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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Magic Pebble Volume Five: The Old Man and His Donkey

    by Maisie Smikle
    A faithful donkey got too old to carry its load and a wandering stranger stepped up, to save the day!
  • The Magic Pebble Volume Four: The Mean Giant and the Four Dwarves

    by Maisie Smikle
    The giant, Megabud became a huge menace to the four little dwarves. The dwarves were at their wits end, until the prairie fairy came along.
  • The Magic Pebble Volume Three: Little Johnny

    by Maisie Smikle
    Little Johnny was pranked and teased by the students at his school. But Little Johnny never missed a day of class. Little Johnny loved to play baseball and so he practiced diligently and never gave up on his dream of playing on the big team.
  • The Magic Pebble Volume Two: The Christmas It Rained Presents

    by Maisie Smikle
    It was Christmas, the joyous season of sharing gifts and the birth of Christ Jesus. However, Santa will not be able to make his usual gift deliveries before Christmas! Oh, what will Santa do?
  • The Magic Pebble: The Woodcutter and His Wife

    by Maisie Smikle
    Grumpley, Jagga and Putta thought they could escape with the woodcutter's treasure. But, they were in for the surprise of their lives!
  • The Pigs of Hilltop Manor

    by Maisie Smikle
    The pigs of Hilltop Manor knew that they were no clown pigs. Papa Pig made certain his little piglets knew that. How will the circus master, Mr. Quackatoo, get the piglets to perform in his show?
  • Papa Nostros

    by Maisie Smikle
    Like so many families Martha hoped for a better life for her and her family. After spending many years apart, the family was happily reunited.
  • Farmer SIMMs

    by Maisie Smikle
    Farmer Simms wondered where the new brood of swans, chickens, ducks and geese were! He and his wife Louisa certainly did not have them for Thanksgiving supper, so what could have happened?
  • Acruesha Village

    by Maisie Smikle
    The author /illustrator, Maisie Aletha Smikle is a loving and dedicated mother of three girls, Dannielle, Kimberly and Abigail. Maisie is also the writer of a novel, Under the Rainbow, penned under Amanda Powell. Check out inspirational quotes by the author in "The Book of Quotes" now available in stores. View the author's websites for more books and new releases and on Amazon at Maisie enjoys reading the inspired word of God, th... more
  • Oliver

    by Maisie Smikle
    In this delightful children's book, Mary got a cat called Oliver for her ninth birthday. Mary always dreamed of having her own little pet; finally, her Mom bought her a sweet pussycat! Mary was so excited! At last she had a cat to call her own! Mary enjoyed playing with Oliver. She especially liked to take Oliver for long walks at the park. One beautiful sunny afternoon while Mary and her mom were out strolling at the park with Oliver his leash got loose and he wandered away. Oliver had some ple... more
  • Sarah and the Enchanted Animals

    by Maisie Smikle
    Sarah lives with her uncle in a huge palace. She has everything that she could ever want, except for one thing; Her Uncle Mandrake forbids her to play with other children. This causes Sarah to become so sad that she cries a river of tears! Freddie the friendly goldfish comes to Sarah's rescue and helps her escape to the Enchanted Valley. Sarah meets a lot of friends including Lionel the lion. She brings all her animal friends back home to live with her and her Uncle Mandrake, where they all live... more
  • Meet the Squirbles: The Adventures of Percy & Pip

    by Kate and Christoph Teves
    Percy is an A+ squirble! His mom and dad are A+ squirbles too! But then there is his brother Pip. According to Percy, Pip is an A+ pest! In this heartwarming picture book, Percy introduces us to his family and begins to see why Pip might not be so bad after all.
  • The Yukon Wolf

    by Brett Roehr
    As a family of wolves struggle for survival in the mountains of northwestern Canada, a young female wolf is banished from her family for disobeying her father. She falls in love with a lone wolf and together, they struggle for survival against starvation, enemy wolves, and the threat of humans.
  • Ahmed's Journey: A Story of Self-Discovery

    by Jill Apperson Manly
    Ahmed's Journey: A Story of Self-Discovery unfolds through the eyes of a young boy named Ahmed. The book tells of the Camel Races, a tradition in Ahmed's country and in much of the Middle East. While traveling to the Camel Races with his family and favorite camel, Jamal, Ahmed faces his fear of riding in the upcoming race. Watching Jamal calmly breathe, Ahmed finds his own breath, and in doing so he discovers he has a colorful array of emotions and feelings. By the end of the book, the reader... more
  • Primary Paintsville

    by stacey waldman
    A new color named Gary Green comes to a primary town of colors that consist of only red, yellow and blue. Gary green is not accepted and is bullied by his classmates. Discover what he needs to do to fit into this pint sized, peculiar, paints town .
  • Miss Someday: A Young Adult Novel

    by R.J. Ryker
    It's funny how one stupid little mistake can change your life forever. Okay, maybe what I did was slightly more serious than your average slip-up. But still... As far back as I can remember I've had one goal in life: get into the vocal performance program at the Vanderbilt Conservatory of Music in New York City. It's the crème de la crème of music schools. Guess what. They accepted me, a practically anonymous girl from the other side of the continent. And they even offered me a p... more