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General Fiction (including literary and historical)


    by Subhajit Khara
    Finding a good bookkeeper is a bit like finding a good family doctor – when you find one, you should never let them go. Now that we are well into the new financial year, we should all make sure we have a great accounts team backing us for the financial year, especially for those of us running our own small businesses.

    A good bookkeeper vs a great bookkeeper

    A good bookkeeper understands the process well and has the knowledge. A great bookkeeper is not only someone wh... more
  • Grateful Grace: Having an Attitude of Gratitude

    by Debbie McKiver
    Winner of the Heart & Soul Book Awards for children's literature. Grateful Grace is the story of a little girl who shows gratitude in every situation. She believes that there is always something to be grateful for, and the more grateful you are the happier you are. And the happier you are for what you already have, the more good things that come to you.
  • Myra Kemp (Volume 1): I Need a Vacation from My Family

    by Debbie McKiver
    Go on an adventure around the world with 13-year-old Myra Kemp. Venture the globe everywhere from Canada to the Caribbean to Egypt and even Beijing. You’ll lounge on the beach, see great sites and eat delicious food! Or maybe not... Maybe it’s all just in Myra’s vivid imagination.
  • The Best Uses for a Rotary Mower

    by Jashon Langer
    If you own a large expanse of land, there are going to be different types of terrain that need to be maintained, and different types of mowers will be needed for effective results – not to mention that using the appropriate equipment is essential for your safety on the job. For clearing tall grass and thick brush, a rotary mower with a stump jumper will be ideal. Mounted to your tractor, a rotary cutter will control the overgrowth not meant for a mere grooming mower. If you have rough areas that... more
  • When You Were a Dinosaur

    by Neil Roy McFarlane
    When You Were a Dinosaur is a collection of educational and entertaining stories designed for parents to read to/with children aged five to infinity! In each story, your child will have a great time being the main character who changes into and lives the life of a mighty creature for a day. Although the main aim of this book is to entertain young readers with fantastical adventures in which they are the star, kids will also … … learn amazing facts about the workings and wonders of the n... more
  • Bart and Ned

    by L.A. Goldsmith

    In this storybook, a family dog saves the day!  Ned, a dog, shows a boy some of life's treasures just when the boy thought the world was falling apart.

  • Birdseye Chronicles

    by L.A. Goldsmith
    This is the story of neighborhood friends: Starbrite (the Chihuahua) who’s afraid of the world; Roger (the Rhodesian Ridgeback) who’s frustrated in love; Natasha (the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) who’s hoping to be a mother; Puck (the Dandie Dinmont Terrier) who’s wanting to smell flowers and be with his family instead of kenneled; Delroy (the Boxer) who’s focused on getting rid of an Airedale Terrier from the neighborhood because he’s different; Marshall (the German Shepherd) who makes contin... more
  • Check Out Different Setting Options of 4K Wallpapers for Your iPhoneX

    by Subhajit Khara
    iPhone X is the latest model from Apple. It comes with multiple features which people could only dream of a few years ago. One of the most talked about aspect of this phone is the wallpaper and how it is set. So, through this article, you will know about setting iPhone X wallpapers in your iPhone X.

    Setting HD wallpaper in detailed steps

    First, you should be aware of the images which are built-in t... more
  • CB the Croissant Bird

    by William Armitage
    Exquisitely illustrated by American wildlife artist, Shelley K. Shaw, and filled with fun bird facts, authors William Armitage and Wendy Barry bring you the (mostly) true story about the real-life friendship between the Potters and a catbird who turned up in their garden every morning waiting for a croissant crumb.      “Yes. I was right. There it is—the gray catbird!” Mr. Potter declared pointing to a picture in the bird book. “Known  for making over one hundred different sounds including... more
  • Leones, Leopardos Y Tormentas, ¡Que Cosa! (Spanish Edition)

    by Heather L. Beal
    The Spanish Language Edition of Lions, Leopards, and Storms, Oh My! Lily y Niko Conejo están en su clase de cuidado de niños cuando el clima cambia y una tormenta ocurre. Uno de los padres de los niños es un meteorólogo y habla con los niños de las tormentas. Aprenden acerca de los fenómenos meteorológicos severos como tormentas y qué condiciones eventos pueden traer, como relámpagos, granizos, y vientos. También aprenden qué hacer para quedarse seguros. Lectura de este libro es una gran m... more
  • Leões, Leopardos E Tempestades..Minha Nossa!: Um Livro de Segurança de Tempestades

    by Heather L. Beal
    Lily e Niko Coelho estão na creche quando o tempo muda e uma cai uma tempestade. Um dos pais das crianças é um meteorologista e ele fala com as crianças sobre tempestades. Eles aprendem sobre eventos climáticos severos como tempestades e quais problemas esses eventos podem trazer, como raios, granizo e ventos. Eles também aprendem o que fazer para se manterem seguros. A leitura deste livro é uma ótima maneira para pais, provedores de cuidados infantis e cuidadores conversarem com crianças peq... more
  • Ellie Sparrow and the Great Fire of London

    by Claire Vorster

    Ellie Sparrow's summer is heating up fast! This 12-year-old girl just stumbled upon an ancient secret which adds up to a whole lot of trouble. Now she must fulfil an age-old promise as she becomes helplessly swept up in lives and events surrounding the Great Fire of London. Forced to live on her wits, Ellie will discover new friends and powerful enemies in the famous city of London. When the Great Fire catches hold, Ellie’s world will shift again. Difficult choices will have to be m... more

  • JoJo's Journey through the Untold Woods

    by Barbara Shaw
    JoJo figured her brother Ham might be slightly more annoying now that he's the Lead Dog on their Texas Ranch. When Ham reveals his plot to take over their farm and feed JoJo's friends to his army of coy-wolves however, she realizes his latest power play is out of control. Before she can do anything about Ham's crazy scheme, JoJo is charged with treason against her pack and banished to the predator-infested Untold Woods. Determined to save her best friend and other animals in harm's way, JoJo v... more
  • Swordpoint

    by David Crane
    Eugene Francois Vidocq was a thief, an adventurer, and a duelist who searched for his place in life with wit, sword, and passionate love affairs. Hunted by the police agents of revolutionary France and later the agents of Napoleon, he is forced to make the most important decision in his life to survive and become a man of respect. To achieve that, he must transform himself into a new man, an outlaw hunting the outlaws in the name of justice. The road to salvation is hard, but for a man like Vido... more

    by Jennifer Comeau
    SYNOPSIS: A MOON IN ALL THINGS Fadó fadó , inside a tale wondrous and wise, lives fifteen-year-old MORRIGAN LANE, who was born with a disfiguring, whiskey-colored birthmark on her face and the gift of second sight, as had her great-grandmother. In this coming-of-age story set in 1820s Western Ireland, Morrigan is beset by dreams that drive her from her cottage into the night where she stands on the cliffs, longing for freedom, yearning to become a ship’s captain. English colonizers have colluded... more
  • Do Animals Believe In God?

    by Carl Solomon Sr.
    Do Animals Believe In God? is a story of what some of the creatures of the earth might say if they could speak if asked, "Do you believe in God?" This book is filled with beautiful illustrations of Daniel's journey.