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Science & Nature

  • Junglenomics - Nature's Solutions to the World Environment Crisis, a New Paradigm for the Twenty-first Century & Beyond

    by Simon M. Lamb
    Since the dawn of Life, Nature has been highly successful at organizing ecosystems to produce a vast array of species that co-exist without damaging the environment. Our economic ecosystem has grown from nothing in just a few millennia and has become chaotic and destructive to people, other species, and the natural world. Junglenomics describes how adopting Nature’s blueprint can enable us to transform our economies to protect natural environments, halt species decline, benefit the poorest, and ... more
  • Devil In The Wind: Voices from the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires (Poetry Anthology Book 2)

    by Frank Prem
    Devil In The Wind is an account of catastrophic fire and its immediate aftermath. In this 21st century, the whole world seems to be on fire. America burns. Europe burns. Greece is reeling after its own tragedy of fire. And Australia burns, as it has always done, but now so much more fiercely. In February 2009, wildfires burnt through entire communities, taking 173 lives and injuring hundreds, while destroying thousands of houses and other buildings. Up to 400 fires destroyed 450,000 hec... more
  • Project Management Scholia: Recognizing And Avoiding Project Management’s Biggest Mistakes

    by George Tillmann
    Project Management Scholia focuses on the 17 most consequential reasons IT software development projects fail and presents ways the project manager can avoid these problems by reading the danger signs and taking timely corrective action.
  • Material Value: More Sustainable, Less Wasteful Manufacturing of Everything from Cell Phones to Cleaning Products

    by Julia L F Goldstein, PhD
    Read this unique perspective on environmental sustainability to learn: •\tHow metals and plastics are made and what happens when they are recycled •\tThe challenges that manufacturers face when trying to make their facilities and products less toxic and less wasteful •\tHow manufacturers can extract the value of materials while doing less damage to human health and the environment •\tHow smart companies are embracing the triple bottom line—profit, people, planet—to make manufacturing safer a... more
  • Scope Of Furnace Repair Service in Canada

    by jimmy Malik
    Usually to see a furnace inside a house in colder areas. Be that as it may, just by purchasing a furnace and utilizing it won't be sufficient to keep the house warm. In the meantime, there are likewise different obligations that accompanied purchasing a furnace. It is essential to keep up it great. Indeed, when you keep away from the support of your furnace, there is a high possibility that your furnace will confront a breakdown. On the off chance that winter is shutting by and there is a br... more

    by Michael A. Tewell
    "IMMORTALITY: THE SCIENCE OF FORBIDDEN FRUIT" reveals how evolution has adapted the human body to preserve our individuality after we die. The Law of Conservation of Information states that information cannot be created or destroyed. Our individuality is information contained in the memories of our life experiences. These memories are stored in neurons in the brain. As death approaches, the limbic system selects the most important memories to be "downloaded" into photon-encased" ions and rel... more
  • Literature Review Writing Service

    by Samantha Naylor
    Greetings to every visitor of this site, especially of this page :) I am a representative of Literature Review Writing Service. Most students who were asked to write a review of the literature face certain difficulties. We would like to help such people, and have prepared some tips for them. We would like to start with the structure of your review. How do you consider which sections should be divided into your work? It’s worth starting with the most important thing - defining the topic and issu... more
  • Now is the time to remember: We're Here to Create New Earth

    by Diane de Simone

    NEW interactive book #2...With music!  Scientists are now in agreement. We’re here to be extraordinary while walking through these extraordinary and challenging times, as we witness the cracking open of the mind and heart of humanity.
    This is short, fun. HEADPHONES are recommended.
    We're being asked to EVOLVE, to shift, to embrace a far larger view of ourselves and our place in the universe. At our core, we are more powerful and peaceful than we know.
    We must go ... more

  • Exploring My World: Spiders

    by Valerie Coulman
    Hunters, builders, trippers, trappers and weavers, spiders serve an important part in keeping our world a healthier, and more fascinating, place. With original photographs and a wealth of information, this first volume in the Exploring My World series introduces young readers to the remarkable world of spiders.
  • Reverence for Existence: A Way of Knowing

    by Craig Brestrup
    This book offers an examination and reflection upon the bare fact of existence in and of itself, and of the ways in which humans can come to apprehend and relate to its daily reality. We come to realize that existence is deep with meaning and that the ways in which humans experience it, their attitude and ways of thinking, makes all the difference in how both the world and their lives go. Forests are more than lumber, rivers more than resources, animals more than food and entertainment. What the... more
  • A Stone's Crow

    by Jenifer Peters Dearinger
    A Stone's Crow is a narrative nonfiction counting book which children will love as their parents enjoy the clever rhymes. Mr. Crow wants to decorate the tree and nest of his beloved wife as she sits on their three eggs. He brings home colorful gemstones.
  • In My National Park Backyard

    by Erin Thomas
    From the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon to the oyster-shell paths of Jamestown, adventure lies around every corner for Erin Elizabeth, for her backyard is the United States National Parks! Will she be a speleologist exploring underwater caves in Big Spring today? A volcanologist studying geysers at Yellowstone? With a little creativity, Erin Elizabeth can be anything she wants to her national park backyard!
  • 0994618026

    by A. Togay Koralturk
    The LEED AP BD+C V4 Exam Complete Study Guide helps the reader to learn, rather than just memorize the essential information for the exam; and is designed to be the only resource a candidate needs in order to successfully pass the exam on the first try. Having been widely adopted as the primary course material for master's degree classes in universities throughout the United States, this study guide covers the whole exam scope. Even though the scope of the LEED AP BD+C exam includes heavy tech... more
  • LEED Green Associate V4 Exam Complete Study Guide (Second Edition)

    by A. Togay Koralturk
    Having been widely adopted as the primary course material for bachelor's and master's degree classes in architecture and civil engineering in universities throughout the United States, the LEED Green Associate V4 Exam Complete Study Guide provides deep insight into the principles of green building, and it helps the reader learn, rather than just memorize, the essential information for the exam. Thus, this approach equips candidates to successfully pass the LEED Green Associate exam with flying c... more
  • Auroras, Petroglyphs, and Pagans

    by Jeff Ransom
    Auroras, Petroglyhs, and Pagans presents information about why the ancients thought they saw gods in the sky, what natural images and motions of those images inspired the ancients to create myths about the gods, why ancients throughout the world created similar myths, and why the gods disappeared from view to become ethereal gods.

    by joseph palazzo
    This book is an attempt to change the conversation in the world of physics. Instead of stretching the current theories to their limits - the prevailing attitude in the last 30 years - it seeks to revisit their basic assumptions. Notably, a new concept of time is introduced. A new law of kinematics is presented as the underpinning of the entropy concept, and a re-examination of Einstein's Equivalence Principle yields new insights into the concept of gravity.