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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Let's Explore Esquimalt Lagoon

    by Jennifer Dowd
    Esquimalt Lagoon is a migratory bird sanctuary in Esquimalt on Vancouver Island, BC. It's a hot spot for beachgoers and nature enthusiasts alike. It showcases numerous different species from crabs, fish to Blue Herons and even bald eagles! If your lucky, you may see a pod of Orca whale's swimming nearby. Will you join me in exploring Esquimalt Lagoon?
  • Let's Explore Victoria's Water World

    by Jennifer Dowd
    The city of Victoria is situated on Vancouver Island on the west coast of British Columbia. The island is surrounded by fantastic nature and beautiful scenery, including a lively water community. The waters around Victoria are teeming and thriving with life. Let's Explore Victoria's Wonderful Water World.
  • Lets Explore Beacon Hill Park

    by Jennifer Dowd
    This picture book explores one of the most iconic parks in Victoria, BC. It showcases some of the animals and activities found in the park. Let's Explore is a visual adventure book. Will you come and explore, Beacon Hill Park?
  • Let's Explore - Emergency Helpers

    by Jennifer Dowd
    his picture book explores Emergency Helper jobs, in Victoria, BC. Let's Explore is a visual adventure book. Will you come and explore, Emergency Helpers?
  • Let's Explore Goldstream Park

    by Jennifer Dowd
    This is the third book in the Let's Explore series. In this book, we'll be exploring everything that Goldstream Provincial Park has to offer. Ready for an adventure? Goldstream Provincial Park is a Vancouver Island treasure. It boasts lush old-growth forest, spectacular salmon spawning and incredible eagle sightings. It offers fantastic amenities such as picnic areas for roasting marshmallows and grilling hot dogs to a plethora of nature trails, camping spaces and a Nature House where you can le... more
  • Let's Explore Hide and Seek Dog Edition

    by Jennifer Dowd
    Hide and Seek is a fun game families and friends can play anytime, anywhere. Did you know that dogs like to play it too? Well, my dogs, Baylee and Willow love playing so I need your help to find them, please. Let's Explore Hide and Seek - Dog Edition with Baylee and Willow.
  • Switches and Peeps: Man's Best Friends

    by Sarah Giles

    Spin-off series from the bestselling book "Fitting Out: The Friendship Experiment". In this series opener, Max's robot and pet cat take center stage. For readers ages 6-8.

    Peeps the cat likes having the house and the family all to herself. When a shiny new houseguest arrives, Peeps is determined to prove that SHE is the best pet, not the new robot, Switches.

    And after he accidentally smashes her precious cat fort, Peeps decides that this robot has got to go!

    He... more


    by Brian Donnelly
    Before she can graduate and become a Tooth Fairy, Irma must fix her problem with dairy!
  • Chasing Stomach Butterflies

    by Gregory Muller
    Natalie Moss could have been a fantastic singer. Until her demanding parents turned her attention away from pursuing it. Never forgetting her dream a meeting with a fantastic ex-custodial assistant convinces her otherwise. Choosing to defy her parents Natalie begins taking on private lessons with the high school's singing teacher. Slowly begins to try again. Refining and shaping the natural gift she had not used in years. Exploring what it means to perform live music she watches locals perform, ... more
  • The Christmas War

    by Mark Richardson
    Follow the Christmas war at Richardson Elementary School. As the Santa Babies try to prove to the No Santa's that Santa Clause is real. friend's will turn on friend's. who will win? and will anything be the same again?

    by Jennifer A. Comeau



    In 1820s Ireland the ancient Irish culture is under siege by English landowners and the Catholic Church, who cast the old ways as “pagan.” Fifteen-year-old MORRIGAN LANE was born “in the caul,” and thus, superstitions surround her. Though Morrigan longs for freedom as a ship’s captain, girls are not allowed on boats. Her inquisitive nature and intuitive gift put her at odds with SCHOOLMASTER WINNETT, who finds her dangero... more

  • Baked In

    by Ammie Elliott
    Can you imagine a dream sweeter than one filled with treats and magic? Have you ever danced with gingerbread? Baked In welcomes readers to slide into a bountiful dreamscape filled with wonder, dancing gingerbread, an infinite selection of confections! Dreamers, young and old, will love being tossed into a mix of pop-art style illustration and lyrical storytelling that takes them on a delicious journey. Baked In is part of The Dreamscape Series, which is a collection of picture books that cele... more
  • The Bonnet Book: Diary of an Orphan Train Hatmaker

    by Nancy Menees Hardesty
    Sent away on an orphan train at fourteen, smart and lovely Blanche Spencer lands in St. Louis, Missouri as a nursemaid, wearing rags and sleeping in a pantry. To rise above her servitude, she begins a self-education program. A trade booth at the 1904 World’s Fair and a Cobden, Illinois apprenticeship launch her into a hat-making career, which she documents in a tiny diary, The Bonnet Book. An early example of self-determination and girl power, Blanche—now Bonnie—travels alone to the Wild West, ... more
  • Twelve Feet Up: The First 5.6 Feet

    by John Penteros
    High school freshman Joe McKinnon loves pizza, hates public speaking, and has fallen hard for a girl. Pretty typical. Not so typical is Joe’s prosthetic leg, which he’s had since the car crash two years ago that killed his father and left him with a burning desire to rid the world of automobiles. The object of Joe’s affections, Jun Song, is a year behind Joe in school, yet way ahead of him in smarts. When Jun is brutally attacked on her way home one day, her already-protective mother shifts i... more
  • Set Me Free

    by Cachline Etienne
    An unexpected friendship changes everything… ​ Anita Baum has never been one to make friends. She navigates her high school halls like a mine field; because for her they might as well be. Any misstep means that she risks being teased and humiliated. However, when new student Tina takes an instant liking to Anita, things start to change. ​ Outrageously bold and determined, Tina is the exact opposite of Anita. The duo quickly becomes friends and their unlikely friendship places Anita in the li... more
  • Double Crossed

    by Cachline Etienne
    Tianna Morgan and her friends run Cadie Mae High. Great friends, Perfect grades, and an Amazing boyfriend, Tianna is on an all time high. What could possibly go wrong? Vicious lies and nasty rumours about Tianna soon spread across Cadie Mae like wild fire. The Culprits: "Her friends". Tianna expected a wild senior year but nothing prepared her for a betrayal this big. She soon takes solace with Jeremy, a misfit she's spent most of her high school life disliking. Tensions grow as graduation... more