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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Evolution of Charlie

    by Steven F. Freeman
    Charlie the adorable Shih Tzu mix starts life with a family that doesn’t care much about her. By the time she is rescued, Charlie has become quite sick. But then something changes... Follow Charlie’s adventures as she moves to a new family and discovers the perfect life with her new mommy.
  • Fractured

    by Shay Siegel

    Mason Vance is the guy everybody wants to be, and he knows it. He’s the best high school quarterback in New York, a shoo-in for a football scholarship at any school he chooses, and he’s expected to land in the NFL one day. That is, until a broken wrist leaves him fearing whether he’ll ever play again.

    Desperate to save his damaged ego, Mason sets his sights on Lace. No cheerleader or homecoming queen like his usual type, she’s too wrapped in her own misery t... more

  • The Cat in the Coconut Hat

    by C.J. Gillett

    On a small island off the coast of Belize lives a happy little cat. Each night, people come to his island and the sound of tropical music fills the air. Each morning, the cat feasts on the scraps of food that have been left behind. 

    One day, the cat’s peaceful life is thrown into chaos. When he’s offered a new home, he has a big decision to make: Will he take the leap? Or will he make his own way in the world? 

  • Thursday April 4th, 1968

    by S. A. Miller
    Thursday, April 4th, 1968 is a fictional story by S. A. Miller about a group of high school students in the fictional town of Harriston who are trying to cope with the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. One student in particular, Moses Derrick, a senior track star, is conflicted about running his last race as a high school senior on the same day that Dr. King is laid to rest. Family and friends tell him not to run, but Moses knows that running this race is his last chance to achieve... more
  • The Science of Defying Gravity

    by L. G. Reed
    THE SCIENCE OF DEFYING GRAVITY by L.G. Reed and published by Keyes Canyon Press. This novel is a genre mashup of STEM based science learning and fictional story. Eleven year old Cassie films her life. She loves movies and dreams of becoming a movie director in space. Step one of her master plan is to go to Space Camp. Her parents planned to send her, but when Dad loses his job, they can’t afford the fee. After learning of a scholarship opportunity Cassie resolves to win on Academic Achieveme... more
  • Wuhan 2020 A Family Vacation Gone Wrong

    by Murtaza Akbar
    The book is all about a family which goes on vacation to Wuhan China on January 13th 2020. It's a story of how the family gets stuck in the Covid epidemic and reach the hospital in a suspected positive carona case and how they free themselves and return back to Germany from where they come from. The journey takes you through emotions, romance, travel. The unique thing about this novel is it that every chapter starts with a quote and ends with a quote.
  • The Riddle of Penncroft Farm

    by Dorothea Jensen
    Young Lars Olafson moves with his parents to the old family farm near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, to live with his aged aunt Cass. Lars is miserable--until he meets Geordie, a boy whose stories of the Revolutionary War are as exciting as those of an eyewitness. Then, when Lars is faced with a crucial mystery linked to the Revolutionary War, his only chance of solving it lies in Geordie's ghostly tales.
  • Investigation Boom

    by Delonte' Harris
    Eleven year old Dante' Boomer dreams of becoming the best private investigator in Poppy Springs. When the raffle box goes missing, he figures this is the perfect opportunity to use all the tricks of his idol Fireye Private Eye. He quickly learns that solving crimes is not as easy as it seems.
  • Sneasy the Greasy Babysits Abigail

    by Michelle Birdsong
    Kind and gentle Abigail Gold needs a babysitter. In walks Sneasy the Greasy. He wheezes, he sneezes and his hair is full of greases! But during an afternoon with Abigail, Sneasy learns the meaning of true friendship, honesty, and a life free of grease.
  • Becca Goes Batty

    by Larissa Symbouras
    Join Becca, who loves all animals (except bats), her parents, and her best friend as they make their way through the zoo one sunny afternoon, learning interesting and unusual facts about the animals they see along the way. When her family reaches the last exhibit, Becca learns the most interesting thing of all - the value of facing her fear.
  • Kindled Embers (The Dryad's Cede 1)

    by K. C. Simos
    When the Royal Pearl is stolen from the Palace, Eliza's foster father becomes the main suspect. The police assume the verse left behind is the thief's calling card, but Eliza believes it may be a riddle. The two embark on an adventure to clear his name, where Eliza proves to him just how resourceful a twelve-year-old-girl can be.
  • I'm a? A Book of Rhymes, Riddles, and Choices Halloween Edition

    by Nicole Beil

    In this different kind of rhyming read-aloud Halloween picture book for kids 3 to 5 years-old, you'll help Collin and Claire solve riddles that take them on a trick-or-treating adventure. With rhymes and multiple-choice, I'm a? Halloween Edition is a fun kid's book AND an interactive activity that's captivating for everyone. Filled with witches, vampires... more

  • Belle's Big Day: The Tale of a Rambunctious Goldendoodle

    by Sydney Whitman
    Belle's Big Day tells the tale of a silly and rambunctious goldendoodle that chases a butterfly and escapes from her yard while her human is out and about. What kind of fun trouble will Belle get into while her owner is away?
  • The Corgi Miracle: A True Story

    by Tara S. Reidenbaugh
    “The Corgi Miracle”: sweet, moving, tale inspired by true events about one family’s discovery of faith and resilience in the face of the disappearance of their beloved Corgi. A feel-good tale that appeals to younger readers and adults alike.
  • Blind Journey

    by Donald Burge
    born blind and thrown in the garbage, Duwan, 12, is the village of Om's goatherd. When the village is destroyed by raiders he must lead his hateful tin brother across 500 leagues of desert to escape being murdered and to find the prophet who heals blind eyes. Initial setting: 35 CE, Village of Om, along the Euphrates River. Wild dogs, slavers, highwaymen, and Roman soldiers are among their challenges.
  • Hope and Freckles: Fleeing to a Better Forest

    by Bill Kiley
    Hope, a white-tailed deer, and her spotted fawn, Freckles, are facing hunger and danger in their forest. Hope decides that they must leave their home and go in search of a better place where they will be safe. When they arrive at a new forest, Hope and Freckles face unexpected challenges that will force them apart. Will they be reunited?