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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Haunted Hanging Tree

    by David and Michael Krumboltz
    Ten-year-old Scooter Kane, and his sister, Mary, learn their great-great-grandfather was hanged for murdering the sheriff of Dry Gulch, California in 1873. The two kids visit the area to seek the truth.
  • A Garden Locked

    by Naomi Ruppin

    “Recall yourself, Abigail,” the king said. “And be thankful you’re a woman and do not suffer the consequences a man would, for speaking as you just have.”

    “I’ve never been less thankful to be a woman!”

    Abigail flings these words at her brilliant but remote father King Solomon. He’s just casually informed her she’s to marry the sinister Prophet Nathan, a lizard-eyed palace schemer four times her age. Determined to prevent ... more

  • The Happy Bubble

  • Cousins

    by Marnie Reynolds-Bourque
    Many of our first memories are made with cousins, and if we are lucky, we continue making memories our whole lives with them. This book emphasizes the meaning of family and also exposes kids to geography. Included in this book is a map of the USA for children to see where family lives, and there is also a blank family tree at back of book for family to fill out together. This book can be a heirloom for your children to enjoy many years!
  • The Watering Can

    by Marnie Bourque
    No Mother realizes how fast time flies, until she has an empty nest. This book serves a dual purpose.... Comforting empty nesters and exposing kids to nature.
  • Black Boy, Black Boy

    by Crown Shepherd
  • The Bad Lie

    by Peter Dudley
    Jay had hoped to spend the summer after fifth grade at his dad’s in New York, but instead he’s stuck in boring day care while his mom works and his friends bike around and have fun. Jay’s weekly bright spot is the day care’s golf outings at Fair Elm Country Club on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Although his cool friends make fun of him for being in day care, he likes golfing with Becca, a smart girl on the fringe of the popular group who’s really helping him improve his putting. When his f... more
  • Milton the Christmas Moose

    by Steve and Jean Goodwin
    Milton is a moose who loves Christmas. Unfortunately, due to his disability, the other moose will not play with him. See how the kindness he shows to all the animals in the forest eventually teach the other moose the true meaning of Christmas. This comes after Santa visits him and gives him a very special gift.
  • 7:30. Bath Time!

    by Peter Adesso
    The whole bath time experience in this book is based on real-life experiences. As a kid myself, I can remember that bath time was a fun experience. As an adult now, I just wish they would get it over with. As a kid, I loved the idea of playing in a tub full of water and then you add toys to the mix. Yeah, fun times.
  • Best Assignment Help

    by Johan Rock
    Are you exhausted by spending long hours to make up a genuine assignment paper? Join our online assignment help experts to get assisted by a well-qualified and well-experienced writers. If you are looking for someone to write a custom-made assignment for you, you are definitely in the right place. Our best homework help provide the most outstanding and professionally written essay assignments of premium quality. With our online assignment help, you ca... more
  • Don't Step on the Spider

    by Kirk Raeber
    This is a delightful Children’s Book that follows Tim and his Grandfather Don on an adventure. Tim quickly learns that all life is important. Grandfather Don introduces Tim to all his friends in the fields and forest surrounding his house. The creatures tell Tim how important they are to the earth and without them life would be very different. The reader has several questions at the end of the book and space for hand written answers. The questions give the reader a chance to express the... more
  • The Round Box

    by Lois Wickstrom
    When Carrie's Grandma moved across town, she left 4 boxes in a closet marked KEEP. Fascinator, Wandas, Feathers and Dowse. The Fascinator box is round. Inside is a boat. The boat is a hat. Carrie puts it on and her world rocks. This is the second book in the Grandma's Closet series.
  • Neon Nights

    by Katey Taylor
    Liquor and lust and troubled boys who are hard to trust... After a harrowing summer riddled with tragedies, seventeen-year-old Cait is forced to deal with the aftermath of poor choices and failed relationships. Will Cait be able to continue her journey despite the heavy chains from her past, or will she be dragged down by the same mistakes?
  • Journey to Park Joy

    by Gauri Paydenkar
    This story is about a walk to the park of a boy with his dog and the people he meets along the way.
  • The summer we turned thirteen

    by Kayla Maria
    Harlee Ramirez and James Whitmire have been best friends since they were nine years old. Harlee is bold and brazen, while James is shy and reserved. In some cases, such opposite personalities may repel, but not in theirs. Their differences make the dynamic of their friendship special. So special, Harlee always believed they were untouchable, unbreakable, and that no one could come between them. But the month before Harlee and James' thirteenth birthdays, James proves otherwise. When he ends thei... more
  • Finding Friendship: the Adventures of Wee Maddie & Katie

    by Aunt Beast


         Meet Wee Maddie as she searches for a friend to share adventure with and encounters interesting critters that are not quite just right. Meet Katie's littermates and their new, 'DogMa Approved' adoptive families.
        Finally, after a lifetime of waiting, Wee Maddie and Katie team up to begin adventures of their own! Along the journey to Katie, Wee Maddie explores the characteristics of a great friend.
         Spark cu... more