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  • Undomesticated

    by Indy West

    To the outside world, Jade?s life seems like the typical American dream, but to her, there?s a haunting void. When she reaches midlife, she questions who she really is and discovers she?s no longer willing to sit on the sidelines. A chance encounter with a mysterious man opens the door to the yearnings she long denied, awakening her true essence.

    Undomesticated is a story inspired by actual events, fictionalizing author Indy West?s own midlife transformation. Like Jade, Indy found ... more

  • A mental metamorphosis of mind

    by SUNIL AD

    Does life have any purpose? We see that all organisms have two fundamental objectives in their lives; one is reproduction, and another is to stay alive as long as possible. But when we talk about humans, we are more complex; the level of consciousness present in humans is higher than that of any other organisms and inanimate things. However, all humans are not conscious equally. Why is someone poor, wretched, and depressed, whereas the other is healthy, prosperous, and happy? Everything is vi... more

  • A Journey into Truth: Unveiling Life's Secrets for Truth-Seekers

    by Alexis Gonzalez
    In sharing her real-life hardships, adventures, and experiences, Alexis Gonzalez guides the reader through her emergence out of the darker aspects of human existence. Cancer, addiction, and a suicide attempt would become the beginning of a six-year journey that would propel her into a time of renewal and growth. Get the inside scoop on her first-hand adventures meeting and training with psychics, mediums, Reiki masters, "hippies," shamans, monks, and plant medicine explorers. Like a captain c... more

    by Jennifer Perry
    All you need to start promoting your own books. Professional tips from a seasoned entertainment publicist! Jennifer Perry is a member of the Entertainment Publicists Professional Society in both Los Angeles and New York City. Perry has been in the public relations business professionally since receiving a BA in Journalism with a Concentration in Public Relations from Georgia State University in 2005, which included a semester at the Universidad du Complutense in Madrid, Spain. She has worked on ... more
  • Survival 101: A Guide to Staying Afloat in the Deep Waters of Life

    by Victoria Alai
    Anecdotal life moments and expert observation, Survival 101: A Guide to Staying Afloat in the Deep Waters of Life by Victoria Alai combines many schools of thought into one guide for her readers. The book is a modern take on survival vs. thriving and how to change one’s thinking with clear and concise actions that transform from a scarcity mindset to an abundant one.
  • One Hit Wonder

    by Kevin R. Kehoe
    One Hit-Wonder is a remarkable memoir that delivers life lessons with page-turning humor and irreverence. As the grandson of Irish immigrants and the eldest of six, Kevin Kehoe survived Catholic school, two marriages, job terminations, motorcycle crashes, and entrepreneurial highs and lows. When he received a cancer diagnosis near the end of a successful business career, he found himself confronting his mortality and thinking about the meaning of success and the power of friendship and love. ... more

    by Leeanne R. Hay
    Finding out that the man you call ‘Dad’ is not your biological father from a consumer DNA test (a non-paternity event*) can have a devastating impact. This story guide is for every NPE*, their loved ones, and genealogists who uncover NPEs in their own family tree. Each chapter provides relatable insights, resources, and support to overcoming an identity loss.
  • seoservices

    by Alina Beth
  • Love Your Gifts

    by Angie McCourt
    Love Your Gifts: Permission to Revolutionize Authenticity in the Workplace introduces 16 elevated gifts and guidance on how to clear the way to authentically activate and use those gifts. Authored by Angie McCourt founder and Success + Mindset Coach of Authentic Me Revolution. Do you know you have more to offer yet fear how your ideas will be accepted or how your message will be received? Are you showing up to work and life in your authentic skin without fear? We create a world of perfect ... more
  • The Infinite Man

    by Terence Adu
    Are you a Man on your Quest of Self Discovery? Are you looking to put your Dating Troubles in the past? The Infinite Man: A Guide to Healing Masculinity and Modern Romance is your complete guide to learning how to overcome past hurts and achieve a sense of wholeness that will ensure you have a long, happy life. Learn how to improve your dating life and build deep lasting romances with that extra touch of masculinity and so much more. Based on the real-life experiences of Terence Adu, Th... more
  • Sex Talk: How Biological Sex Influences Gender Communication Differences Throughout Life's Stages

    by Stephen Furlich
    Sex Talk precisely tracks how gender communication differences change as one’s biology and physiology changes, and how these changes occur throughout different stages of life. This text provides easy-to-understand scientific information for better understanding of oneself and others. This book can benefit all readers from teens to senior citizens in their personal lives, as well as advancing their careers through strategic communication. Overwhelming scientific research evidence proves, with abs... more
  • The Battle Against Readicide

    by Iwan Gunawan

    If you're not famili

    If you're not familiar with the word "readicide", author Kelly Gallagher defines it as "The systematic killing of the love of reading, often exacerbated by the inane, mind-numbing practices found in schools." His book, Readicide, identifies aspects that contribute to the decline of time spent reading and kill the love of reading.

    One of those aspects is simply choice. Students who have more choice in what they read are more lik... more

  • Positivity @ The Work Place

    by Vistasp Bhagwagar
    "The Book is All About Better Work spaces for People in a Post Pandemic Period. It Provides easy reading to all those interested in the Design & Ideology of the new work space by taking a real time look at the issues of today and the relevance of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It answers all the Questions: • What are the problems in Work spaces? • How do we Address these? • How do we revisit Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in a Post Pandemic World? • How do we Design more meaningful Work spaces? ... more
  • Dear Little Ones (Book 3): Talking to Your Inner Children About Wholeness

    by Jade Miller
    The Dear Little Ones series is dedicated to empowering the inner child to promote internal unity and improve readers’ mental health. This book helps inner children think about and cooperate in healing from trauma in ways that leave them feeling respected and empowered.
  • Dear Little Ones (Book 2): Helping Your Inner Children Heal from Family Conflict

    by Jade Miller
    This empowering book helps inner children navigate dysfunctional family dynamics so they can begin to heal from attachment wounds. It is especially helpful to readers who have painful or complex relationships with their parents or caregivers.
  • Dear Little Ones (Book 1): Hope, Help, and Healing for Your Inner Children

    by Jade Miller
    In a world where the inner child has been overlooked, silenced, and disempowered, this nurturing illustrated book is a letter written to inner children everywhere. Whether you are a survivor of severe trauma or your inner child needs encouragement, you’ll find this an empowering and uplifting read.