is story of schoolyard bullying. Contains a Glossary and a reproducible "Elsie's Story Character Test." It is a powerful addition to any school’s character education library.


  • The Ride

    by Nancy Demme
    In 1952 El Paso, Diego Ramirez, 15, illiterate, an arsonist, torches the barn where his abusive stepfather is working. Believing he has killed the man, he steals his mother's life savings, dimes and nickels, and flees the ranch. He hitchhikes through Texas, accepting rides from anyone who offers, a bigoted truck driver, a woman who only gives rides to children of crippled spirit, a salesman who feeds Diego's dreams of success, and a lonely widow, who takes him in only to let him go. It is th... more
  • Papaw's Treasure

    by Jessica Madison
    This is the story of a small family farm across several generations. Part historical fiction and part personal memoir, it reminds us of what is most important in life. "The treasure is the land we call home and the people who share it. Papaw's treasure has been beneath our feet all along..." "A wonderful little book, Papaw's Treasure tells the story of life and change in the mountains of Appalachia, but it also raises important questions about the choices we make in modern America. A critic... more