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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Seven Circles of Light: How They Were Born and What They Became

    by Maryann Lucas
    Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet aren’t just the colors of the rainbow anymore! In this imaginative, read-aloud book, they are the colorful protagonists who live quite contentedly in a state of pure bliss—that is, until they get zapped by a desire for more. With a giant leap of faith, the newly energized orbs follow their calling, and launch themselves into the great adventure of becoming real. Join them as they awaken to a whole new world. Read along as they discover clues... more
  • Sister Goat

    by Antonina Novarese
    This is a new adaptation of an Eastern European folktale for children aged 3-6. Two siblings are lost in an enchanted forest. Evil magic holds young Olena at the bottom of the lake, and her younger sister is turned into a goat by a cunning witch. When an even greater danger threatens her sister, Olena finds the strength to defeat the spell.
  • McKinney Fence Company

    by Madison Cawthorn
    With our Mckinney Fence And Arbor Pro, we serve you only the best. Services like residential & Commercial fencing are done here. We provide the best fence solutions at reasonable costs and best service performance. You can always contact us.
  • The Jackass

    by Thomas Stimson
    Fifteen-year old Mario is the Jackass of Puerto de Santa Maria. His silly songs, tricks and mimicry are an embarrassment to his widowed father with many mouths to feed. Considered old enough to learn a trade, Papa hires Mario out to a trading ship, bound across the ocean to New Spain. While collecting water and coconuts, the landing crew is attacked and Mario becomes the lone captive of the Jaguar People. He is soon transported to the capital city and traded to the King. As the Royal Fool,... more
  • Jumbo Giant Sausages

    by Julian Hilton
    Six sausages escape the pan and set out to demolish the home! Who might be licking their lips in time to stop the rampage? After sausages One, Two, Three, Four, Five and Six plan to escape the pan, they begin their messy acts of revenge. What did they do to Mum's new party dress? Where did Six put all the ice creams? If they’re not stopped, the house could be ruined! But someone is sniffing them out, just as the sausages are planning their most terrible deed… Will they find out that ... more
  • Brayden the Brave

    by Michelle Bradshaw
    It is a dark and spooky night and Brayden and Chloe are not ready to go to sleep, so they decide to tell ghost stories. “Time for bed,” announces Brayden’s Mom causing them to both jump and scream. After Brayden’s Mom turns off the light and closes the door a loud sound is heard from across the house. Brayden and Chloe decide to investigate. Go on this spooky adventure with Brayden and Chloe as Chloe helps Brayden learn that he is Brayden the brave and he is braver than he thinks he is.
  • Josie and the Scary Snapper

    by Elisa Downing
    When the sun goes down, Josie stays awake because she sees monsters in the dark. She sees big monsters and little monsters, fuzzy monsters and scaly monsters. There's even a purple monster with big horns and long claws hiding in the kitchen! That one is the scariest thing in her house by far. One evening, Josie’s dad gives her a magic flashlight, her very own Scary Snapper, that will turn any monster into something less scary. When she wakes up in the middle of the night and starts to feel scar... more
  • Mr. Inker Goes to School

    by Christina Francine
    Rafiq misses his friends from Pakistan and a boy at school makes fun of his name. It is not easy being an immigrant in America. Rafiq knows he’s safer in “the land of the free,” yet he is homesick. When he receives a fancy pen for his birthday, he discovers his new best friend, a talking pen. Sometimes Mr. Inker is too proud and his jokes corny. He can be a real stinker, but he helps Rafiq with English words, makes him laugh, and finds a way to connect Rafiq with his old friends through traditio... more
  • Mr. Inker Finds a Home

    by Christina Francine
    A unique idea - a talking pen. In an age where cell phones seem most kids’ friends, the author resuscitates the original means of communication: the pen! A talking writing utensil becomes an immigrant boy’s best friend. Immigrant children will like reading a book about themselves combined with a little fun and magic. Not only will they learn to read, but have fun at the same time. Mr. Inker will bring smiles to immigrant and American children alike. The story may even cause a chuckle or two. Te... more
  • Milo and His Rubbish Roar

    by David E. Miles
    Milo is a cute and friendly monster, desperate to win the Annual Monster Roar Contest. The only problem is that his roar isn’t very good, some might say it’s rubbish! Anyway, how can you win a contest that you haven’t even entered? Well, with the help of a sleeping dog, a spiky rail, a wasp’s nest and a rusty nail, anything is possible!
  • Switches and Peeps: Man's Best Friends

    by Sarah Giles

    Spin-off series from the bestselling book "Fitting Out: The Friendship Experiment". In this series opener, Max's robot and pet cat take center stage. For readers ages 6-8.

    Peeps the cat likes having the house and the family all to herself. When a shiny new houseguest arrives, Peeps is determined to prove that SHE is the best pet, not the new robot, Switches.

    And after he accidentally smashes her precious cat fort, Peeps decides that this robot has got to go!

    He... more


    by Brian Donnelly
    Before she can graduate and become a Tooth Fairy, Irma must fix her problem with dairy!
  • Chasing Stomach Butterflies

    by Gregory Muller
    Natalie Moss could have been a fantastic singer. Until her demanding parents turned her attention away from pursuing it. Never forgetting her dream a meeting with a fantastic ex-custodial assistant convinces her otherwise. Choosing to defy her parents Natalie begins taking on private lessons with the high school's singing teacher. Slowly begins to try again. Refining and shaping the natural gift she had not used in years. Exploring what it means to perform live music she watches locals perform, ... more
  • The Christmas War

    by Mark Richardson
    Follow the Christmas war at Richardson Elementary School. As the Santa Babies try to prove to the No Santa's that Santa Clause is real. friend's will turn on friend's. who will win? and will anything be the same again?

    by Jennifer A. Comeau



    In 1820s Ireland the ancient Irish culture is under siege by English landowners and the Catholic Church, who cast the old ways as “pagan.” Fifteen-year-old MORRIGAN LANE was born “in the caul,” and thus, superstitions surround her. Though Morrigan longs for freedom as a ship’s captain, girls are not allowed on boats. Her inquisitive nature and intuitive gift put her at odds with SCHOOLMASTER WINNETT, who finds her dangero... more

  • Baked In

    by Ammie Elliott
    Can you imagine a dream sweeter than one filled with treats and magic? Have you ever danced with gingerbread? Baked In welcomes readers to slide into a bountiful dreamscape filled with wonder, dancing gingerbread, an infinite selection of confections! Dreamers, young and old, will love being tossed into a mix of pop-art style illustration and lyrical storytelling that takes them on a delicious journey. Baked In is part of The Dreamscape Series, which is a collection of picture books that cele... more