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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Granny Can't Remember Me

    by Susan McCormick
    Granny Can’t Remember Me is a lighthearted picture book about Alzheimer’s disease and dementia told from the perspective of a six-year-old boy, appropriate for preschool and early elementary school children, ages 3 – 8. Granny can’t remember that Joey likes soccer and rockets and dogs. Granny can’t remember much of anything. But with Granny’s stories of her Three Best Days, Joey knows she loves him just the same. Alzheimer’s disease is more and more common, and many young children experience ... more
  • A Little Noble

    by Janet R. Macreery

    Stranded in the wilds of 1694 Scotland, 13-year-old Mercy must rely on Calum, a duty-bound Highland lad. As they trek through the rough terrain they need Calum's knowledge of the Scottish Highlands and Mercy's skills with nature to finish Mercy's mission by midsummer. She must deliver a cryptic message to a Scottish nobleman and secretly hopes she will learn about the family she never knew. Their journey takes Mercy places she had never imagined and Calum back to the one place he ... more

  • Am I Black or Am I White?

    by Norman Whaler

    *** AWARD WINNER ***

    Tara's mother was Black and her father was White. But she didn't look Black or White! Some kids didn't like that and made Tara cry. So, what does God say about it?

    (Racism, Bi-racial, Being Different, Multiculturalism, Peer Pressure, Bullying, Christian Perspective, Picture Book, Spanish Edition Avaiable)

  • JACK

    by Norman Whaler

    *** Award Winner ***

    Jack had the measles and had to stay home. But, no TV or video games? Now, what was he going to do? (Imagination, Children's Book Classics, Early Reading)

  • The Tiny Tree

    by Norman Whaler

    *** AWARD WINNER ***

    The Tiny Tree was brand new to the forest and wanted to be friends with everyone! But why didn't the Big Trees like her? All the trees find out that being different can sometimes be a GOOD thing!

    (Being Different, Racism, Bullying, Christian Perspective, Picture Book)

  • Bradley and the Dinosaur

    by Julian Hilton

    What would you do if you came face to face with a real dinosaur?

    When Bradley is sent into the garden by his Mum to get flowers, he encounters the biggest creature he's ever seen. Bradley's bravery and kindness makes them instant friends and the Dinosaur takes him to Dinoland where he encounters all sorts of dinosaurs. He even flies on a Pterasaur. But will they get back in time for dinner, and what is Bradley's favourit... more

  • The Case Of The Disappearing Amur Leopard

    by Kirsten Usman
    A lawsuit declaring a new construction project threatens the endangered Amur leopards just landed on Judge Birdie Barringer’s desk. She and the members of the jury hold the fate of the leopards in their hands. One wrong decision and the leopards could disappear from the face of the earth – forever!
  • Pysanky Promise

    by Cathy Witbeck
    Alena is a young girl who discovers her grandmother’s hands have grown too shaky to make pysanky (Ukrainian Easter eggs). She decides that learning the art of pysanky and making a pysanka for her grandmother could be a way to heal her heart. Alena offers to do spring cleaning for her aunt in exchange for pysanky lessons. Her aunt teaches her about the history, symbolism, and method for making pysanky – peh san kee. When Alena becomes frustrated because a drip of wax messes up her first egg, she ... more
  • "Up North, Down South: City Folk Meet Country Folk" Coloring and Activity Book

    by Katina Rankin

    "Up North, Down South: City Folk Meet Country Folk" Coloring and Activity Book is an educational aid to the book "Up North, Down South: City Folk Meet Country Folk" to help children with their learning journey from New York to Mississippi.  The coloring and activitiy book is packed with puzzles, mazes, color pages, word searches, crosswords, and connect the dot activities to stimulate student's minds and help them retain what they've learned on their scho... more

  • Up North, Down South: City Folk Meet Country Folk

    by Katina Rankin
    "Many children anticipate and even long for a summer vacation to an exciting destination that they have never visited. This book takes children on a journey across Mississippi, while addressing still-to-common misconceptions about the state in an age-appropriate manner. This book entertains the reader while showing Mississippi is a wonderful state with wonderful people. I believe this book will instill pride in Mississippi's children, as well as help the children outside of our state gain an app... more
  • Chances Are

    by Trish Dulka
    Gennie Harrison grew up in the world of horse racing where odds make or break you. But when tragedy hits her family, chance is no longer a choice. She has to make her own life decisions ... but will she make the right ones?
  • Reasons why Waterfront Homes are a Class Apart

    by Mike Langer
    Waterfront homes are synonymous with luxury living. The landscape itself is one of the primary reasons why prospective property buyers prefer such residences. Home seekers look for peace of mind and serenity while looking for a home, and waterfront residences come with just that, and more.

    Here’s why lake Las Vegas homes are the best fit for seekers of luxury living.


    A tranquil, se... more
  • Miracle

    by J. Helen Elza
    Have you ever said to yourself (or out loud, maybe) that just once, you would like to put Satan the devil in his place? Well, hang onto your bucket hat (or whatever kind of hat you wear), because twelve-year-old Willie MacGregor is about to bedevil the devil. Willie and best friend, Johanna, set off for a grand Smoky Mountain adventure when Johanna goes missing. Willie's search for her leads him into the enchanted forest of the evil shape-shifting Prince Fallon, who, in all his disguises, rep... more
  • The Amazing Adventures of Jumpin' Jimmie 2nd Edition: Think Before You Leap

    by Dexter Humphrey
    Jumpin’ Jimmie is a fun loving and carefree kangaroo whose amazing jumping ability creates interesting tales of adventure. The Amazing Adventures of Jumpin’ Jimmie: Think Before You Leap illustrates what can happen when actions precede careful thinking. The Amazing Adventures of Jumpin' Jimmie shares the story of a fun loving kangaroo who learns by getting it right the third and fourth time around! The book teaches the virtues of critical thinking, decision-making and safety .With colorful ill... more
  • LAKE ISLE: A Story of Passage

    by Tobi Little Deer
  • LITTLE TRAMP: An Adventure Story

    by Tobi Little Deer
    A little dog finds himself alone in the vastness of Manhattan after his owner suffers an accident on the street. His two-year journey takes him to familiar neighborhoods and famous landmarks, but also into New York City’s more cheerless, sinister underside. He grows streetwise as every safe haven succumbs to relentless peril. Along the way he encounters other dogs, mostly larger breeds like pit bulls, some trained fighters, others gentle and caring whose family he joins. A resilient, tough l... more