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  • Alec Meets Sheikadee

    by Joan E Derrick
    Alec meets Sheikadee is not your average story book! Its true value becomes apparent when parents, grandparents and carers read the story to children, opening up a conversation about thoughts and feelings. This book is one of the few books available, which brings awareness to children and their parents, in two areas of a childs psyche which are so important to their personal growth. These areas are: their energy field and their subconscious mind. The conversation that flows between the adul... more
  • Being Single: A State for the Fragile Heart: A Guide to Self-Love, Finding You and Purposeful Living

    by Kemi Sogunle
    This book is a Guide to understanding Self-Love, Finding Yourself and Living Purposefully. Have you been through a divorce or heartbreak? Need to find clarity and how to move forward? Being Single: A State For The Fragile Heart is easy to read. Learn how to understand what it really means love yourself. Take steps towards discovering your purpose in life. Learn how to put an end to fear while keeping up your faith. Become empowered and focused towards making progress. Embark on this self-discove... more
  • The Tails Of Penoir Penuque 'Be Careful Crossing The Street'

    by Rachael Akbar
    The Tails of Penoir Penuque is a tail of adventures that this fun loving Chihuahua will be taking. Penoir Penuque's experiences will help him understand why life's events unfolds, and how he fits into the world around him. Learning knew things and meeting other animals on his journey to help guide his path, is an exciting experience for Penoir as well as anyone experiencing his daily adventures with him. Please join Penoir on his journey as he meets new friends, experiences new places, and thing... more
  • Restoration

    by Apostle Andrea Lewis
    God’s desire and plan to restore the woman: How to be a virtuous woman and live intimately as the bride of Christ and as a godly wife.
  • The Adversary!

    by Apostle Andrea Lewis
    A book of helps, determined for the ones who would otherwise lose; giving enlightenment, victory, accountability, favor, and grace.
  • Stuck Is Not a Four-Letter Word: Seven Steps to Getting Un-Stuck

    by Deborah Johnson
    You may be facing bankruptcy, a broken marriage, a dead-end career, unemployment, or a health crisis. You may feel none of the breaks are going your way and that the circumstances of life are all against you. Feeling stuck can leave you feeling alone, isolated, abandoned, and ultimately confused about the decision of your next life move. The good news is that you can take action to free yourself and start moving down a new path. Building on inspiring interviews, illustrations, and stories, au... more
  • You Only Retire Once

    by Tom Sightings

    What’s the most significant demographic event that happened today? Some 10,000 baby boomers retired ... with millions more to come! You Only Retire Once is a resource for retirees and those thinking about retirement. Tom Sightings produces Sightings Over Sixty, a popular blog that covers “health, finance, retirement, grown-up children and . . . how time flies.” He has now collected the best and brightest of the posts and put them together with his most-relevant columns from ... more

  • Wired to Grow: Harness the Power of Brain Science to Master Any Skill

    by Britt Andreatta
    The keys to growth by a recognized leader in learning, leadership and management We are biologically wired to learn. It’s the key to our survival and the path to fulfilling our capacity to become or create something more. Wired to Grow reveals how the neuroscience of learning can unlock the fullest expression of our potential, and shows us how to apply our natural wiring to positively transform our lives, habits, and organizations. Apply this material to your own life immediately or help... more
  • Change Journey: Voices of the Creative Quest

    by Andy Harmon

    Based on a presentation to the Alaska Writers Conference, Andy Harmon draws on over 40 years of experience as a theatre director and playwright and 25 years as a leadership coach, to engage hreaders in a dialogue about the real life drama of creativity: the archetypal crises and conflicts all of us face when we set out to make a difference in the world - and the inner resources we need to draw on to succeed.

  • Let Them Grumble

    by Nabelah Alneghaimshi

    Many hopes were destroyed in the beginning. Many initiatives came to an end before they even started. We did not give due respect to many great people. We gave more than they deserve to many trivial people. We have experienced many losses at times of colossal change because of ignorance and fear. Whoever wishes to transform from underdevelopment and consumption to development and productivity must make efforts proportional to these changes and must not exempt himself or herself from responsib... more


    by stephen malak

    For Independent Inventors

    and Corporate Design Engineers

    This book differentiates Quantum Inventing, a totally new way of inventing, from traditional inventing. Quantum Inventing shows independent inventors and corporate design engineers how to supplement their income with a new inventing method. It:

    - identifies relevant business conditions and opportunities,

    - shows how to use publicly available information to inform inventing effor... more

  • The Fundamentals of Sports Media and Sponsorship Sales: Developing New Accounts

    by david j. halberstam
    The Fundamentals of Sports Media and Sponsorship Sales: Developing New Accounts Sales are the backbone of support for both media rights and sponsorship. PricewaterhouseCooper is forecasting that these same two revenue sources will grow to $37 billion annually by 2018. In 2009, sponsorship and sports media rights produced just north of $20 billion. In today's general environment of restrained growth, sports revenue continues to outpace the expansion of many mainstream industries. Because of th... more
  • For All

    by Nabelah Al-Neghaimshi

    Through life, we live several roles—as mother, father, traveler, job seeker, retiree, etc. Each role has a different scenario, which we play. While we play a role, we forget to enjoy it. We take it more seriously than it should be taken. It is difficult to live with someone who often criticizes and insults others. It is much harder if the critic is you, criticizing yourself. Who is more precious than a self constantly sticking with you in all conditions. Isn’t it yet the time for ... more

  • What Am I Waiting For?

    by Terry Hite

    You’ve probably sought out advice from someone to help you solve a problem, achieve a goal or just to help you get moti vated on a certain project. Or perhaps you’ve found yourself giving out lots of advice—and wondering if you were telling others the right things. There is nothing worse than sending someone you care about in the wrong direction.

    In this guidebook to getti ng what you want and helping others do the same, life coach Terry Hite explains the benefi t... more

  • A Girl Doesn't Need To Go To College But… But… But…

    by Mary Korte


    PART I: This "mostly" true, poignant parody, written in Dr. Seuss rhyming style, takes readers into a combined classroom of rowdy 6th and 7th graders left unsupervised during their 1952-53 school year. Their wimpy teacher, Mr. Cock-Rooster (also the principal) spends more time in his office than in the classroom. Whenever Mr. Boar, the teacher next door, complains about their noisy shenanigans, Mr. Cock-Rooster grants his students long recesses. During one recess, a bul... more

  • The M.A.P.

    by Chester L. Hall Jr.
    In The M.A.P. you will be guided through a seven step process that allows you to begin creating the perfect vision for your life and finishing your journey by helping someone else begin theirs. It is an easy to read script which demands that you take MASSIVE ACTION to ultimately achieve the life you deserve. Full of how-tos, inspirational quotes, and stories to drive the points home, it will be a book you will come back to again and again when you feel you are "stuck in the mud of life."