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Science & Nature

  • The Animal Kingdom, One Rhyme at a Time: ABC Animals

    by Emmanuel and Lorena Augustine
    This book is the first volume of a collection of seven books. This volume covers animals A, B, and C and consists of thirty animals and thirty rhymes. Apart from being fun, each rhyme is factual and stays true to the animal's nature - making it fun for children to learn and memorize creatures of the animal kingdom. Learn from the unusual aye-aye to the common bluebird. Exciting illustrations allow children to get a realistic image of the animal while still making it colorful and captivating. Per... more
  • The Theory of Special Connectivity: An Approach to Human Teleportation

    by Prashant Chauhan
    Lets not take this earth for granted as because of it we are happily alive. We all are facing this global warming and climate change is our major concern. It is already in records that ice at Antartica is melting faster than we thought. But what we are doing to prevent this? Literally nothing is the answer. This book is all about gravitational waves and based on these waves definition of gravity has been redefined. Importance of these waves in basic physics has been discussed. How using them hum... more
  • From the Universe to You

    by Casey Harrison
    From the Universe to You combines nonfiction elements and family bonds to present a complex topic—the universe and our place in it—in a poetic manner intended to both inform and spur the imagination. In so doing, the story and colorful illustrations bring the reader from the largest scale to the smallest while describing the indispensable role of each element in between. The book concludes by focusing on the child, the movements and growth they share with the universe as a whole, and the special... more
  • The Plant Listener

    by Julie Kilpatrick
    Horticultural lecturer, Julie Kilpatrick, takes you on a journey through the lives of plants explaining the processes upon which all plants rely for their survival and how we can use that knowledge to influence our horticultural practices. Written in a conversational style, it covers the evolution of plants, how they are named, sexual reproduction, life cycles and the plant processes of photosynthesis, transpiration, respiration and translocation. Along the way, it introduces you to some of the ... more
  • Three Hudson Valley and Catskills Classics

    by Michael Boyajian
    Now all three Hudson Valley and Catskills classics are available in one volume. Catskills essays and a guide to the region, a memoir of the author and his wife's first year in the Hudson Valley and a guide to quiet places in the valley for writers.
  • A Champion Game Plan for Life

    by Preston Brown
    So many of our youth today are on the cusp of greatness and failure. It?s almost as if they are one circumstance away from having the abundant life that God wants us to have. Whether it?s an unexpected pregnancy, the death of a parent, or maybe just getting caught up with the wrong crowd, greatness eludes them. That?s why I believe that in today?s world, we all need a plan to help us navigate through the good times as well as the bad times?a plan that would be a ?bridge? over troubled waters whe... more
  • The End-of-the-World Delusion

    by Justin Deering
    ?The End-of-the-World Delusion is a well-written, thoroughly researched, and very readable book. Deering?s lively narrative makes complex and complicated topics accessible to the average reader. He certainly pulled me into his book despite my cynical view of the topic. Deering offers the reader riveting histories of end-of-the world beliefs and covers an extraordinary array of ground in this well-researched book, discussing everything from the Mayan end-of-times predictions, Christian rapture be... more
  • Dr Warhol's Periodic Table of Microbes, The Small Guide to Small Things

    by John Warhol
    Dr Warhol’s Periodic Table of Microbes, The Small Guide to Small Things is the world's most entertaining microbiology book. Based on the periodic table of elements, the book describes 118 microorganisms in 300 words or less; each organism is keyed out by its microbial characteristics, and all the organisms are described in terms of popular culture and recent history. There are memorable connections between microbes and: The Simpsons, The Game of Thrones, Rock-n-Roll music, philosophy, history, a... more
  • Atheism Made Easy

    by Dustin Hartley
    Atheism Made Easy is a guide to losing your faith! This contribution to the philosophy of religion is a scathing attack on irrational belief in a god or gods. The author uses wit, science, and philosophical arguments against God.
  • Inbetweenness

    by Sunnie D. Kidd/Jim Kidd
    In 1970, Sunnie D. Kidd coined the term Inbetweenness to conceptualize the mystery of interconnectedness of all beings. Inbetweenness is the web that connects the cosmos and everything in it. It is, on a smaller scale, the nervous system, which connects our universe and holds it together. Inbetweenness is a shared resonating spiritual field of movement and vibration, which is the root of all spiritual experiences and scientific investigation. It is the common ground of all religions, which has b... more
  • The 12 Steps to Joy and Happiness

    by David L. Peters
    We are bound in the music of life where we dance and weave within that glorious melody, or what some call God. Now, God has said that we are the very image of God (Genesis 1:27), and as images of God, we have the inborn ability to have Joy and Happiness forever present in our life. The author, David L. Peters, is an octogenarian whose life has always been filled with joy, regardless of outward appearances. The wonders of the Kingdom of Heaven is everyone?s birthright, if you know how to let your... more
  • Inventions that Built the Information Technology Revolution

    by Rhys McCarney
    The book begins with a brief history of the telecommunications and computing industries. Descriptions of key inventions of the 1960s–1980s, appropriate for undergrad students in any STEM field or an interested lay reader, include optic fiber, diode lasers and field effect transistors. The book next explores US intellectual property law and describes changes that occurred because of high technology. The submarine patent is an important case in point. The final portion discusses how the structure ... more
  • K-9 & Deputy Heroes of the Laramie County Sheriff's Department

    by Karen Cotton
    Learn about Lyra, Parys, Ali, Ozzy and their Deputies who work hard to protect Laramie County in Wyoming. You'll discover their most heroic acts, like saving an Air Force base from a bomb to finding drugs, catching criminals with their teeth and working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation on certain cases. The book goes into detail about the training that the dogs and their handlers undergo. Learn about the equipment that they use and the countries that they're from.
  • My Scientist Friends

    by Ravin Singh
    My Scientist Friends is a collection of 10 rhymes that introduce scientists and the concepts they introduced to children aged 3-7. The rhymes are whimsical and the illustrations are meant to be captivating for young kids. The idea is to introduce children to the vocabulary of science from an early age and help to inspire a lifelong love of science. It has rhymes about Galileo, Newton, Einstein, Curie, and others.
  • The Adventures of Camellia N. The Arctic

    by Debra Wideroe
    Mom's Choice GOLD Recipient! 1st Place Winner of the Royal Dragonfly Award for Environmental/Green Book of the Year! THE ARCTIC Take a journey with pint-size explorer, Camellia N. as she sails off on her first exciting adventure to the northernmost part of the earth...the Arctic. Explore this enchanted region as Camellia meets many new friends and learns what makes the Arctic one of the most magical locations on our planet.
  • The Adventures of Camellia N. Under the Sea

    by Debra Wideroe

    Mom's Choice GOLD Recipient! Join a global adventure… Take a journey with pint-size explorer, Camellia N., as she awakens deep in the jungle guided by her newest furry friends and discovers why the rainforest is one of the most important and lush habitats on Planet Earth. Through The Adventures of Camellia N. book series, Camellia takes children on expeditions to all seven continents and under the sea where they learn about and gain an appreciation for the environment, wildlife, an... more