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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Oink and Gobble and the 'No One Can Ever Know Secret'

    by Norman Whaler

    Oink and Gobble were best friends and, with all the other animals on the farm, had a BIG secret they could never, ever let any humans know!

    But did Oink let the cat out of the bag?

    (Adventure, Humor, Imagination, Animals)

  • 978-0692937259

    by Brandon Stevenson
    After moving to a new town days before Christmas, an adventurous boy named Eddie becomes suspicious when he learns that no one seems to be aware of the fact that Christmas is just days away. Always the curious adventurer and young spy, Eddie decides that he must get to the bottom of this strange situation.  It doesn't take him long to stumble upon a mysterious character and accidentally take a whirlwind ride through a hidden portal that lands him in, of all places, the North Pole. There he le... more
  • No One Told: a novel

    by Beverley Hopwood
    Adventures with Effie and new friends don't stop eleven-year-old Olive deGroote from asking what has happened to her mother and new sibling. Family remains close-lipped, but Grandma tries to keep Olive busy with everyday chores, Canadian Girls in Training, and the Second WW efforts. Though money is tight and her grandparents frugal, Olive never wants for much, except answers to questions. After a discovery in the attic, Olive develops a passion which leads her, in her early twenties, to Toronto ... more
  • Viking Myths: Stories of the Norse Gods and Goddesses

    by John Thor Ewing
    From its first beginnings in a world of primordial ice floes, the story of the Viking gods is one of continual struggle against etins and monsters, but it is a tale of humour and triumph as well as of grit and tragedy. The Norse myths are justly famous for a host of vivid characters including the wise and enigmatic Odin, the bluff strongman Thor, and the incorrigible trickster Loki. In the first major retelling for a generation, storyteller and historian Thor Ewing rediscovers the brisk vitality... more
  • The Jungle Family

    by Terelle Coley & Demetria Nickens

    Four very different jungle characters (a monkey, an elephant, a duck, and a tiger) find themselves rescuing each other, and growing together to become a blended family.  The story teaches children aged 3 to 8 years old about diversity, inclusiveness, and helping one another through life's ups and downs. 

  • Maylee and The Brown Paper Bag

    by Linda P. Young
    This is a children's picture book and takes the child through a life of a small kitten who is trying to find a new home. It takes them through her life living in a junk yard and having a slight affliction to finding a new home with a small boy.
  • Millicent Gets Wings

    by Linda P. Young
    This story is about a little mouse who has been looking for a home and comes across a big red barn and decides it is a good place for a home. Finding out she has 2 friends who live on the same property, hummingbirds, she befriends them and they are a little sad she can't fly with them. The decide to make her a set of wings and now she can go on adventures with them.
  • Little Willy Wiggle Schmiggle

    by Linda P. Young
    This story is about a little boy who wiggles constantly, never still. it takes children through a day of activities. There are a few pages the children will have to have an answer. Diggle is his playmate and they do a lot of things together.
  • The Adventures of Anna and Andy Hummingbird

    by Linda P. Young
    A couple of sibling hummingbirds take children on their adventures. It is a picture book with nice large pictures so children can see what is going on. 10 book series with 1 - 8 published.
  • How Clover Broke The House

    by Linda Terrell
    This is a colorfully illustrated story about a very lucky dog. He name is Clover because the spots on his back make a perfect four-leaf clover, but as you will find out, that is not what makes him lucky. He has a very nice family, and a very happy life, except for one huge problem, Clover just loves to eat, it is his favorite pastime, he doesn't seem to have a stopping point, until one day he literally reaches a breaking point, causing a major catastrophe for his whole family.
  • Finding Santa: The Adventure of Greedy Elf

    by Ellie Elf
    What happens when an elf in Santa's workshop decides to keep everything for himself? Using magic, Greedy Elf shrinks Santa and takes over the workshop. Solve the clues that a pixie leaves behind and break the spell. Told by Ellie Elf, Santa's photographer, this picture book captures the North Pole in a new way.
  • Lost in a Story Beyond Reality and Time

    by Joseph H. Krasinski
    Sometimes in one’s life, a sequence of events flashes through us as though we’ve had this experience before but at a different place or time…and possibly at another level. This story, takes the reader into this realm as a family venture on a holiday camping trip as the brother and sister wonder off during the night and travel unknowingly through a Crease in time where they are greeted by a Shaman who counsels and guides them back to their rightful place in time with the assistance of the Old St... more
  • Look at Liddie Longlegs!

    by Denise Camille Frye

    Going into seventh grade in 1956, Lydia Longley (Liddie) has read every "saint book" in her classroom library at St. Anthony Catholic School. She is especially inspired by saints who are like herself - very young, or very poor, and strives for sainthood by following St. Therese's Little Way, offering as sacrifice, all the hardships she endures in her daily living. Liddie believes she's on her way to achieving her goals when a tragic house fire destroys the family's home ... more

  • more than just a son

    by Randolph Christopher Longstreet
    Phillip Anderson, a former college football player who stands six feet eight inches tall, is appalled after catching his youngest son trying to copy ballet dancers on TV. He is inclined to believe that eight-year-old Brandon is displaying gay tendencies. Since Brandon shows remarkable athletic ability, Phillip encourages his young son to immerse himself in sports, which should direct him properly into manhood and away from being a “sissy-boy”. Over the years, Brandon develops into a celebrate... more
  • An Evening In Wonderland. A Brief Story of Maths, Physics & The Universe

    by Jacqueline Koay
    You know Alice Liddell. You probably read about her in Through The Looking Glass or Adventures of Alice in Wonderland. Well, she has now resurfaced in Oxford, at the university, as a first year postgraduate in theoretical physics. Time does play tricks, and nowhere more so than Oxford, where the bloody bells wouldn't stop bonging. Alice has two problems. One: she knew more physics than her professor. Two: she is madly in love with him and he is married with three children! (to a dumb woman... more
  • Monkey Stuff

    by Rebecca Bielawski
    A monkey thief was lurking and... some naughtiness was being planned. Learn to count the numbers 1 to 10 with a cheeky little monkey.