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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Reluctant Fairy Godmother: and the Absolutely Positively Impossible Good Deed

    by Colette Freedman
    From the award-winning duo Colette Freedman and Kimberly Much comes a magical coming of age story with a lot of heart. Frankie Morgan was adopted into a large family and is convinced there is absolutely positively nothing special about her. On her 9th birthday, she gets an unusual visit from Ms. Petunia Page, her Fairy Godmother who tells Frankie she is actually a fairy godmother as well but needs to have training. Invited to the elite Fare Good Academy, Frankie will spend the next nine years “e... more
  • Dash and Victoria Find True Love

    by Vicki Tashman
    Dash, the dog is very happy being the love of Queen Victoria. But when the Queen falls in love with Prince Albert, Dash feels cast aside and needs to learn to expand his heart to love more than one person.
  • Norman's Gift

    by Michelle Olson
    Norman the Button has forgotten to get his best friend a Christmas gift, and time is running out. With big dreams and a small budget, he sets out to find the perfect gift to show his love for Freddy. But when his extravagant gift ideas don’t work out, he must settle for something made from the heart.
  • God Creates a Snake

    by Charles Peterson

    Snake! The Boss will see you now! Today is Snake’s creation day at the Creation Station and God has a meeting planned to discuss the way ahead. Snake quickly finds out just how much he can do while also learning about some of his uh—shortcomings. Now you can be a fly on the wall to this hilarious creation story!

  • Katie Comma

    by BB Swann
    When Katie Comma is blown out of her book, she must search for her home. She deals with rejections from the sentences in which she tries to hide. Through this engaging character, young readers learn the proper uses for commas and learn the importance of perseverance.
  • The Lost Safari

    by Mark DaSilva
    A family trip to Africa turns into a nightmare when 15 year old Jake and his parents become stranded when their rental car becomes stuck. They face lions, hyenas, and even deadly rhino poachers as they try to survive the night alone without any guns, cell phones or park ranger help.
  • Milo Does Not Like Mornings: A Tiny Ninja Book

    by Sasha Graham
    For every parent who has ever struggled to get a kid out of bed in the morning, and for every kid who has ever struggled to stay there! Milo is a boy who loves to run, and jump, and climb, and laugh, and swing. But NOT in the morning. In the morning, Milo doesn't like to move a muscle. When Milo's mom tells him that she has an important meeting in the morning, Milo PROMISES her that she can count on him. But when the sun comes up, will Milo listen to his Tiny Ninja or will he stay f... more
  • Monty and the Monster

    by Rhonda Smiley
    When seventh grader Monty Hyde moves for the fourth time in two years, it’s the same old story. New neighborhood, new school, new bullies. With his dad working all the time and his older brother too popular to notice, he’s the lonely outcast yet again. That is, until he discovers a mysterious replication serum in his basement and decides to make a friend. From scratch. But when his creation turns out to be a stinky, hairy eight-foot-tall monster that might be snacking on the locals, Monty kno... more
  • Call Me Mora

    by Cachline Etienne
    Things aren't always what they seem... Mora has never been the social type. In fact, she enjoys being invisible and out of the limelight. With a scholarship to maintain, Mora’s goal for the year is to stay out of trouble, get good grades and maybe, just maybe catch the eye of her long-time crush Stefano. When Mora miraculously catches the eye of Stefano, everything begins to change. Soon, she’d introduced to a world of friends, partying and glamour. With her newfound popularity Mora’s confi... more
  • Cedric the Bulge

    by Neal Wooten
    Cedric DeBurr is a senior in high school and the smartest in his class. The star of the football team and the math team, he loves literature and poetry, both reading and writing. But he has a noticeable flaw: an incredibly large belly, which earns him the nickname, Cedric the Bulge. This is only whispered in private since any reference to it earns a prompt beating from this teen behemoth. Secretly in love with a cheerleader named Roxy, he finds a way to finally express his feelings by helping th... more
  • Quite Possibly Without Doubt the Best Story Book in the World Ever, Maybe: (A Bumper Book of Bite-Sized Bedtime Tales)

    by Neil McFarlane
    With a host of animal and human characters, these humorous and imaginative tales feature space-faring puppies, Kung Fu Grasshoppers, time-traveling slugs, undersea bee explorers, Viking goats, boogie woogie monkeys, disco-dancing Romans, and tiddlywinking cockroaches, to name a few.
  • Sunshine Through the Rain

    by C.A. Collins
    Sunshine through the Rain follows Christie Ann Cook, a cynical, wise-beyond-her-years, truth-telling young girl who is coming of age in the Deep South during the civil rights movement, women’s rights, and Roe v. Wade. Christie narrates her story mixing equal measures of drama and humor. She is trying to determine who she is in a home where her mother’s main goal is to turn her into a Southern belle while her father tries to turn her into the boy he always wanted. Guided by Ernestine, the family’... more
  • Nowhere to Go: Christian Orphan Brothers Struggle to Stay Together

    by R. J. Miller
    A "The Boxcar Children" meets "The Great Brain" novel. Jake and Jimmy Landon find themselves orphaned and don’t want to be separated in the foster care system. Jimmy, a 15-year-old genius decides to take matters into his own hands and keep what’s left of their family together. The story is told through the eyes of ten-year-old Jake. They’re careful to keep their secret, but how long can they pretend to have a non-existent mother? Or worse, will “Uncle” Jed find out where they live? ... more
  • The American Nutcracker

    by Diane Reynolds
    The American Nutcracker is a magical retelling of the classic Christmas children’s tale with a decidedly American twist. The American Nutcracker combines a story of nutcrackers and dolls come to life with the American log-cabin frontier ethos and the wide diversity of the American experience. A lively plot loosely based on the E.T.A. Hoffman original includes a Nutcracker, a Sugar Plum fairy, a real girl looking to put the excitement back into Christmas, and a diversity of dolls who get involved... more
  • Mishka

    by Mike Maroney
    Natasha is staying with her grandfather in Horridgrad - a town full of criminals and corrupt officials, ruled by Ivan the Horrid. To cheer her up, her grandfather buys her a snow white puppy. She calls him Mishka. Mishka grows to be big and brave. He foils a post office robbery and saves some children from drowning. Soon he is helping scare all the thugs from the streets. Everyone feels safer with Mishka around. But Ivan is not about to let the ‘Big Dog’ ruin his racket. When he discovers Mishka... more
  • Sweet T and the Turtle Team

    by Cat Michaels
    Dive into the adventure! Summering on Gull Island is lonely until nine-year-old Sweet T meets Billy, an Island child with a secret. Can T uncover Billy’ secret and help him? Will the children be safe when a tropical storm threatens? Will their sea turtle nest survive an angry ocean? Join Sweet T and the Turtle Team to find out! The third book of the Sweet T Tales Series of chapter books for early and reluctant readers. Gold medal winner, environment - from the Children's Literary Class... more